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Professor Peter Earley & Dr Sara Bubb 1.

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1 Professor Peter Earley & Dr Sara Bubb 1

2  Good governance is at the heart of effective headteacher performance management (HTPM)  Effective oversight of the HT is the most important part played by the GB in the overall governance of the school  It is a complex and demanding process 2

3  What is HT performance management?  Challenges  Effective HTPM 3

4 Nurturing Pruning 4

5 5

6 6

7 ‘...the governing body has a duty to review the head’s performance...’ (DfEE 2000) ‘...holding the school’s leadership to account for the performance of the school...’ (DCSF 2009) ‘...the performance agenda has never been stronger. Schools are subject to sharper accountability for pupil outcomes. And, as a result, governors have a much greater role to ensure that a strategic direction is set by the headteacher to deliver good results...’ (HMCI Sir Michael Wilshaw, speech at The Policy Exchange, 27 Feb 2013) 7

8  Not a one-off—PM continues throughout the year with ongoing monitoring, that includes challenge and support  Regular interaction between the HT and chair as well as committee meetings that have oversight of aspects of the school (eg standards, finance, staffing) that relate to the HT’s objectives  interim meeting to check specific progress of the HT against objectives 8

9 1. Commitment 2. Logistics 3. External advice 4. Objectives 5. Pay 9

10  Commitment to the process by all  Mutual respect and trust  Developing capacity for HTPM  Training + examples, benchmarking  Ensuring continuity  Ongoing, not just the appraisal meeting 10

11  Time and timing  HTPM panel membership  Clear procedures and documentation  Identifying and interpreting appropriate performance information 11

12  An External Adviser (EA) is commissioned  The appraisal panel meets to discuss points to raise  The EA meets with the HT  The EA, HT and appraisal panel meet together  The HT and appraisal panel meet  The EA summarises the results of the meetings in a review document  The appraisal panel makes recommendations about HT pay for other governors to make a decision about. 12

13  Recruitment – Who? Commissioned by whom? Pay?  Clear roles and expectations  Knowledgeable  Helps governors makes use of evidence from a range of sources to inform decision-making  13

14  How many? Depth & span of priorities  How much challenge?  Are they SMART? Success criteria?  Link to school improvement plan and other people’s PM objectives  Professional development  Should they be amended in light of new circumstances? 14

15  Motivation - demotivation  Competition  Pressure  Avoidance of conflict  Reward for system leadership  Benchmarking 15

16  draws on external expertise  is integrated with the school development plan and the PM of all staff  has a secure annual cycle of setting and reviewing objectives, together with interim monitoring  is underpinned by sound relationships, characterised by openness, trust and integrity, among all those involved 16

17  involves the setting of meaningful and challenging but achievable objectives  strikes an appropriate balance among internal and external accountability, development and reward  makes use of evidence from a range of sources to inform decision-making 17

18  is evaluated and adapted over time to meet evolving requirements of individual circumstances and shifting school needs  is viewed as part of an on-going and wider process of working with the HT and all staff to ensure high levels of performance  is integral to the development of overall GB capacity to govern the school 18

19  Headship crucial to school success  Effective HTPM is an attribute of highly effective governance AND highly effective schools! 19

20 Project webpage: c/84881.html 20

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