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Overview  Manufactured by KAPSTONE in their Charleston Mill, South Carolina  High performance, low density, 2 ply folding Cartonboard  Excellent Stiffness.

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2 Overview

3  Manufactured by KAPSTONE in their Charleston Mill, South Carolina  High performance, low density, 2 ply folding Cartonboard  Excellent Stiffness to grammage ratio  Natural uncoated appearance, helping to convey an Earthy, Organic and Sustainable message to consumers  Manufactured using 100% virgin fibre  Hardwood and Softwood fibre used  Manufactured in nine basis weights  225gms (330 micron) to 410gms (762 micron)

4 Pine 3-5mm Hardwood 1.5mm Strategic, controlled mix of hardwood and softwood

5 Short Hardwood Fibres One minute Cobb, 30 g/m 2 Long pine fibers One minute Cobb, 30 g/m 2 Uncoated, pure, clean kraft fibers. Certified compostable (EN 13432) Kraftpak is internally sized – Low Cobb Values

6  Kraftpak boasts a superior grammage to stiffness ratio than other GC/GD cartonboard grades  25% reduction in packaging weight can typically be achieved when switching to Kraftpak  Resulting in more Cartons per tonne  Outstanding moisture resistance and wet durability make Kraftpak the perfect choice for many challenging packaging applications

7  A natural, non-bleached, brown appearance.  Kraftpak’s fibres are uniform and consistent, but not bleached, stained or coated  Natural variation in shade is negligible as per C Lab chart Typical colour ranges over one year Mean StDev Min Max L 59.746.384 58.87 60.51 a 6.869.382 5.77 7.71 b 17.545.609 15.810 18.890


9 Production - KAPSTONE ®

10  Production schedule made available to customers every week  Reel stock held against a firm customer order  Warren Board, Leicester hold stock sheets  Mill orders sheeted in the UK and delivered within 7 days of reels arriving Supply Chain

11  Charleston mill boasts long history of consistent reliability  Demonstrated by their 50,000mt/pa relationship with a major U.S. retail brand of beverage carriers for 20 years. Security of Supply

12  High yield pulping and low density papermaking process  COGEN power is used, 72% of mill fuel from renewable sources. All residues from waste treatment are used as biofuels  Cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment conducted by PE International finished in 2011.  Net result of Biogenic carbon storage, from uptake of CO 2 in growing forest and emission from operations, results in a net carbon storage available at the Mill gate


14  Kraftpak’s 100% renewable fibres are a valuable resource for Recyclers  …and are 100% recyclable where facilities exist  Should Kraftpak end up in landfill, Kraftpak is certified biodegradable and compostable (ISEGA, EN13432)


16  Kraftpak meets ISEGA requirements for direct food contact  Beverage bottle carriers and baskets  Beverage can carriers  Frozen meats and pies  Carry out takeaway trays  Bakery items  Fast food drink carriers  Frozen biscuits  Novelty ice cream packaging  High performance filter frames  Kraftpak has proven, demonstrated success in all of the above environments



19  Anilox rolls should have cell volume adequate for delivering inks and coatings to kraft board  200 lines/inch (80 lines/cm) are commonly used  Printing is possible on softwood side, but frequent wash-ups to be expected  Softer plates and cushions may be beneficial for improved surface contact

20  Will generally require more impression pressure than other carton grades  Compressible blankets recommended for offset  Impression cylinder pressure should also be adjusted as necessary to avoid mottle  Ink film thickness of 0.5mls may be needed for adequate ink cover  Gap setting of.002” to.004” below nominal is a good starting point

21  Ink tack levels in the 8-12 range (800rpm) are recommended  UV curing can provide ability to print white base patterns as needed on a single pass  Textured grippers may help with consistent sheet transfer  On litho presses, it is strongly recommended to feed kraftpak sheets in the CD direction

22 Excellent Converting Efficiencies  Cutting, Scoring, Folding, Gluing Resulting in...  Fewer rejects  Increased speeds  Less downtime  Increased handling rates

23  High strength to weight promotes excellent performance in scoring and embossing  Low density means Kraftpak is more compressible than other cartonboards  Scorelines will need to be deeper to avoid springback  Slightly higher impression pressure may be required to achieve adequate scorelines

24  Cutting is similar to CUK, but significantly different to that of SBS and recycled grades  Knives need to be sharp  Fewer and smaller nicks are needed for perforation due to Kraftpak’s high fibre strength  Cutting parameters should be chosen to overcome the strong, compressible nature of Kraftpak

25  Recommended initial scoring parameters (grain and cross-grain) are below. Note, these are only initial guidelines.  Rule Width  2pt rule for.013-.018 caliper Kraftpak  3pt rule for.020-.030 caliper Kraftpak  Channel Width  Twice board caliper plus the rule width  Rule Penetration  Target 0.006” penetration beyond top of channel


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