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ALSO DANUBE Advanced Logistic Solutions for the Danube Waterway Manfred Seitz, 27.05.2003.

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1 ALSO DANUBE Advanced Logistic Solutions for the Danube Waterway Manfred Seitz, 27.05.2003

2 © via donau 2 The Danube The ALSO DANUBE Trailer

3 © via donau 3 The project ALSO Danube A dvanced L ogistic SO lutions for the Danube Waterway Research and Development project within the 5 th Framework Programme of the European Union

4 © via donau 4 Objectives Promotion of intermodal transport chains with inland navigation as core transport mode Integration of advanced transport and traffic management systems Improvement of efficiency in inland navigation by creating a well-integrated logistics network Demonstration of four real life scenarios Public relations for inland navigation

5 © via donau 5 Goal settings Increasing competitiveness of environmental-friendly inland waterway transport by new technologies Coping with traffic growth following the European integration in the Danube corridor Creating a sustainable transport system with Danube waterway as a core axis

6 © via donau 6 Innovations Intermodal transport management concepts for inland navigation Implementation of ICT in waterborne logistics chains Logistics chain management solution Common Source Logistics Database (CSL.DB) Integration of traffic and transport management in River Information Services (RIS)

7 © via donau 7 Achievements Concepts IT-solutions Demonstrations

8 © via donau 8 Requirement analysis for waterborne transport chains Design of intermodal logistics chains on waterways System development for logistic chain management Floating warehouse concepts ICT-concept for Container Liner Service Concepts (1)

9 © via donau 9 Linkage traffic management – logistic management in RIS Linkage ports & fleet operators in RIS RIS & non-RIS operation for transport management European system concept CSL.DB Operational concepts CSL.DB Provider concept for logistics information provider Concepts (2)

10 © via donau 10 Transport forecast 2015 Danube corridor Socio-economic assessment of waterborne transport Extensive dissemination activities Awareness for waterborne solutions Concepts (3)

11 © via donau 11 IT tools with modular approach, from strategic planning to tactical implementation CSL.DB – Common Source Logistics Database ETNA – European Transport Network Application LOMAX – Lock management system AIM – Application Interconnectivity Manager ILLONET (update and extension) DCS – Billing & monitoring applications CCS – Resource planning applications DDSG – Online logbook IT-solutions

12 © via donau 12 Demonstrations

13 © via donau 13 ILL demonstrators

14 © via donau 14 Demonstrations

15 © via donau 15 CCS demonstrator

16 © via donau 16 Demonstrations

17 © via donau 17 DCS demonstrator

18 © via donau 18 Demonstrations

19 © via donau 19 DDSG demonstrator

20 © via donau 20 Demonstrations

21 © via donau 21 CSL.DB demonstrator

22 © via donau 22 Main functionalities of CSL.DB Saimaa Intermodal Portal Feasibility study Seville – Spain Transport management for RIS Tracking & tracing of inland vessels Achievements demonstrations (1)

23 © via donau 23 Container liner service Danube Best practices in inland waterway transport Opportunities for SME in logistics networks Follow up projects (C4F, SPIN, Marco Polo, national projects) Achievements demonstrations (2)

24 © via donau 24 Integrated logistics chain management

25 © via donau 25 D&E achievements ALSO DANUBE – promotion of inland navigation Worldwide presentations at conferences, trade fairs, seminars Press releases Newsletters Project CD-ROMs Project Brochure ALSO DANUBE Homepage Support for European RIS initiative

26 © via donau 26 Development strategy Danube 2005 CompetitivenessModal shift InfrastructureServices Public Relations Informations- services Know how Transfer SEEC Lobbying Upgrade of bottlenecksModernisation of fleetsPort infrastructure Donau River Information Services Improved servicesIntermodal ServicesTransport- and Logistics ConceptsOne-stop-shop funding Innovation & Technology

27 © via donau 27 Continuation towards C4F Inland backbone Arc Atlantique Baltic Sea Black Sea North Sea Mediterranean

28 © via donau 28 Summary Very ambitious, very innovative Lead project for modernisation of inland waterway transport Very successful – providing results for implementation

29 Thank you Partners Supporters European Commission Thank you Partners Supporters European Commission

30 © via donau 30

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