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Platform for the implementation of NAIADES European support for modernising the inland fleet by PLATINA Michael Fastenbauer Deputy Chairman PLATINA Management.

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1 platform for the implementation of NAIADES European support for modernising the inland fleet by PLATINA Michael Fastenbauer Deputy Chairman PLATINA Management Committee via donau, Vienna

2 2 via donau is... ... the Austrian national waterway operation and development organisation ... owned by the Ministry of Transport Innovation and Technology ... responsible for 351 km of the Danube waterway Waterway administration & maintenance Traffic management Development of inland navigation ... co-ordinator of the PLATINA project

3 3 PLATINA - Platform for the implementation of NAIADES  PLATINA is a project within the 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technology Development and Demonstration  PLATINA establishes a knowledge network bringing together all relevant actors concerned to assist the implementation of NAIADES in Europe –Provision of technical expertise and coordination –Provision of organisational, infrastructural and financial support  Strategic guidance by key industrial stakeholders, associations and Member States administrations  PLATINA is organized around the five NAIADES action areas

4 4 Work Package Structure

5 5 PLATINA Partners Work PackageWP Leader WP1 Marketsvia donau (AT) WP2 FleetVNF (FR) WP3 Jobs & SkillsBDB (DE) WP4 ImagePBV (BE) WP5 InfrastructureDVS (NL) WP6 Technical Secretariatvia donau (AT) All together 22 partners from 9 countries

6 6 Organisational structure

7 7 WP1 Markets Achievements until 03/2009:  Launch of European IWT information portal (  Publication of the Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) Funding Guide (EN)  Online version of the IWT Funding Guide in EN, FR, NL, DE (  Good practice report I for the sector Further activities in 2009:  Extension and update of the IWT information portal  Monitoring group on administrative barriers in IWT (including monitoring report)

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9 9 Funding Database  Topical and detailed information on funds and subsidies available across Europe  Aims to encourage entrepreneurship among private ship owners as well as small and medium-sized enterprises  Available in English, Dutch, French and German  Easy-to-use search function for targeted queries

10 10 WP2 Fleet Provide support for comprehensive modernisation and innovation of the fleet with regard to logistics efficiency, environmental performance and safety:  Support for European IWT innovation (speed up market transfer of innovative concepts)  IWT innovation expert group (gather research results, identify research needs)  Support development of interoperable hull databases (enabling a European position information service)

11 11 WP2 Fleet Achievements until 03/2009:  Constitution of the innovation expert group  Start of implementation of the European Hull Database, which shall facilitate the hull data exchange  Preparation of draft Technical and Administrative Agreement for the hull data exchange Further activities in 2009:  Launch of an IWT innovation database  Consolidated publication of Directive 2006/87/EC on technical requirements for inland vessels including amendments  Technical specification of the European server to enable European Position Information Service  Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) Strategic Research Agenda I

12 12 IWT Innovation Database  Database on technology projects and innovative logistics projects for inland waterway transport  Organisational innovations are also included  Provides a sound base for the transfer of know- how within the sector  Integrated in the IWT information portal

13 13 Strategic Research Agenda  Starting point: analysis of the future demand for innovations in the field of inland navigation  Covered aspects: - engine and propulsion technology - safety issues - effects of fuel price development and climate change - better exploitation of infrastructure - double hull technology - opportunities for automation on board  Outcome: Strategic Research Agenda determining the needs and direction of future research activities

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15 platform for the implementation of NAIADES Michael Fastenbauer Head of Danube Navigation Development via donau – Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH A-1220 Wien, Donau-City-Straße 1 Tel +43 50 4321 1600, Fax +43 50 4321 1050,

16 16 WP3 Jobs & Skills Achievements until 03/2009:  IWT education and training institutes and curricula  Preparation of organisational structure and support for the foundation of a European IWT educational network (EDINNA) Further activities in 2009:  Draft strategy for harmonised IWT education and training standards in inland navigation (STCIN)  Working programme for the European IWT educational network

17 17 WP4 Image Achievements until 03/2009:  Analysis of the reputation of IWT and definition of the desired image  Brand essence summary  Inventory and analysis of current communication actions Further activities in 2009:  Strategic positioning of IWT’s reputation  Concept for IWT lead event in second half of 2010 under Belgian EU Presidency  Joint working programme of promotion and development agencies  Development of a strategic communication agenda  Financial support for IWT events (e.g. EBU Seminar)

18 18 WP5 Infrastructure Achievements until 03/2009:  Technical and administrative support for RIS Expert Groups  Draft Terms of Reference of RIS Expert Groups  Participation in Working Group on Rivers (DG TREN/DG ENV)  Preparation of a training workshop on integrated waterway planning Further activities in 2009:  Inventory and assessment of strategic inland waterway projects  Technical Specification for the Inland Electronic Navigational Chart (IENC) Register and digital parts of IENC standard  Technical specification of RIS reference data management systems  Release of RIS community portal  Publication of a best practice manual on waterway infrastructure planning following the Joint Statement  Integrative study on hydro-morphological alterations

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