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Denied Parties Screening David Ross Trade Compliance Manager H.C. STARCK MA Export Center 11-3-11.

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1 Denied Parties Screening David Ross Trade Compliance Manager H.C. STARCK MA Export Center 11-3-11

2 Overview: H.C. Starck Inc Best Practices for Screening Denied Parties, The H.C. Starck process Live Demo Q&A Today’s Agenda

3 OVERVIEW: H.C. STARCK INC Headquarters: Newton, MA Owned by:The Carlyle Group and Advent International Sales 2010: $1.3 billion 550 Employees in the USA More than 3,200 employees worldwide 13 sites and sales offices in more than 30 countries Leading supplier of refractory metal products - Molybdenum- Niobium- Rhenium - Tantalum- Tungsten

4 26% of Sales Consumer Electronics 10% of Sales US Aerospace & Defense FABRICATED PRODUCTS - KEY MARKETS

5 FPR Sites Worldwide USA Coldwater, Michigan Euclid, Ohio Newton, Massachusetts Europe & Asia Calne, United Kingdom Hermsdorf, Germany Taicang, China Sensitive Company Information US MANUFACTURING SITES

6 Major Processes: Rolling Pressing and Sintering of Tungsten Heavy Alloys Machining Sales ($ Million): 140 Headcount: 246 Key Statistics US SITE INFORMATION:EUCLID, OHIO

7 Sales ($ Million): 70.7 Headcount: 130 Key Statistics US SITE INFORMATION:COLDWATER, MICHIGAN Major Processes: –Molybdenum Powder Production –Pressing and Sintering of Molybdenum and Tungsten –Extrusion and Rotary Forging –Arc Melting

8 Sales ($ Million): 62.1 Headcount: 180 Key Statistics US SITE INFORMATION:NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS Major Processes: –Ta Powder Processing –EB and VAR Melting –Forging and Rolling –Fabrication

9 Powder Production & Development Particle Size Chemistry Morphology

10 Extrusion and Rotary Forging Bars Tubes Shapes

11 Energy Related Products - Photovoltaic Tubular and Planar Sputtering Targets - Nuclear Fuel Processing Hardware - Nuclear Shielding - Thermal Solar Mirrors

12 Planar Sputtering Targets for Flat Panel Display Molybdenum Tungsten Mo Alloys

13 Warhead Liners - Explosively Formed Penetrators - Shaped Charge Liners - Mo and Ta Forging Blanks - Alternate Materials - Prototype Machining Javelin Missile Example

14 Machined Tungsten Alloy Products

15 Corrosion Resistant Solutions for Chemical Processing Tantalum Tubing

16 Aerospace/Defense - Aircraft Balance/Ballast Weights - Ailerons, rudder, stabilizer - Helicopter Rotor/Blade Weights - Missile counterweights - Engine flame sensors/shields - Propulsion Nozzles - Ordnance/Warheads

17 Denied Party Screening Essentials  Screen at the beginning and end of the order/shipping process  Ideally, at quote stage, then at the time of shipment  Be wary of “close matches” Investigate thoroughly  Any doubts should be discussed with Trade Compliance and/or the Legal Department HAVE THE RIGHT SCREENING TOOL IN PLACE!!!

18 Lists To Check  Denied Parties List  Entities List  Specially Designated Nationals List  Un-Verified List  Debarred List (Defense Items Only)

19 Screening Guidelines  Best search method is “Name” “Contains” (Company Name)  If a hit list comes out, screen for a match  If a list doesn’t come out, hit “Search for Closest Matches”  Screen for a match  If a match or close match appears, contact Trade Compliance/Legal  HOLD THE SHIPMENT UNTIL ISSUES ARE RESOLVED!!!  In either case of a match or no match, print out results sheet and place in the customer order file.

20 Web Based Screening Guidelines  Using the customer name, perform a Yahoo or Google search on the internet  Locate the customer’s home page  Read the “About” section off the homepage. This will give you a high level look at the company and it’s products  As a secondary screen read about the products offered in the “products” section  Look for anything related to chemical, biological, missile tech, nuclear or military applications  Also look for types of customers (i.e. government, defense, educational)  If found, contact Trade Compliance to investigate further  If product offering appears clean, print a copy of the “About” or other relevant part of the website and place in the customer order file  If no website is available, this is a RED FLAG. Contact Trade Compliance

21 Example: Drop Shipment, Buffalo, NY, US Location

22 Denied Party Screening Lesson Learned? KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER

23 Thank you!! Q&A Contact Info: David Ross Trade Compliance Manager H.C. Starck Inc. 45 Industrial Place Newton, MA 02461 Office: (617)-630-5978 Cell: (617)-803-9369 Email:

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