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OOCL (Russia) Ltd. Domestic Liner forwarding & logistics.

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1 OOCL (Russia) Ltd. Domestic Liner forwarding & logistics.

2 Service contents Inbound & Outbound inland delivery
In-Transit Customs documentation Customs clearance service Port forwarding & Documentation - Specific Cargo forwarding (DG, RF) Personal SOP – Standard Operations Procedure - Monitoring & EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Cargo handling. Warehousing. Survey Insurance

3 Inbound & Outbound inland delivery
OOCL (Russia) Ltd. arrange overland deliveries from/to St.Peterburg & Kotka ports from/to Russia Inland destination/origins. Trucking. - Bonded - Non-bonded - RFs delivery / Gensets providing - GPS tracing / monitoring Railage. Fork High security sealing Container/Cargo move-out from port terminal to off-dock for cheaper storage & handling Insurance

4 In-Transit Customs documentation
OOCL (Russia) Ltd. arrange in-Transit Customs forwarding at St. Petersburg port terminals. Customs inspection organization in-Transit declaration. Cargo CY warehouse In/Out paperwork

5 Port forwarding & Documentation
OOCL (Russia) Ltd. in-house office at the port terminal Cargo/Container warehouse check-In/Out Attendance at Customs inspections. Photographing. Special procedure and Docs of DG & RF forwarding Loading orders and Veterinary Docs passage Cargo/Container weighing Additional sealing

6 Personal SOP – Standard Operations Procedure
Personal SOP image make-up for every Client , Business and Cargo specifics. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) My OOCL.COM (MOC) Monitoring Tracing reports

7 Customs clearance service
OOCL (Russia) Ltd. arrange Customs clearance Service via 3rd Party Brokers at : - port/CY Customs houses (FCT,PLP). Baltiyskaya Customs. - off-dock Customs houses. SanktPeterburgskaya Customs Documents examination. Certification. Pre-Declaration Customs inspection organization Documentation port forwarding. Cargo check-out Monitoring of Customs duty payments Customer registration at Baltiyskaya Customs In-house contracts base

8 Cargo handling. Warehousing.
OOCL (Russia) Ltd. operate on 10 non-asset depots/off-dock terminals (CFS)/rail-heads: - 7 in St.Petersburg - 1 in Moscow - 1 in Ekaterinburg (Ural/West Siberia) - 1 in Murmansk + Cold-store Full range service of Container Freight Station (CFS): - Warehousing - Storage - Cargo re-stuffing in/out rail-wagon, trailer into/from Container - Customs inspection - Veterinary inspection. Temperature checking. - Survey. - Sealing

9 Targets and Advantages
Quality service Competitive tariffs (IT + EDI) business escort Advantage of Full/Complex local services provision. (Sea + handling + customs + delivery + Docs) = 4

10 ORUL Contacts Logistics – Pavel Martynets,
Sales – Oksana Bodnia, OPS – Roman Pilyashkin, – OOCL

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