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6th Grade Pre-AP English Language Arts & World Cultures.

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1 6th Grade Pre-AP English Language Arts & World Cultures

2 If you have questions, please write them on sticky notes and place them on either of the Question Boards. We will answer all the questions in a newsletter, which will be sent home through students’ 1 st period classes. Questions?

3 Courtney ToddCheryl Anderson Suzanne Smith Sunny Bradshaw Ursala Burns (Co-Teach) Pre-AP ELA Cast of Characters

4  Warm-Up  LAVA  Reading/Writing Workshop Student Choice Reads Literature Circles TeenBiz Targeted Mini-Lessons Pre-AP close reading skills and terminology Grammar skills and terminology Writing skills and terminology Reflection

5  LAVA (Lovejoy Academic Vocabulary Advancement) Equipping students to decode unfamiliar vocabulary Greek and Latin stems (45 cumulative per semester) Vocabulary words (90 per semester) 3 quizzes and 1 test each grading period  Grammar Mini-lessons for instruction Assessed through student writing  TeenBiz On-line non-fiction current event articles with reading skills-based questions 3 per week minimum Differentiated

6  Whole Class Texts A Wrinkle in Time “The Jacket” The Prince and the Pauper (Drama) Tuck Everlasting The Wednesday Wars Poetry, Myths, Legends, Folk Tales, Short Stories Non-Fiction  Student Choice Texts – multi-genre  Writing Literary Analysis Personal Narrative Persuasive Expository Narrative  Small Group Targeted Instruction


8  Homework will be assigned as needed. Homework assignments include the following: Completing TeenBiz Activities Revising/Editing of major writing assignments Reading student choice and whole class texts Practicing individual skills as needed Studying for quizzes and tests  Grading Major grades (tests, projects, essays) 50% Minor grades (daily, quizzes, TeenBiz) 50%

9  Angie Carraway   C407  Peter Preheim   C100  Cyndi Anderson   C606

10  Unit 1:  - Thinking Like a Geographer  Unit 2:  - Cultural Diffusion (Foundations of Western Civilization)  Unit 3 :  - Cultural Relationships (Middle East)  Unit 4 & 5:  Cultures in Transition (Latin America & Africa)  Unit 6:  - Global Interactions (Asia & Europe)  Unit 7:  - Human Rights (Europe)

11  At times the world tour will require participation at home (homework)  Please ensure that your tourist returns his or her work in a timely fashion based on the due date  Note: Sometimes homework requires collaboration with other tourists  Major grades (tests, projects, and essays) 50%  Minor grades (quizzes, daily work, and participation) 50%

12  Mapping Explorations  Museum Walks  Public Service Announcement Projects  Timeless Gifts Historical Essay  Google Earth Tours  South America Travel Agents  Building a Nation Simulation  Candy Bar Economics

13  Inspire Confidence  Foster Participation  Build Skills for Success  Make Connections Across Disciplines  Tackle the Challenge of Critical and Analytical Thinking

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