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Parent Guide to the Science Fair Parent Guide to the Science Fair WR Thomas Middle School 6 th Grade Students.

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1 Parent Guide to the Science Fair Parent Guide to the Science Fair WR Thomas Middle School 6 th Grade Students

2 Introduction The science fair project implements the new common core standards for reading and writing as evident in the research, math due to numerical data, and science with scientific inquiry. Students will be eligible to compete in the Annual South Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Students have received information and due dates from their science teachers. WRTHOMASMIDDLEWRTHOMASMIDDLE

3 The Project Board Project boards must be the standard size: “36 by 48”. It cannot exceed this size. There are no “official” display regulations other than the Abstract must be placed on the bottom left hand side of the poster board. However, here is a guide to placing items on your board: Problem Statement Hypothesis Abstract Title Materials Procedures Data Variables/Controls Charts/Graphs/Pictures Results Conclusion Application (or other student work) WRTHOMASMIDDLEWRTHOMASMIDDLE

4 Science Fair Display Board Dos & Don’ts Science Fair Do’s Do use computer-generated graphs. Do display photos representing the procedure and the results. Do use contrasting colors. Do limit the number of colors used. Do attach charts neatly. If there are many, place them on top of each other so that the top chart can be lifted to reveal the ones below. Do balance the arrangement of materials on the backboard. This means to evenly distribute the materials on the board so that they cover about the same amount of space on each panel. Do use rubber cement or double- sided tape to attach papers. White school glue causes the paper to wrinkle. Science Fair Don’ts Don’t leave large empty spaces on the backboard. Don’t show faces of people in pictures. Don’t make the title or headings hard to read by using uneven lettering, words with letters of different color, or disorganized placement of materials. Don’t hand-print the letters on the backboard. Don’t attach folders that fall open on the backboard. Don’t make mistakes in spelling words or writing formulas. Use SPELLCHECK!

5 Materials for Your Display Board Display Board Letters Border Designer Duct Tape Construction Paper Theme Stickers DIY (Do It Yourself) Labels on the computer with Word Art Clip Art Pictures Create-A-Graph Program

6 Where to Get Materials Michael’s Craft Store Walmart Target Staples Office Depot Office Max Get Smart (Teacher Store) Dollar Tree Store

7 Important Information No animals or bacteria growth projects will be allowed for the science fair. If websites or other research tools are used please make sure your child gives credit under bibliography (handed-in document). Some components of the science fair will be handed in and not placed on the board such as: the research plan and the bibliography. The abstract will be handed in and an additional copy will be placed on board. WRTHOMASMIDDLEWRTHOMASMIDDLE

8 Important Dates Important Dates Student projects will be due Thursday, November 21 st, 2013 Online registration deadline is December 9 th All Paper work for selected projects is due Thursday, December 12 th Selected projects will be checked into the Miami Dade North Campus on January 24 th The competition and award ceremony take place on January 25 th WR Thomas will be having an in-house science fair parent night to showcase student science fair is forthcoming WRTHOMASMIDDLEWRTHOMASMIDDLE

9 Helpful Websites for Further Information fault.html (explains everything you need to know from criteria to rules) (hundreds of science fair project ideas including a student survey to help students choose the right topic) (free student resource for science fair) WRTHOMASMIDDLEWRTHOMASMIDDLE

10 Questions? If you have any questions you may ask your child’s science teacher or contact the W.R. Thomas science fair coordinator directly at: Science Fair projects are a great way for students to achieve rigor and critical thinking across various content areas! WRTHOMASMIDDLEWRTHOMASMIDDLE

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