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Your Science Fair Display

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1 Your Science Fair Display
Make it Look Sharp!

2 Science Project Display Board
Abstract Data Analysis Title of the Project Problem 1 question Data Tables or Charts or Observations Graphs Conclusion Hypothesis Bibliography Materials Procedures Drawings or Pictures

3 The Abstract The abstract is basically a snapshot of why you chose to do your project.

4 The Abstract Approximately 5- 10 sentences
Discuss the NEED FOR SOLVING THE PROBLEM Why did you choose this topic? What did you want to find out? What is the purpose of your project? Why are you doing your project? You may use 1st person pronouns here.

5 Data Analysis Approximately 8-10 sentences
Discuss the results of your charts/tables Discuss how you compared the results (The test was run 3 times and an average was calculated). State if the data supported your hypothesis or not.

6 Conclusion State what you learned from the project and the research
State any future research

7 Decorate with a theme in mind
Color scheme Patterns Borders Less is more sometimes NO GLITTER!!! No carbon based materials (meaning once living, including but not limited to: leaves, lima beans, peanuts, etc.)

8 HISEF rules for boards Please do not glue things like lima beans, pennies, marbles, or any other part of your project onto your board. You may use anything paper: pictures, construction paper, borders, cute letters Stickers are ok too

9 The Display List main points in brief, succinct writing.
Informative writing: no personal pronouns (except in the abstract) Use facts, observations, and data. Graphs are probably the most important thing, so redo these until they are perfect.

10 School display boards cost $2. This is a screaming good deal!
If you would like to spray paint your board, this turns out really great. However, you MUST spray paint at home. Other options include using paper for a background or just framing your papers to make it look “scrap-bookie”





15 Now it’s your turn to make a display board!

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