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Flowers for Algernon: Vocabulary. Adroit Skillful; adept.

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1 Flowers for Algernon: Vocabulary

2 Adroit Skillful; adept

3 begrudge To envy a possession or one’s enjoyment

4 blasphemous profane

5 blunder To make a mistake as a result of stupidity or carelessness

6 Coalesce To merge, to fuse

7 Complex complicated

8 Contaminant Something that pollutes

9 Crumple To wrinkle or rumple

10 Cynical Exhibiting mocking disbelief

11 Degeneration A state of decline

12 Deleterious Harmful; dangerous

13 Dilettante An aimless and superficial follower of the arts

14 Docile Easily managed; obedient

15 Euphemism Substitution of an inoffensive term

16 Exigent Urgent

17 Grotto cave

18 Humility Being humble in spirit

19 Juxtaposed To place close together

20 Labrinth Like a maze

21 Lethargic Sluggish

22 Morbidity Gloominess

23 Obscure Difficult to see

24 Paradoxical Something that appears false but is actually correct

25 Patronizing Having a condescending attitude

26 Platitude Trite remark

27 Pompous Exaggerated show of self importance

28 Potent Having a strong effect

29 Purse To pucker or tighten one’s lips

30 Quack Fake doctor

31 Repress To restrain

32 Scurry To hurry about

33 Trivial Insignificant matters

34 Usurp To take possession without right

35 Vacuous Lacking content

36 Waver To show indecision

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