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Dry Extracts Essential Oil Life Style Solutions Dry Extracts/Herbal Extracts The quality of active ingredients in an extract depends on the drying process.

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2 Dry Extracts Essential Oil Life Style Solutions

3 Dry Extracts/Herbal Extracts The quality of active ingredients in an extract depends on the drying process being utilized for extraction. Dry extracts are presented in a powder form. Our extraction methods ensure that the active ingredient maintains its high potency. Pure extraction media and pure water used in the process ensures that the extract is of very fine quality. The dry extracts consist of the particular compounds found in the herbs and plants that need to be derived for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

4 Aloe vera Extract Botinical Name : Aloe Latex Part Used : Gel from leaves Testing Method : HPLC,TLC Application : Hair Care & Skin Care Effects & Properties : Moisturizing, Curative, Humidifying, Anti- inflammatory Specifications:- 50%, 95%, 98% HPLC Discription:-Natural aloe-vera is a stemless or very short-stemmed luscious place increasing to 60–100 cm (24–39 in) high, increasing by offsets. The simply foliage is dense and fleshy, natural to grey-green, with some types displaying white-colored specks on their higher and lower control areas.

5 JATAMANSI EXTRACT Botanical Name : Nardostachys jatamansi Part Used : seed/palm/ whole plantRhizomes, Roots Application : Hair Care & Skin Care Effects & Properties : Stimulant, Anti- septic. Specification: ayurvedic products 100% genuine & organic Affordable prices Test Method:-HPLC Discripion:- It is a blooming place of the valerian family that develops in the Himalayas of Chinese suppliers,India, and Nepal.The place develops to about 1m in size and has light red gong formed blossoms. Spikenard rhizomes ( subterranean arises ) can be mashed and distilled into n extremely fragrant ruby color essential oil which is very dense in reliability.

6 TOMATO EXTRACT Botanical Name : Lycopersicon esculentumi Part Used : fruit Application : Skin Care & Hair Care Effects & Properties : Anti-acne, Moisturizing, Anti-blemish, Anti-wrinkle. Specification: 5%,6%,10%,90% Test Method:- HPLC/UV Discripion:- Tomatoes are rich in natural vitamins A and C and fibre, and are cholesterol 100 % free. An average size tomato (148 g,or 5 oz) features only 35 calories. Furthermore, new medical studies suggest that the consumption of lycopene - the stuff that makes tomato vegetables red - may prevent cancer.

7 Ginger Extract Botanical Name : Zingiber officinalis Part Used : Dried rhizomes Application : Skin Care & Hair Care Effects & Properties Anti-oxidant, Anti-marks, Anti-inflammatory Specification: 6% gingrols Test Method:- HPLC Discripion:- Cinnamon is the rhizome or in other words, the dense, twisted and bravo subterranean control of the place called Zingiber officinale, which has been used as a conventional natural medication by the Indians, The natives and Arabs. It was also used heart disease, joint disease and intestinal colic treatment.

8 Cucumber Extract Botinical Name : CUCUMIS SATIVUS Part Used : Root & Seeds & fruit Application : Skin Care & Hair Care Effects & Properties : Toning, Emollient, Conditioner,Softening, Moisturizer Specification: 5:1, 10:1, 15:1, 20:1 Test Method:-HPLC Discripion:-The cucumber is a sneaking grape vine that origins in the ground and matures trellises or other assisting supports, covering around facilitates with slim, spinning tendrils. The plant has huge results in that form a cover over the fresh fruits.

9 Apple Extract Botinical Name : Malus Pumila Common Name/ Other Name : Pumila Mill Part Used:-Fruit Test Method : HPLC Application : Skin Care & Hair Care Effects & Properties:-Moisturizing, Toning, Anti-Ageing,Conditioning Specifications:- 4%,40%,98% Discription:-Apple polyphenols have anti- oxidant action, or mouthwash impact, maintain quality, perfume, color and shine, avoid loss of vitamin, which can avoid meals great quality destruction. Therefore, it can be used in marine products handling, meat handling, bread, treat, oil, oil meals and cool and relaxing drinks handling production, can significantly improve the great high quality and the guarantee period.

10 Tulsi Extract Botanical Name : Ocimum sanctum Common Name:- Basil, Holy Basil, Tulsi,Tulasee,Tulsi, Kala Tulsi, Vishnu Tulasi Part Used:- Stem,Leaves & Whole plant Application:- Skin Care Effects & Properties:- Skin tightening, Anti-wrinkle,Fairness, Anti-irritant. Specifications:- 2% Ursolic acid Discription:-Also known as "holy tulsi," tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is an natural herb widely used in ayurveda (the conventional medicinal practises of India). It is carefully relevant to cooking tulsi, and indigenous to Indian

11 Brahmi Extract Botanical Name : Bacopa monnieri Common Name/ Other Name : Brahmi, bacopa, Babies tear, Bacopa monnieri Part Used : Flowers,Leaf,Whole plant. Testing Method : HPLC Application:-Skin Care/Hair Care Effects & Properties : Fairness, Anti-Blemish, Anti-Wrinkle, Strenthener Specification:- 50% Discription:-Brahmi technically known as as Bacopa monnieri is a sneaking natural herb usually seen in marshy and wet areas. The place is generally used in the conventional therapy technique Ayurveda mainly for Bronchial asthma and Epilepsy. Apart from the therapy of these illnesses, Brahmi is also commonly approved to have wonderful treating energy for many other illnesses. The place is generally seen in India.

12 Azadirachita indica Botanical Name : AZADIRACHTA INDICA Common Name:- Indian Neem, Neem Oil, Neem Tree Part Used : LEAVES, FLOWER, OIL, SEED, BURK, WHOLE PLANT. Testing Method : HPLC Application : Skin Care & Hair Care Effects & Properties : Hair restructuring, free radical,scavenger, Moisturizing. Specification:- Neem significantly reduces the plaque index and bacterial count. It reduced oxidative stress High Medicinal & Cosmetics value Discription:-Neem is a tree. The debris, leaves, and seeds are used to make medicine. Less frequently, the main, plant, and fruits are also used. Neem foliage is used for leprosy, eye conditions, weakling nasal area, abdominal viruses, abdomen upset, appetite loss, epidermis nausea, illnesses of the heart and veins (cardiovascular disease), high temperature, diabetic issues, gum illness (gingivitis), and liver problems. The foliage is also used for contraception method and to cause abortions.

13 Adhatoda vasica Botanical Name: Justicia adhatoda Common Name:- Malabar Nut Part Used:- Flower,leaf,whole Plant Test Mehod:-HPLC/TLC Specification:- HPLC: 5-95% Application:-Skin Care & Hair Care Effects & Properties:- Anti- inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of pyrroloquinazoline alkaloids Discription:-Justicia adhatoda, commonly known in English as Malabar Nut, Adulsa, Adhatoda, Vasa, or Vasaka, is a medicinal plant native to Asia, widely used in Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine

14 ASHWAGANDHA EXTRACT Botanical Name :- Withania somnifera/ somnifera Common Name:- Asgandha Part Used : Root, leaves,whole Plant Application : Skin Care & Hair Care Effects & PropertiesAnti-wrinkle, Refirming,Conditioning, Anti-Blemish. Specification: 1.5%,1.7% Test Method:- HPLC Discripion:- Ashwagandha draw out is in accordance with the main and results in of the Ashwagandha plant (Withania Somnifera). The draw out is used mainly together with other ayurvedic herbs and applied as a precautionary adaptogen for overall improvement of health and body systems. The therapeutic benefits of ashwagandha draw out are linked to the great levels of phenolic substances, withanolides, flavonoids, alkaloids, lactones and saponins it contains

15 LICORICE EXTRACT Botanical Name : Licorice gl ycyrrhizaglabra) Extract Part Used:-Root,Flower,whole plant. Application : Skin Care& hair care Effects & Properties:- Fairness, Anti- wrinkle, Antistrerchmark, Skin lightening effects through inhibition of melanin formation. Has been shown to soothen the skin and have regenerating and anti-irritant effects. Testing Method : HPLC Specification : Glycyrrhizic Acid 10%-26% Discription:- Licorice main draw out (Glycyrrhizaglabra, Glycyrrhizauralensis) is a typical component discovered in many skin-lightening cosmeceuticals and is also used in the therapy of a extensive range of illnesses even outside the opportunity of epidermis care due to its anti-oxidant anti- inflammatory, antiviral, anti-microbial, and anticarcinogenic qualities.

16 BHRINGRAJ EXTRACT Botanical Name : Following eclipta, Incorrect Daisy Common Name/ Other Name : Bhangara, Bhringaraja, Kesharaja Part Used:- Flowers,whole plant. Application :-Skin Care /Hair Care Effect & Properties:- Anti-microbial, Anti- inflammatory and pain-killer, Neuropharmacological Specification :Wedololactone >2% Demethylwedelolactone. Discription:- Bhringraj which is produced from the healthy Bringraj Vegetation. The results in of the place contain a wealthy number. It is known for its anticancer, antileprotic, medication, anti- oxidant, antimyotoxic, antihaemorrhagic, antihepatotoxic, antiviral, anti-bacterial, spasmogenic, & hypotensive qualities.

17 BLACKBERRY EXTRACT Botanical Name : Juniperus communis (LINN.) Common Name:- Black Berry, Bramble, Dewberry Part Used:- leaves/Shell/Fruit/Whole Plant. Testing Method : HPLC Specifications:- soluble in any proportion in water Application : Skin Care,Creams, lotions toners, and bath care products Effects & Properties : Has astringent and tonic properties. Discription:- Blackberries develop crazy throughout all areas of the U. s. Empire and Ireland in europe. They are an important factor in the ecosystem of those nations. Growing the fruits is a well- known leisure activity in these nations

18 GREEN TEA EXTRACT Botanical Name : Camellia sinensis Common Name/ Other Name : Green tea, Chinese tea, green sencha tea, Japanese tea, Yame tea Part Used : leaf Testing Method : UV-VIS-TLC-By HPLC method Application : Skin Care & Hair Care Effects & Properties : Free radical scavenger, Anti- ageing, Anti-cellulite Specifications : (1)Green Tea Extract EGCG 90% Total tea polyphenols: >98% Total tea catechins: >90% EGCG: >90% Caffeine: <0.5% Discription:- Natural tea is considered as a health pick- me-up all over the world for 100's of years.Today, scientific research helps healthy advantages of Herbal tea for decreasing abdomen and intestinal system malignancies and also decreasing middle problems.Catechins such as Epigallocatechingallate ( EGCG )is the most element in natural tea sketch out draw out, a efficient anti-oxidant and exposed that it is hundred times more efficient than Complement C and 20 five times more efficient than Complement E at protecting tissuesagainst free radical attack.

19 Name of dry Extract Common nameBotanical Name Plant Part Used Maker compounds Vasaka Adhathoda vasica Leaf Alkaloids - 0.5% $1 % BaelAegal MarmelosLeafTannis >7% Aloes Aloe Indica Leaf Aloin 1.5% Neem Pan Azadirachita indica Leaf Bitter >2.5% Green TeaCamellia SinesisLeaf Polyphenols 40%, Tennis 25% Senna Pan Cassia Angustifolia Leaf sennossides 10%, 20% Brahmi Cenetella Asiatica Leaf Triterpenoids 10%,20% Gurmar, madhuasini Gymnema sylvesstre Leaf Gymnemic acid 25% - 75% Heena, MehandiLawsonia albaLeaf Tannis > 5% Sargavo pan Moringa Oleiffera Leaf Alkaloids >0.1% Parijat Pan Nyctanthes arbortristis Leaf Total Alkaloid >0.2% Tulsi Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Tannins >5% Eranda Pan ricinus communis Leaf Alkaloids 2.5% Gorakhmundi Sphaeranthus indicus Leaf Alkaloids 0.4% Patol Pan Trichosanthes Cucumerina Leaf ******* Antamul Tylophora Indica Leaf Tylophorine Common NameBotanical Name Plant Part Used Maker compounds


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