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The Brand Positioning Statement Chapter 4 Overview.

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1 The Brand Positioning Statement Chapter 4 Overview

2 The Cornerstone The brand positioning statement is the single most important item in all of marketing. It defines EVERYTHING about what your brand is to the consumer.

3 All Elements Packaging, Pricing, Distribution, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing…. All work in unison to the beat of the brand positioning statement.

4 This Is THE Most Important Thing I’ll Teach You If you can learn the art of mastering the articulation of brand positioning statements, you’ll have a giant leg up on your competition during job interviews. It’ll also help you once you get a job!

5 Three Elements Target Audience Compelling benefit Reason Why (Kitchen Logic)


7 For homemakers, Dow Bathroom Products are the easy way to get a great clean shine for your tub, tile and toilet. That’s because only Dow Bathroom Products contain scrubbing bubbles that cut through dirt and grime clean to the shine! Brand Positioning Statement


9 For those suffering from a cold, Comtrex offers four different relief formulas that treat and work against your specific cold ailments. Brand Positioning Statement


11 For cold sufferers, Contac offers 12 hours of continuous relief from congestion and sinus pressure thanks to it’s time-release technology.


13 Brand Positioning Statement For consumers ages 16-35, Crest Whitestrips whiten teeth five times better than the leading paint-on whitening gel. That’s because Crest’s gel-coated strips hold the peroxide on teeth longer, to whiten stains below the tooth surface.


15 Brand Positioning Statement For women ages 25-55, Loreal Revitalift Anti-wrinkle and firming cream reduces facial wrinkles and firms your skin. NO REASON WHY!


17 Brand Positioning Statement For “Green” consumers seeking healthy foods free from pesticides, chemical or preservatives, Seeds of Change frozen entrée’s taste great. 100% of our ingredients are grown organically and are not only healthy for you, but also our planet.


19 Brand Positioning Statement For single consumers ages 30+ who prefer upscale fine-dining, Hormel offers four great meat entrees. NO PRODUCT NAME!WHAT IS IT?


21 Brand Positioning Statement For females who cook meat, Saran Disposable Cutting Sheets are the solution to your worries about meat juice germs. That’s because you can cut your meat right on Saran Cutting Sheets, and they’ll soak up the juicy mess. Just toss the sheet away and your worries are gone with it!

22 Now It’s YOUR TURN!

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