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Introducing Mrs Gleam’s Household Cleaning Range

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1 Introducing Mrs Gleam’s Household Cleaning Range

2 Mrs Gleam – History Frustrated by ineffective sprays and dangerous to handle cleaning solutions Mrs Gleam dreamed of finding new alternative products to keep her home clean. Armed with a demanding wish list, Mrs Gleam found a local Norfolk based manufacturer to help create the perfect products. Her products needed to be non caustic, safe around the family, safe on skin, safe on all surfaces, easy to use and eco friendly Most importantly they must make her home sparkle! Months of research and testing led Mrs Gleam to create a range of cleaning products suitable for use in every room around her home.

3 Mrs Gleam’s Product Range
Mrs Gleam is a fabulous new brand of 10+ household cleaning products produced in Norfolk. Looking desirable and are aimed at consumers who are searching for something different. Particularly appealing to consumers who are conscious about the environment and looking for great value, these are effective products that will not adversely affect their world. Perfect for retailers wishing to offer their consumers high quality, eco friendly cleaning solutions with a strong brand identity that supports the high quality performance of each product and encourages repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Each product is competitively priced for the market place Minimum 55% margin available.

4 Mrs Gleam’s Target Audience
Affluent females responsible for managing their household Quality Crusaders or Ethic Empathisers shopper types Quality, price and family orientated consumers Shoppers with time to consider brand change Purchasers will identify with and trust Mrs Gleam to provide effective safe products for their homes.

5 Product Benefits Independently testing amazingly effective cleaning power Non caustic and fume free Safe on skin Safe on all surfaces! Safe around children and pets Bleach free Eco-friendly

6 Benefits to Retailers Excellent minimum 55% margin available
Strong brand identity coupled with great cleaning results builds customer loyalty and drives repeat sales Products independently tested to comply to BS EN 1276 UK manufactured with short delivery lead time from order confirmation Delivers greater product choice to consumers Packaging to carry “Safe Cleaning” logo to highlight product safety Eco-friendly to minimise effect on our environment

7 Mrs Gleam’s Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser Spray 750ml
Powerful kitchen surface cleaner with built in degreaser Kills germs in only 30 seconds, 10 x faster than Dettol. Kills % of germs (BS EN 1276) No need for rinsing - leaves no residue Safe to use on all kitchen surfaces 750ml bottle with adjustable trigger spray

8 Mrs Gleam’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Spray 750ml
Highly effective bleach free carpet cleaning spray Also removes stains from upholstery Great on blood, grease, chocolate, lipstick and much more Contains no bleach or peroxide Simple to use Safe on skin 750ml bottle with adjustable trigger spray

9 Mrs Gleam’s Bathroom Cleaner Spray 750ml
4 in 1 bathroom surfaces cleaning action No bleach Kills % of germs (BS EN 1276) Active soil guard means surfaces stay cleaner for longer Cleans taps, bathroom mirrors to a streak free finish! Descales and deodorises Safe on skin

10 Mrs Gleam’s Toilet Cleaner 1000ml
3 in 1 toilet cleaning action No bleach • Kills % of germs (BS EN 1276) • Coats whole surface of toilet bowl • Refreshing apple scent • Safe around family and home • ml bottle with safe screw cap

11 Mrs Gleam’s Window Cleaner Spray 750ml
Effortlessly cleans glass and mirrors leaving them shining clean Ammonia free: pleasant smell without the fumes Dries streak free Amazing on stainless steel too! 750ml bottle with adjustable trigger spray

12 Mrs Gleam’s Stainless Steel Spray 750ml
Amazing sparkling finish on stainless steel Also great on chrome, and other glossy surfaces that should shine Leaves smear free finish Removes fingerprints and other dirt with ease No fumes Safe on skin 750ml bottle with adjustable trigger spray

13 Mrs Gleam’s Oven Cleaner Spray 750ml
Powerful non caustic oven cleaning spray • Easily removes dense grease and grime • Safe to use on all surfaces and oven types • Fume free • No gloves required • ml bottle with adjustable trigger

14 Mrs Gleam’s Oven Rack Cleaner 500ml
Non caustic oven grill soaking solution Safe on our surfaces (inc all metals) Pack includes 500ml soaking solution, Also includes re-useable plastic bag suitable for all grills Three applications per pack No fumes No gloves required

15 Mrs Gleam’s Air and Fabric Freshener Spray 750ml
Cranberry scented air and fabric freshener spray Neutralises strong odours Long lasting scent Bleach free and safe for freshening all fabrics Safe on contact with skin 750ml bottle with adjustable trigger

16 Mrs Gleam’s Laundry Spot Stain Remover Spray 750ml
Powerful laundry spot stain remover No bleach, no peroxide Removes heavy stains Protects colours from fading Simple to use Safe on skin 750ml bottle with adjustable trigger spray

17 Competitors Mrs Gleam’s main competitors for Eco- friendly products are Method and Ecover We offer value for money with bottles 50% larger at 750ml products On average lower RRPs with Mrs Gleam Trusting brand identity with Mrs Gleam Loyal Customers

18 Contact Us For further information about Mrs Gleam’s product range please contact Joe Smith at GreanBase Ltd: T: E: W:

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