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Chapter 7 Age of Empresarios

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1 Chapter 7 Age of Empresarios

2 Moses Austin 1821 Moses receives a land grant to bring American settlers to Texas Living in Louisiana-when it was Spain's- gained a large fortune Depression hit and he lost his business Looking for a way to regain fortune asked Governor Martinez to allow him to bring 300 settlers to Texas Baron de Bastrop helped him secure his grant Died in 1821 and his son Stephen carried out his plans

3 Stephen F. Austin carries out his father’s work
SFA was working in New Orleans and left to help his father settle Texas Along the way learned his father had died Went to see Governor Martinez along with Erasmo Seguin Decided region between Brazos and Colorado rivers suitable Sent proposal to Governor Martinez

4 Advertising for Colonists
Austin began advertising in newspapers for his 300 families to come to Texas Each man would get 640 acres, 320 for wife, 160 for each child and 80 for each slave Special valued persons would get more land..doctors, merchants etc Surveyed or measured the land to determine boundaries Settlers would pay Austin 12.5 cents an acre for the surveying Settlers had to swear an oath of allegiance to Spain and become citizens and become Catholic

5 Good Land and Low Prices
Austin’s advertising attracted many people 1821 already 100 settlers were waiting to go to Texas Andrew Robinson was the first settler to enter the claimed land- town of Washington on the Brazos 1822 Mexico had won independence from Spain and didn’t recognize Austin’s grant Austin was going to go to Mexico City

6 Austin impresses Mexican Leaders
Journey to Mexico City would take over a year 1823 Mexico passed a colonization law Land was increased-4605 acres and Austin would get 100,000 acres Austin was an empresario- land agent who brought setters to an area 300 families had permission to come

7 Problems Settlers left because of drought, waiting for land to be surveyed Native Americans raided the settlements Austin raised a militia to stop raids (temporary army)

8 Men and women of the Old Three Hundred
Settlers had prime choice of land Most settled along Brazos, Colorado and San Jacinto rivers Many of the Old Three Hundred were settlers before Austin came to Texas Jane Long, Aylett Buckner

9 Capital San Felipe de Austin new capital
SFA resided here in his dog trot home

10 Assignment for Chapter 7
You will record on video a 1 minute Texas advertisement This advertisement would mimick what SFA would have put in newspapers to attract settlers to Texas. ** you need to research the areas where SFA planned to bring settlers** We can go outside here at school to record. Or you can do it at home. Partner up and write a script for approval by me before recording.

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