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The Crucible Vocabulary * Definitions are from Secondary Solutions.

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1 The Crucible Vocabulary * Definitions are from Secondary Solutions

2 abomination an object of disgust, shame or dislike

3 conjured invoked unnatural or supernatural forces

4 contention disagreement; a claim made in debate

5 deference respect towards another’s opinion or interests

6 innate a quality or characteristic you are born with; something integral or important

7 licentious sexually immoral; lacking moral or ethical restraint

8 manifestation a sign; an indication of the existence of something

9 paradox a statement or situation which is contradictory

10 prodigious impressive in size or amount

11 vindictive purposely hurtful or hateful

12 ameliorate to improve or make better

13 avid eager for; dedicated to

14 blasphemy disrespect for God or other sacred things

15 crone a derogatory term referring to a woman’s age or appearance

16 flailing hitting or swinging violently

17 indignant annoyance or anger over an unfairness towards someone or something

18 pallor paleness in complexion

19 poppet a ragdoll

20 vengeance punishment in return for a wrongdoing

21 wily clever; deceitful

22 abundant an excess amount

23 auger a hand tool used to make holes

24 deposition a witness’s testimony given under oath

25 effrontery shameless or arrogant behavior

26 gait a way of walking, trotting like a horse

27 imperceptible unable to be perceived; tiny or insignificant

28 incredulously unbelievably

29 plaintiff a person who brings a lawsuit against another

30 vestry a room in a church where sacred objects are kept

31 wrath extreme anger; God’s punishment for sin

32 agape with mouth open in astonishment

33 beguile to charm or deceive

34 cleave to faithfully cling to

35 disputation a verbal disagreement; argument

36 excommunication exclusion from a church or group

37 gaunt excessively thin or withered

38 gibbet a hanging post; gallows

39 indictment a formal accusation before a jury

40 reprieve delay of punishment

41 sibilance a hissing sound

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