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Must Have’s For Teacher. Web sites

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1 Must Have’s For Teacher



4 Web sites

5 What is ThatQuiz? A Free online assessment tool for teachers of all subjects and grade levels. A skills site for students, especially useful for math practice and testing.

6 Why should I sign myself up? All users have access to all of the tests without registration. There is no reason for students to register, since the additional features are only useful for teachers. Registration is free and teachers who register receive complete record-keeping of student grades.register They have access to more precise test-generation tools, can create single tests with questions from different categories, can create matching and multiple choice questions, and can access a public testlibrary.library What is their privacy policy? We comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. We do not collect any personal or identifying information from children. The only information collected from students is numerical test result data. This data is private to the registered teacher and is not shared with anyone.



9 videos.html

10 is a free spelling website that makes teaching spelling exciting. SpellingCity provides students a simple online way to take a practice spelling test. But that is only the beginning. With SpellingCity's online spelling games you will have simplicity of creating and saving lists activities that teach word meaning writing skills students will learn their weekly spelling words with unprecedented enthusiasm.

11 For teachers and students who want more, SpellingCity has a: Premium Membership which provides additional Premium games and features such as automated student record keeping so spelling tests can be taken on the computer.





16 Ideas for the Classroom: Create special images to go along with writing projects or poems Edit photos for technology projects (like iMovie) Can do sequencing assignments with altered pictures Practice adding or using different effects to images Use images students create in class newsletter or wiki

17 Strengths: It’s free! (Can create a basic account for free) It works on every type of computer (mac, pc, etc.) Clean, clear, simple site layout Easy to navigate Works with any photos you have saved on your computer Works with photos saved in many online organizers (i.e. facebook, flickr, picasa, myspace, photobucket, webshots, etc.) Far more “user friendly” than Photoshop Time efficient ‍Weaknesses: Does not help you organize photos The free account only gives you access to your five most recent photos but still tracks the rest. (If you later get a Premium account, you'll have access to everything you've ever done.) Doesn’t work with snapfish or shutterfly You need an email address to start an account Only allows you to edit one photo at a time

18 ‍ Opportunities: Can take existing digital photos and create a new image Teaches basic photo editing skills and terminology Can share new digital creations online (email, blog, etc.) You can create picture collages ‍ Threats: Inappropriate photos might be used Students might get to into playing with the photos, and not focus on their assignments.


20 Kingman Elementary School Heather Pickering 4 th grade

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