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TMP Partner Project Showcase Webinar Pierce County Transition Math Project Math/CTE Partnership Institute: Building Partnerships for Increasing Opportunities.

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1 TMP Partner Project Showcase Webinar Pierce County Transition Math Project Math/CTE Partnership Institute: Building Partnerships for Increasing Opportunities in Math September 22, 2009 Jo Jacobson, Director, Pierce County Careers Connection Linda Drake, Project Manager, Pierce County Careers Connection Lynn Green, Career and Technical Education Director, Aberdeen School District

2 Pierce County Careers Connection A partnership of:  14 K-12 School District  5 college campuses Bates Technical College Clover Park Technical College Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Pierce College Puyallup Tacoma Community College  University of Washington Tacoma  Central Washington University  Business, Industry, Labor and Community Organizations

3 Pierce County Careers Connection is a Tech Prep Consortium and more:  22 Tech Prep Consortia in Washington State  Tech Prep Consortia administer Tech Prep Dual Credit  Pierce County Careers Connection is the largest consortia in the state  Our strong partnerships have allowed us to facilitate initiatives that overlap with the goals of Tech Prep, but go beyond Tech Prep—such as our TMP Partnership project

4 Pierce County Careers Connection and the Transition Mathematics Project  Career Math Toolbox A compendium of math problems based on industry partner ‘real life’ scenarios  Construction Math Toolbox, developed by the Construction Center of Excellence through a 2006-2007 TMP Partnership Grant Math problems from the Construction Industry designed for middle and high school math teachers to enrich their classes with industry- based lessons and supporting career guidance information

5 Math/CTE Partnership Institute  Teams of Math and CTE educators meeting to work together on math achievement, both in math classrooms and CTE classrooms Enhancing math in CTE classes Contextual examples in math classes 4 Workshops 2008-2009

6  2006: College Readiness Standards (CRS) for Mathematics approved and published -2 nd Phase Local Partnerships launched  2006: Joint Math Action Plan was in place  2007: Number of math credits needed to graduate increased  April 2008: K12 Mathematics Standards were not yet approved When we started this series…

7 Kick-off session: Clover Park Technical College, April 24, 2008 Focus: Bringing High School Math & CTE Teachers, Math Coordinators/Coaches & District/Building Administrators together as teams to implement local-level projects. Purpose: Unfettered time together to work and cultivate relationships Support math and CTE collaboration in math teaching and learning Present updates on new Math Standards, third year of math, and the CTE Option for the third year of math Encourage team development for contextual math and learning across disciplines Outcome: 20 teams from 8 counties guided by experts & officials who share systemic knowledge to support local initiatives (King, Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap, Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Mason)

8 April 24, 2008 Math/CTE Partnership Workshop  Planning Committee: Representatives from OSPI, SBCTC, the State Transition Math Team, 4 Tech Prep Consortia, 3 ESDs, 2 Skills Centers, LMEA, and 4 school districts  Guest Speakers: John House, State Transition Math Project; John Aultman, OSPI; Carlos Veliz, President/CEO PCSI Design  Participants: 93 total, representing 15 school districts; 36 Math teachers; 6 CTE Directors/Coordinators; 47 CTE teachers; 4 School/District administrators

9 April 24, 2008 Math/CTE Partnership Workshop: sharing and hardwork

10 October 2008 Workshop  Focus:Update returning and new teams on newly adopted math standards, CTE 3 rd credit option, CTE course sequencing  Purpose: Identify progress on projects, new additions, provide facilitated networking in areas of support requested by teams, provide teams work time with resources to support their forward progress.  Outcome: Completed new Team Planners, identified next steps, identified resource needs

11 February 2009 Workshop  Focus: Provide requested support training in Partnership Building  Purpose: Introduce Professional Learning Communities Model/Integrate PLC Model with Institute projects  Outcome: Project Teams applied PLC Model to use as a common framework for partnership growth & sustainability; identified strengths of the Institute structure for professional development; Updated Team Planners for project next steps & May “Showcase”

12 May 2009  Focus: Showcase projects  Purpose: Cross project sharing; support for enhancements & sustainability Transition from TMP to STEM Reform Philosophy Informing economic and workforce policy and practices  Projected Outcome: Demonstrated local support for Math/CTE integration, state support for sustainability, identified model for cross sector professional development

13 STEM Discussion Sandra Mickolaski, Director National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies Maureen Majury, Director Center for Information Technology Excellence Heather Winfrey, former Director Construction Center of Excellence Bonnie Smith Allied Health Center of Excellence

14 WAOE Presentation, March 5, 2009 Jo Jacobson was invited to present, with Clover Park School District as a project partner guest Clover Park School District Project:  Project work supports the District Improvement Plan for goal (1) Math, goal (2) Reading, goal (3) Citizenship, Career & College Readiness  Partnering with CTE Director & Secondary Initiatives utilizing High Demand & Perkin’s Grants  Providing initial support for “Project Lead the Way” curriculum adoption  Bridging relationships between math teachers & CTE teachers; exploring team teaching & alternative scheduling, example: Algebra 3/4 & Principles of Engineering, Algebra 3/4 & Chemistry Algebra 1/2 & 9 th grade Physical Science

15 Making Math Meaningful – M3 The CTE and Math journey in the Aberdeen School District

16 The Early Stages CTE Aligning CTE coursework with math GLE’s Aligning CTE coursework with math GLE’s Revising curriculum frameworks Revising curriculum frameworksMath Aligning math coursework with GLE’s Aligning math coursework with GLE’s Working on common assessments Working on common assessments

17 Addition of Math Coach Review of CTE curriculum Review of CTE curriculum Sharing with math department Sharing with math department Math/CTE workshop put on by PC3 Math/CTE workshop put on by PC3 Pursued course equivalency funding Pursued course equivalency funding Transition Math Project Transition Math Project Common goals emerge Common goals emerge Relationship building is key Relationship building is key

18 Current Program of Work Math Banking and Finance Wood Technology Culinary Arts Automotive Technology Industrial Engineering Jewelry Design and Manufacturing Computer Programming

19 Release Time Together Already In Progress Review new math standards Review new math standards Share curriculum Share curriculum Common vocabulary Common vocabulary Collaborative projects Collaborative projects Soon to Come Review new math standards Review new math standards Collaborative project updates Collaborative project updates Focus on equivalency crediting toolkit Focus on equivalency crediting toolkit

20 Outcomes During 2008-09 Align New Math Standards Implement and Evaluate Collaborative Projects CTE Math Electives Identified for Support Equivalency Crediting Formalized School Board Report

21 Institute Message We don’t yet have all the answers This is about starting a positive relationship across Math and CTE Project teams worked through stages of partnership development Each workshop developed in response to team requests  Professional Learning Communities  Preparation for sustainability through STEM reform philosophy Team’s work = a blueprint for others

22 Partnering across disciplines:  April 2008: 67% felt Math and CTE were “Potential but wary partners”  October 2009: 47% of Returning Teams were still “wary”  February, 2009: 28% still “war” Workshop - Survey Results

23 Workshop Survey Results College Readiness Standards and the Transition Math Project:  April 2008: 25% did not know about the College Readiness Standards  October 2008: 19% of new teams did not know about the College Readiness Standards  October 2009: 23% of returning teams knew about local TMP partnerships in their region

24 Workshop Survey Results Looking toward the future---by the end of the institute:  40% of participants were “enthused” about their work together  40% felt unsure about how their work will fit into the state’s direction for Math and CTE  56% wanted to find resources to finish or continue to work together

25 National Recognition Institute work = a blueprint for others The National Association for Tech Prep Leadership Best Practice Award for 2009

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