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What is Dual Credit? A college-level course of study offered to high school students. A high school student who has applied and been accepted to SKYCTC.

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2 What is Dual Credit? A college-level course of study offered to high school students. A high school student who has applied and been accepted to SKYCTC can earn both high school and college credit for the same course upon successful completion of the course requirements.

3 Why Enroll in Dual Credit?  -provides highly relevant and academically sound courses  -adds rigor to the high school curriculum thereby increasing college and career readiness  -increases student matriculation from high school to college  -reduces the amount of TIME & MONEY to attain a postsecondary credential  -decreases remediation rates for students transitioning to postsecondary education

4 Making Education Affordable Higher Education InstitutionCost per credit hour (in-state residents) SKYCTC$144.00 Eastern Kentucky University$314.00 Western Kentucky University$363.00 University of Louisville$407.00 University of Kentucky$415.00 Morehead State University$320.00 Murray State University$370.00 Northern Kentucky University$337.00 Kentucky State University$254.00


6 Dual Credit and On Track Programs  Dual Credit (traditional): This is a concurrent enrollment program. Students take a course offered at the high school/ATC taught by a credentialed high school/ATC instructor.  On Track: This is a dual enrollment program. High school students enroll in courses taught on a SKYCTC campus by a SKYCTC instructor.

7 Dual Credit at local ATCs Allen County; Barren County; Butler County; Metcalfe County; Monroe County; Russellville; Warren County -Information Technology; Welding Technology; Electrical Technology; Machine Tool Technology; Health/Sciences; Automotive Technology *Talk to your local ATC principal for more information

8 Faculty Credentials 1)Official college transcript verifying Master’s degree awarded and minimum of 18 graduate level hours in teaching discipline. 2)A KCTCS Faculty Employment Application and vita/resume outlining teaching experience. 3)Official documentation of relevant work experience: 3 letters of professional recommendation from colleagues/supervisors in the field.

9 Cost of Dual Credit/On Track Dual Credit- Student pays a $50.00 non-refundable administrative charge per semester. Example: a student taking dual credit MAT 150 and MUS 100 in the same semester only pays $50.00 for all 6 college credit hours! On Track – Student pays for one credit hour per class. Current credit hour rate (fall 13/spring 14) is $144.00. Online Courses not applicable.


11 Student Eligibility High school junior or senior (exceptions considered if recommended by high school faculty and approved by KCTCS College) Meet requirements of KCTCS Assessment & Placement standards (ACT/COMPASS and high school transcript required) Complete the Dual Credit/On Track Enrollment Requirements

12 How do I enroll in Dual Credit/On Track? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1)Complete a FREE SKYCTC admission application online: 2) Meet the Assessment and Placement Requirements (provide high school transcript and ACT or COMPASS scores) 3) Complete a SKYCTC Dual Credit/On Track Enrollment Contract Talk to your guidance counselor about which program(s)/classes are available at your school.

13 Abide by Classroom Expectations Attend Every Class Read and abide by the Course Syllabus Do Not be Late for Class Do Not Leave Class Early Be Prepared for Class Put Your Cell Phone on Silent and Out of Sight Dress Appropriately Be Respectful to All People

14 What if I am not going to SKYCTC when I graduate? Transfer your credits (AA/AS gen. ed. Certified) SKYCTC Course Name SKYCTC Course # WKU Course Name WKU Course # Introduction to ArtART 100Art AppreciationART 101 Intro to BiologyBIO 112General BiologyBIOL 113 Intro to Biology LabBIO 113General Biology LabBIOL 114 Human Anatomy & Physiology IBIO 135Anatomy & PhysiologyBIOL 131 Introduction to ComputersCIT 105Basic Computer LiteracyCIS 141 Basic Public SpeakingCOM 181Fund. of Public SpeakingCOM 145 Writing IENG 101Freshman EnglishENG 100 Introduction to LiteratureENG 161Introduction to LiteratureENG 200 World Civilization IIHIS 102Western Civ. since 1648HIST 120 History of US Since 1865HIS 109United States Since 1865HIST 241 College AlgebraMAT 150College AlgebraMAT 116 Introduction to MusicMUS 100Music AppreciationMUS 120 General PsychologyPSY 110Introduction to PsychologyPSY 100 Introduction to SociologySOC 101Introductory SociologySOCL 100 Medical TerminologyAHS 115Medical TerminologyAH 290


16 Create a SKYCTC User Account Use Internet Explorer and go to: _Center.aspx _Center.aspx Click on KCTCS User Account Center Enter your profile information Select CREATE/UPDATE MY USER PROFILE Write down the User Name and Email Address that appear on the screen Create a security question and answer and click on SAVE MY USER PROFILE Enter your last name and 9-digit student ID and SIGN IN Create a Password following the instructions outlined on the screen

17 Pay Your Tuition/Fees Track your tuition fees online using Student Self-Service. Tuition is due once you are enrolled in the class. o Pay online with a credit card or check. Go to the SKYCTC homepage and click on Student Self-Service at the very top of the page. Log in using the User Name and Password you created in the Student User Account Center. For instructions on how to pay online: o Pay over the phone with a debit/credit card by calling the Business Office at (270) 901-1120 (you must know your 9-digit ID number). o Pay in-person by visiting the Business Office located on the Loop Drive (Main Campus in Bowling Green; open Monday-Friday from 7:30AM-4:00PM. o Mail your payment (check or money order including your 9-digit ID number) to: Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College ATTN: Business Office 1845 Loop Drive Bowling Green, KY 42101

18 Purchase Textbooks Dual Credit- Textbooks are provided by the high school or ATC On Track- Search for your textbooks online: When buying or selling textbooks at the SKYCTC bookstore, you must have a picture ID and a copy of your schedule with your 9-digit ID number printed on it.

19 Practice Campus Safety Sign up for the Safety Alert Notification Process (SNAP): This will keep you informed of campus emergencies or campus delays/closings. Campus Security: (270) 790-9304.

20 Other Important Information delines_and_Procedures.aspx delines_and_Procedures.aspx Take time to visit the site above and familiarize with your rights and responsibilities as a SKYCTC student by reviewing: -The Student Handbook -Student Grievance Procedures -KCTCS Code of Student Conduct -KCTCS Student Policies Student Self Service Tutorials:


22 For more information Contact the Director of K-12 Partnerships : Heather Bratcher Keith Office: (270) 901-4324 Fax: (270) 901-1135 Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College (SKYCTC) Franklin-Simpson Center 175 Davis Drive Franklin, KY 42123

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