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BIS Management Board and Directors May 2012

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1 BIS Management Board and Directors May 2012
Martin Donnelly Permanent Secretary BIS Management Board and Directors May 2012 PEOPLE, COMMUNICATIONS & CORPORATE EFFECTIVENESS FINANCE & COMMERCIAL KNOWLEDGE & INNOVATION SHAREHOLDER EXECUTIVE BUSINESS & SKILLS & LEGAL MARKETS & LOCAL GROWTH STRATEGY, ANALYSIS & BETTER REGULATION UK TRADE & INVESTMENT Joanna Donaldson Director General Howard Orme Director General Sir Adrian Smith Director General Stephen Lovegrove Chief Executive Rachel Sandby-Thomas Director General Bernadette Kelly Director General Tera Allas Director General Nick Baird Chief Executive Joanna Donaldson People David Allen Finance Jeremy Clayton Research Base Mark Russell Deputy Chief Executive, Corporate Finance Practice Alan Evans Legal A Richard Carter Business Environment Debbie Gillatt Heseltine Review Susan Haird Deputy Chief Executive Rachel Evans Change & Corporate Effectiveness Jonathan Preece Shared Services John Dodds Innovation Roger Lowe Royal Mail & Postal Services Adam Jackson Enterprise Simon Edmonds RDA Transition & Closure, & Regional Growth Fund Ruth Hannant Strategy & Growth (jobshare) Polly Payne Michael Boyd Strategic Relationship Management Russell Grossman Communications Jon Whitfield Internal Audit Matthew Hilton Further Education Student Funding Anthony Odgers Portfolio Unit Mike Keoghan Skills & Life Sciences David Frost Europe, Trade & International Michael Boyd Investmentl (acting) Vacant Corporate Services Integration Martin Williams Higher Education Policy Vacant Cyber & Digital Patrick Kilgarriff Legal B Philippa Lloyd Consumer & Competition Policy Amanda Rowlatt Analysis Edward Oakden Strategic Trade Janice Munday Advanced Manufacturing & Services Ceri Smith Labour Market Graham Russell Better Regulation Delivery Office Richard Paniguian UKTI Defence & Security Organisation GO-SCIENCE Prof Sir John Beddington Government Chief Adviser & Head of the Government Office for Science Susan Pember Further Education & Skills Investment Performance Emma Ward Economic Development Graham Turnock Better Regulation Executive Crispin Simon Trade Development Claire Craig Deputy Head of the Government Office for Science Jeff Wilson Marketing & Communications OFFICE OF THE CHIEF SCIENTIST Professor John Perkins Chief Scientific Adviser NON-EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS Dr Rupert Lewis Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Andrew Witty Lead non-exec Julia King Brian Woods-Scawen

2 People, Communications & Corporate Effectiveness
Director General People, Communications & Corporate Effectiveness Joanna Donaldson Director Communications Russell Grossman Director HR Joanna Donaldson Director Change and Corporate Effectiveness Rachel Evans Deputy Directors Rod Watson, Corporate Communications Aileen Boughen, Media Relations Ed Aspel, Stakeholder and Ministerial Engagement Deputy Directors Janet Champion, HR Operations, Advisory & Commercial Truddi Stott, HR Policy, Pay & Communications Christine Hewitt, People Strategy & Capability Kay Birch, Workforce Planning & Resourcing Deputy Director Vacant, Change and Innovation Capability Vacant, Internal Communications

3 Finance, Planning and Performance
Director General Finance & Commercial Howard Orme Director Finance, Planning and Performance David Allen Director Internal Audit Jon Whitfield Deputy Directors Duncan Tessier, Financial Planning and Analysis Ruth Elliot, Financial Reporting and Control Vacant, Transformational Change Group Finance Deputy Directors (embedded in groups) Heather Miller, Business and Skills Richard Wilkinson, Markets and Local Growth Charu Gorasia, Knowledge & Innovation & GO-Science Deputy Directors (Commercial) Karen Pile, Information Strategy and Business Change Paul Reynolds, Infrastructure and Technology Management

4 Economics, Strategy and Better Regulation
Director General Economics, Strategy and Better Regulation Tera Allas Chief Economist and Director Analysis Amanda Rowlatt Director Heseltine Review Debbie Gillatt Director Strategy and Growth Ruth Hannant/Polly Payne (jobshare) Director Better Regulation Delivery Office Graham Russell Director Better Regulation Executive Graham Turnock Deputy Directors Siobhan Carey, Statistical Analysis Stephen Elderkin, Analytical Decision Support Andrew Rees, Business Economics Katie Robinson, Spending & Policy Analysis Paul Crawford, Economic Growth Analysis Deputy Directors Stephen Axford, Strategy Amanda Brooks, Growth Deputy Directors Rob Brightwell, Operations and Communications Zoe Dayan, Regulatory Framework Julian Farrel, Europe & International Jane Whewell, Regulatory Enforcement Tony Pedrotti, Regulatory Policy Committee Deputy Directors Brian Titley, Analysis Chris Carr, Project Management

5 Markets & Local Growth (1 of 2)
Director General Markets & Local Growth (1 of 2) Bernadette Kelly Director Business Environment Richard Carter Director Labour Market Ceri Smith Director Consumer & Competition Policy Philippa Lloyd Director Europe, Trade & International David Frost Deputy Directors Peter Stephens, Europe Michael Williams, Market Access (Joint Head of Trade Policy Unit) Eamon Cassidy, Joint Head of BIS/DfID Trade Policy Unit Emma Wade, Trade and Investment White Paper Tom Smith, Export Control Organisation Deputy Directors Caroline Normand, Corporate Governance Marie-Anne Mackenzie, Audit and Accounting and Better Regulation David Rogers, Business, Finance and Tax Claire Hobson, Wider Business Environment Deputy Directors Carl Creswell, Domestic Labour Law Sarah Haywood, Europe and Participation Bill Wells, Labour Market Analysis and National Minimum Wage Policy Gaynor Ithell, Strategy and Operations Deputy Directors Madeleine Durie, Consumer Landscape and Sponsorship Kirstin Green, Consumer Empowerment and Credit Jane Swift, Competition Peter Dodd, Economics, Mergers and Delivery Partners Graham Branton, Consumer Policy and Enforcement Vacant, State Aids

6 Markets & Local Growth (2 of 2)
Director General Markets & Local Growth (2 of 2) Bernadette Kelly Director Economic Development Emma Ward Director RDA Transition & Closure, and Regional Growth Fund Simon Edmonds Deputy Directors Maria Cianci, Assets & Liabilities & Knowledge Management Paul Hadley, Finance & HR Mike Noakes, Relationship Management and Team HR Deputy Directors Alex Wilson, RGF – Transactions & Analysis Olivia Dorricott, RGF – Policy, Communications & Operations Ian Shaw, BIS Portfolio Management Office Deputy Directors Duncan Budd, Strategy & Analysis Sue Baxter, EU Funding & Industry Policy Ben Rimmington, Economic Development Policy & Delivery Deputy Directors BIS Local: Rowena Limb, East Midlands Ian Gregory, London & East David Higham, North West Ian Coates, South Central & West Tony Bray, West Midlands Isobel Mills, Yorkshire Humber/North East

7 Business and Skills and Legal (1 of 2) Chief Scientific Adviser
Director General Business and Skills and Legal (1 of 2) Rachel Sandby-Thomas Chief Scientific Adviser Professor John Perkins (reports to the Permanent Secretary) Director Enterprise Adam Jackson Director Further Education & Skills Investment & Performance Susan Pember Director Skills & Life Sciences Mike Keoghan Director Advanced Manufacturing & Services Janice Munday Deputy Directors Alison Kilburn/ Carol Murray, Enterprise and Economic Development Analysis David Wilson, Enterprise Policy and Strategy Katherine Hathaway, Business Improvement Andrew van der Lem, SME Finance Joanna Hill, Business & Skills Ministerial Briefing Deputy Directors Bobbie Mcclelland, FE & Skills System Ruth Curry, College and Provider Allocations Adam Micklethwaite, Adult Career and Learner Support Service Stuart Edwards, Teaching & Learning Chris Thompson, FE Performance Management & Assurance Deputy Directors Gila Sacks, BIS/DfE Apprenticeship Unit Jan Dixon, Employer Skills Investment Bob Butcher, FE & Skills Analysis & Indicators Chris Bloor, Office for Life Sciences Andrew Battarbee, Sectors & Qualifications Kirsty Pearce, Skills & Employment Frank Bowley, Skills Strategy Dr Rupert Lewis, Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser Deputy Directors Huw Walters, Aerospace, Marine, Defence & MAS Paula Crofts, Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Showcasing Keith Hodgkinson, Electronics, Materials & Chemicals and Product Regulations Chris Pook, Green Economy Rena Lalgie, Information Economy Denis Walker, Retail, Services & Construction

8 Business and Skills and Legal (2 of 2)
Director General Business and Skills and Legal (2 of 2) Rachel Sandby-Thomas Director Corporate & Insolvency, Criminal Enforcement Teams Alan Evans Director Business, Consumers, Employment & Skills Patrick Kilgarriff Deputy Directors Claire Short and Bridget Palmer, Employment Bryan Welch, Europe, International Trade and Legislation Vacant, Further and Higher Education and Skills Vacant, State Aid, Post, Reducing Regulation Deputy Directors Rev Mark Smith, Insolvency & Corporate Law Katy Shrimplin, Criminal Enforcement: Prosecutions South Mark Bowring, Criminal Enforcement: Prosecutions North and Law Clerks Deputy Directors Hannah Wiskin, Consumers and Competition Charles Norris, Science and Intellectual Property Mark Bucknill, Public Bodies, Commercial and Information Law

9 Knowledge & Innovation
Director General Knowledge & Innovation Sir Adrian Smith Director Higher Education Policy Martin Williams Director Higher Education Student Funding Matthew Hilton Director Innovation John Dodds Director Research Base Jeremy Clayton Deputy Directors Bev Thomas, HE Access & Quality Gordon Mackenzie, HE Shape and Structure Paula Crofts, HE White Paper & Bill Deputy Directors Paul Williams, Student Funding Policy Mitchell Leimon, Student Finance Delivery Andrew Ray, HE Analysis Deputy Directors Fergus Harradence, Innovation Policy Mark Holmes ,K&I Impact Innovation Infrastructure Keith Smith, K&I Analysis Angela Latta – Data Strategy Board Deputy Directors Graeme Reid, Research Funding Joanne Hodges, Science and Society Jane Peters, International K and I - EU Maddalaine Ansell, International K and I - Global

10 Shareholder Executive Chief Operating Officer
Chief Executive Shareholder Executive Stephen Lovegrove Chief Operating Officer Mark Boyle Director Corporate Finance Practice Mark Russell Director Portfolio Unit Anthony Odgers Director Royal Mail & Postal Services Roger Lowe Deputy Directors Michael Harrison, Corporate Finance Practice, Urenco Tim Martin, Corporate Finance, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Royal Mint Elisabeth Cuthbertson, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Tom Reddy, Corporate Finance Practice Executive Directors Green Investment Bank Oliver Griffiths/Ian Nolan Deputy Directors Charles Abel-Smith Patricia Rodrigues-Barata Stephen Crane Kenneth MacRitchie Anthony Marsh Brian Scammell Edward Northam Adrian Judge Deputy Directors Vacant, Met Office, MoD Businesses Craig Lester, Public Data Group, Companies House Mark Boyle, Portfolio Jan Crosby, Land Registry Adam Thynne, Spectrum Team, CDC Rena Lalgie, Information Economy Deputy Directors Rachel James, Royal Mail Declan Burke, Royal Mail Will Gibson, Postal Office

11 Director and Deputy Head
Government Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government Office for Science Professor Sir John Beddington Director and Deputy Head GO-Science Dr Claire Craig Deputy Directors Elizabeth Surkovic, Science in Government 1 – Global Issues Stuart Sarson, Science in Government 2 – Science, Capability and Networks Unit Sandy Thomas, Foresight

12 Permanent Secretary Martin Donnelly Deputy Director
Debbie Gillatt, MPST Kieron Boyle, Perm Sec’s Delivery Team

13 Marketing and Communications
Chief Executive UKTI (1 of 2) Nick Baird Director IT & Finance Curtis Juman Managing Director Marketing and Communications Jeff Wilson Managing Director Strategic Trade Edward Oakden Head Defence & Security Richard Paniguian Head Trade Development Crispin Simon Directors Andrew Strachan, IT Directors Steve O’Leary, Life Sciences and High Value Opportunities Tony Sims, 2012 Delivery John Saville, Asia Sue Bishop, Service Industries Nicholas Armour, Middle East, Central/South America, Russia, Turkey and Africa Carole Sweeney, Advanced Manufacturing Directors Chris Baker, Operations Keith Venables, Business Development Simon Everest, Security Alan Malpas, Regional (Central) Keith Smith, Regional (East) Geoff Gladding,Regional (West) Air Vice-Marshall Nigel Maddox, Senior Military Adviser Air Vice-Marshall Chris Bushell, Typhoon Directors Robert Driver, Technology, Innovation and Events Vacant, Business Performance Martin Cook, English Regions

14 Chief Executive UKTI (2 of 2)
Nick Baird Managing Director Investment Michael Boyd Managing Director Strategic Relationship Management Michael Boyd Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operation Officer Susan Haird Directors Damian Nussbaum, Strategic Relations Directors Mark O’Connell, Global Operations David Wallace, Strategy and Policy Gareth John, Campaigns, Entrepreneurship and Special Projects Directors Curtis Juman, Finance, IT and Procurement (Board member) Martin Uden, Olympic Legacy Unit Edward Bell, Strategy, HR and Internal Communications Heather Booth Di Giovanni, Economics and Evaluation

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