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NHS England (Merseyside)

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1 NHS England (Merseyside)
Area Team Structure August 2013

2 Executive Office Clare Duggan Area Team Director Business Office
Jo Richardson–Business Office Manager Julie Shaw-Senior Admin Support Rachael Cromby- Admin Assistant

3 Medical John Hussey Medical Director Sally Cahill Senior Admin Support
Nikki Allen Assistant Director (Clinical Strategy) Kath Moore, Trish Abbott, Adit Jain, Nigel Tong Deputy Medical Director (Revalidation) Julie Head Admin Assistant Chris Marnell GP Appraisal & Revalidation Support Assistant Admin Assistant Maureen Hunter, Fiona Boyle, Linda Cullen Programme Manager Dawn Randles, Rachel Sloan Paul Ashcroft Project Officer

4 Nursing and Quality Gaynor Hales Nurse Director Senior Admin Support
Michelle Creed Deputy Director (Patient Experience) Margaret Johnson-McDevitt Deputy Director (Quality Assurance) Anne-Marie Dibble Admin Assistant Michelle Cox Patient Experience Manager Christine Griffith-Evans Quality and Safety Manager James Connor Patient Experience Lead Peter Groggins Patient Safety Lead

5 Anne Downey Finance Manager
Phil Wadeson Director of Finance Heidi O’Neill Senior Admin Support Admin Support Sheila Lynch Head of Finance John Adams Asst Head of Finance (Primary Care) Stephen Smith Asst Head of Finance (Corporate) Ian Hogg Finance Manager Anne Downey Finance Manager Accountant Linda Morris Accountant Tony Spear Finance Assistant Phil Lewis Financial Analyst Trudi Hirsch Finance Assistant

6 Assurance and Delivery
Director of Operations and Delivery Team Assurance and Delivery Johanna Reilly Ops and Delivery Director Gareth Jones Senior Admin Support Leigh Thompson-Greatrex Head of Assurance/ Delivery Steve Corrigan Head of EPRR Gemma Ingham Admin Assistant Nicky Ambrose-Miney Trish Clitheroe Assurance and Delivery Manager Liz Farrington & Nicola Daly Assurance & Delivery Project Officers .

7 Screening & Immunisation Team See separate chart
Commissioning Linda Turton Senior Admin Support Tony Leo Commissioning Director Julie Kelly Head of Public Health Commissioning Tom Knight Head of Primary Care Clinical Leadership Team Rose Moran, Jean Rogers, Alan Cummings Contract Managers Karen Maughan Public Health Commissioning Manager Screening & Immunisation Team See separate chart Sharon Howard, Karen Hampson, Emma Knox, Jacqui Pye, Janet Hughes Primary Care Support David Scannell, Kirk Benyon, Jacqui Jasper, Hilary Grant Assistant Contract Managers Lara Ashton Public Health Programme Manager Neil Gaye Public Health Programme Contracts Manager Lynn Welsh Support Team Admin Support Karyn Wells Helen Fessey, Abigail Phillips Support Team Admin Assistant Val McNeill Support Team Admin Assistant

8 Screening and Immunisation
Daniel Seddon Screening and Immunisation Lead Pauline Jones Screening and Immunisation Manager Marie Coughlan Screening and Immunisation Lead Michelle Falconer Claire Elliott Screening and Immunisation Coordinators Wendy Storey Julie Byrne Jennie Piet Jennifer Rogers Screening and Immunisation Coordinators

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