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Light & Photosynthesis or “You light up my life” A/H 100G J.G. Mexal.

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1 Light & Photosynthesis or “You light up my life” A/H 100G J.G. Mexal



4 CO 2 capture Basic Photosynthetic Reaction CO 2 + H 2 O CH 2 O + O 2 1.47 lb 0.60 lb 1.00 lb1.07 lb λ

5 Photosynthesis Action Spectra of Lights vs Chl a & b Absorption Incandescent light Cool white fluorescent light Chlorophyll A & B

6 Photosynthesis Light Compensation and Saturation Points Net Ps (mgCO 2 /cm 2 /h) 2000 4000 6000 Light Intensity (fc) C.P. S.P.

7 Photosynthesis Sun vs Shade Leaves Epidermis Palisade Mesophyll Spongy Mesophyll Epidermis Stomata Sun Shade

8 Photosynthesis Pathways for Photosynthesis C-3= most crops C-4= arid shrubs, grasses, pineapple CAM= succulents –(crassulacean acid metabolism)

9 Photosynthesis C 3, C 4, and CAM Plants

10 Photosynthesis Characteristics of C3 and C4 Plants

11 Photosynthesis Simplified C3 Pathway

12 Photosynthesis C3 Leaf Structure Palisade mesophyll Spongy mesophyll Epidermis Vein

13 Photosynthesis Light Compensation and Saturation Points

14 Photosynthesis Interaction between CO 2 and Light Intensity 1,300 ppm CO 2 1600 ppm CO 2 360 ppm CO 2 Light Intensity Photosynthesis Rate

15 Photosynthesis Simplified C4 Pathway Spatial Separation

16 Photosynthesis Simplified C4 Pathway

17 Photosynthesis C4 Leaf Structure Bundle sheath cells Mesophyll Vein

18 Photosynthesis Distribution of C4 Plants/ Oecologia 23:1-12:1978 Percent of Grass Taxa Percent of Dicot Taxa

19 Photosynthesis C 3 & C 4 Response to Light Intensity Light Intensity Photosynthesis Sugarcane- C 4 Clover- C 3 Tobacco- C 3 Philodendron-C 3

20 Photosynthesis Simplified CAM Pathway 3-carbon compound Temporal Separation

21 Photosynthesis Simplified CAM Pathway

22 Photosynthesis What is this?????

23 Things to Know What happens to all the light striking the earth’s surface Light attributes –Quality –Quantity –Duration Plant pigments –Imp. Wavelengths –Actions Photoperiod response –Long-day –Short-day –Day-neutral –Important dates (why?) Ps Reaction –Basic –C 3, C 4, CAM

24 Quiz Questions Give the basic photosynthesis reaction and where does it take place? Describe the characteristics of C-3 and C-4 plants. Give examples of a C-3 and C-4 plant. Describe the differences between a C-4 and CAM plant. Give an example of a CAM plant. What is a ‘short-day plant’? ‘long-day plant’? ‘day-neutral plant’? How do plant ‘tell time’? What’s the reaction? Why do C-4 plants have a higher rate of photosynthesis. Describe leaf morphology of both.

25 Light and Photobiology Electromagnetic Spectrum Energy (kcal/cm Wavelength (nm)

26 Photosynthesis Leaf Tissues & Function Tissue –Epidermis –Guard cells & stomates –Chlorophyll- containing cells –Veins Primary Functions –Protective cells (keep water within leaf) –Allow CO 2 & O 2 diffusion for Ps & Rs –Manufacture ATP & glucose –Translocate H2O and nutrient to, and CHO & AA away from, the leaves

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