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ARPANET Austin Paul.

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1 ARPANET Austin Paul

2 What is ARPANET? Initiative of DARPA
Defense/Advanced Research Project Agency It was the first functional packet switching network ARPANET’s creation laid the groundwork for what later became the internet 1

3 History Several different scientists were studying the ideas of packet switching independently They eventually came together to advance their ideas as a team The scientists were eventually able to establish a network that allowed computers to communicate with each other. ARPANET is the name of the network

4 Computers UCLA’s Sigma 7 Stanford Research Institute’s SDS-90 computer
University of California’s IBM 360/75 University of Utah’s DEC PDP-10 2 3

5 Purpose The ARPANET designers wanted to create a way for individual computers to quickly and efficiently communicate Messages travel across the network through ARPANET essentially allowed various host computers to “talk” with eachother

6 Funding ARPANET was primarily funded by the Pentagon
Then Senator Al Gore sponsored a bill titled the High Performance Computing and Communication Act of 1991 This bill helped establish additional funding for ARPANET and it opened the program for additional uses

7 Myths Many argue that ARPANET was created in order to allow information sharing after a nuclear attack This claim has been denied by a wide variety of groups, including the Internet Society While ARPANET could have served as a communications network after a nuclear attack, that was not its goal 4

8 Major Breakthroughs October 29, 1969
The first message was sent from UCLA to Stanford at 10:30pm on this date Over the next several weeks the program expanded and by December the first four node network was established 5

9 Operating Period ARPANET was in operation for most of the 1970s and 1980s. It eventually spanned the continent and allowed for information sharing between universities and agencies across the country. 6

10 Successors By 1988, ARPANET had been replaced by NSFNET
The National Science Foundation Network This was the principle backbone of the internet The world wide web itself is an immediate successor of ARPANET 7

11 Legacy ARPANET contributed to one of the greatest technological advancements in the history of man kind The successes of this technology helped establish a foundation for the practical application of computer networks It can be argued that had ARPANET not been commissioned, the establishment of the internet would have been significantly delayed

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