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Evolution of the Internet Mrs. Wilson Internet Basics & Beyond Rocky Point High School.

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1 Evolution of the Internet Mrs. Wilson Internet Basics & Beyond Rocky Point High School

2 The Internet More than just the WWW… Web was created in 1989 and became popular in the 1990s Internet is a product of the 1960s Better known as: The Network of Networks

3 Its Beginnings…. Formed in 1968--US Dept. of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) First global computer network The DoD wanted to create a computer network that would continue to function in the event of a disaster, such as a nuclear war. ARPA later became DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

4 ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network Allowed university and government engineers to research and work from any location on the network Multiple hosts/multiple connections No central hub Backbone during development of the Internet

5 National Science Foundation (NSF) In late 1980s, Department of Defense decommissioned the ARPANET All sites switched over to the NSF called NSFnet NSF increased the number of supercomputers in 1986 and added access In the years that followed, more private companies joined the Internet

6 Who Paid For This?? Hardware & communication links were funded by a combination of private and government money Growth has continued at an astounding rate


8 World Wide Web or WWW Presents information through multimedia formats Graphics, sound, animation, video Provides visual layout Hypertext links, browser software, code structure Resembles an electronic library & created in HTML Web is NOT a network itself, but a set of software programs

9 How the Internet Works Made possible by TCP/IP or Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCP/IP is software that sends info to the computer you are connected to and then passes it on to other computers until it reaches its destination A network device called a ROUTER determines its path

10 Packets are…. Data when sent is divided into packets Each packet is sent separately across the Internet If a packet is lost, all your data is not resent TCP/IP resends only the missing packet Destination computer reassembles the packets into your original data

11 IP Addresses Internet Protocol Just like a house street address Formatted like: Also referred to as a “dotted quad” (IPv4) Four segments, each separated by a period or dot Each segment is a # between 0 and 255 Addresses are being depleted

12 IPv6 Improvement to TCP/IP to handle phenomenal growth of the Internet New protocol--Internet Protocol, version 6 or IPv6 Supports about 4 TRILLION addresses by using 128 bit IP addresses Implemented between 2005-2015

13 ISP—Internet Service Provider Organization that provides access to the Internet AOL Optonline AT&T Verizon Connection types: Dial up or Direct

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