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Want~fly RMS Queen Mary 2.

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1 Want~fly RMS Queen Mary 2

2 RMS Queen Mary 2 This is a ship . The ship is so big In the world.
It’s logo is Queen Mary 2 . It’s a good ship. Highly 72 m 17 buildings Deck in 14 buildings

3 Gross Tonnage 150,000 tons (approx.) Length 1132 feet (345 metres) Beam 135 feet (41 metres) Beam at Bridge 147 feet 6 inches (45 metres) Draft 32 feet 8 inches (10 metres) Height 236 feet 2 inches (72 metres) Passengers 2,620 (3,090 max) Decks 19 (17 pax)

4 RMS Queen Mary 2 QM2 entered service in January 2004 and is the largest, longest, widest, tallest and most expensive passenger liner in history.

5 No ship has ever been designed like QM2, a liner which sets the benchmark for others, extends the boundaries of ship design, and which is the most powerful and fastest since Cunard's own QE2.

6 Royal Court Theater

7 Cunard ConneXions The water convalesces the face cosmetology center

8 Queens Room

9 illiuminations

10 Atrium View D1 Deluxe Balcony A1-A3 Junior Suites P1 & P2 & P3 Penthouse Q4

11 Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth Suites Q2
Standard Inside D2-D7 Royal Suites Q3 Premium Balcony B1-B6

12 VIP Balmoral & Sandringham Duplex Q1 Duplex Suites Q2

13 1 2 ★ Marine makes a feast Queen Grill Accommodation
Princess Grill Accommodation

14 3 Britannia Accommodation 4 Todd English

15 ☆ Most essence route : Flies across cruise of only the Atlantic traveling schedule

16 RMS Queen Mary 2 SHIP BOSS
Commodore Ronald W Warwick Appointed Master Designate: 4-July-2002 First command: 22-Dec-2003 Retired: 31-July-2006

17 3 April 2004 - QM2 Featured on Royal Mail 1st Class Stamp

18 The end Thank you everybody~!

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