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Healthwatch Devon Tender Information Event 20 September 2012.

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1 Healthwatch Devon Tender Information Event 20 September 2012

2 Welcome Graham Varley Strategic Planning & Commissioning Team Graham Newbery Devon Procurement Services

3 Today’s Session Commissioning Healthwatch Devon Timetable reminder Walk through the Invitation to Tender Guidance for completion & submission Questions Notes from today will be posted on the procurement portal

4 Healthwatch Devon Devon County Council has to procure a Local Healthwatch for the County, just as it had to procure a Local Involvement Network. The new organisation has to be in place by 1 April 2013 This is great opportunity to consolidate engagement and other activities into an effective, high profile ‘consumer voice’ for health and social care in the County

5 So far… Jan-Feb 4 Locality Public Listening events 22 March Stakeholder Event 25 April Stakeholder Drop-in 17 May Stakeholder Follow-up Event 11 JuneFinal Reference Group 21 JuneDraft spec on web for comment 6 JulySpec comment period end ********************************************************************************* 10 SeptInvitation to Tender published 20 SeptToday’s Information Event

6 Reference Group People with an interest in local Healthwatch Included County & District Councillors, voluntary sector reps and relevant DCC and NHS officers This group have helped clarify our vision and met for the last time on 11 June Reference Group discussions have informed the work of our officer-only Steering Group which has finalised the specification

7 Consultation Surveys Listening events Stakeholder event in March Drop-in for stakeholders in April NHS and social care provider discussions Stakeholder follow-up event Various workshops on issues - with findings published on our web pages

8 Survey Feedback highlighted importance of: GP surgeries/Patient Participation Groups Signposting Referral routes/gateways to services The independence of Healthwatch Devon Lay leadership Ability to influence

9 Outcomes-based specification We have produced an ‘outcomes-based’ specification for Healthwatch Devon This will enable an organisation or group of organisations to show how they can carry out the range of Healthwatch functions

10 Healthwatch Functions B3.8

11 1.Gathering views and understanding the experiences of people who use services, carers and the wider community 2.Making people’s views known 3.Promoting and supporting the involvement of people in the commissioning and provision of local care services and how they are scrutinised

12 Healthwatch Functions B3.8 4.Recommending investigation or special review of services via Healthwatch England or directly to the Care Quality Commission 5.Providing advice and information about access to services and support for making informed choices 6.Making the views and experiences of people known to Healthwatch England and providing a steer to help it carry out its role as national champion

13 Healthwatch Functions B3.8 Healthwatch Devon will have a wider role than LINks. It will continue the current LINK functions: Gathering local views on health and social care issues Engaging with communities and individuals Feeding back those views to commissioners and providers Getting people actively involved in decision-making Highlighting issues identified by communities Responding to local and national consultations Visiting services to monitor delivery

14 Agency Relationships Care Quality Commission Clinical Commissioning Groups Health & Wellbeing Board Healthwatch England GP practice Patient Participation Groups Other local healthwatch organisations, especiallt from bordering local authorities DCC commissioners

15 Joined-up engagement The most distinctive element of Healthwatch Devon is our decision to merge engagement of self-defined communities of interest, i.e. User Led Organisations, with the geographical community engagement carried out by LINk Hence it captures the significant aspects of the current engagement contract

16 Joined-up engagement We are also joining up engagement of children and young people on health and social care issues with the engagement of adults under the Healthwatch Devon banner Time and time again the public have told us to join things up and make them more accessible. Healthwatch Devon will be a powerful consumer voice doing just that

17 Involvement in evaluation We have involved local stakeholders in consultation which informed the specification, but our open procurement means that we cannot risk having any conflicts of interest in our tender evaluation We are therefore involving service users from outside Devon in our evaluation process

18 Remaining Timetable A4.2 19 OctDeadline for raising questions 30 Oct Deadline for return of tender 21-23 NovProvider presentations 7 Jan 2013 Preferred provider notified 7-21 Jan‘Standstill’ & ‘Due Diligence’ period 22 JanAward contract/start of mobilisation period 1 AprilService Commencement

19 Implementation Phase Between contract award and service commencement Late January to 31 st March 2013 Up to £71,000 B2.7 Agree performance and monitoring regime B3.12 Agree appropriate and best use of the funding B3.10 ‘Hit the ground running’ in April

20 The Documentation Invitation to Tender (ITT) includes: A Instructions & background B Service Specification C Devon County Council’s Standard Terms and Conditions D Special Terms and Conditions E Evaluation Pro Forma F Pricing Schedule

21 The Documentation Appendices A TUPE undertaking of confidentiality B TUPE terms and conditions C Procedures for security of service user information D Example of price scoring TUPE Information to those who complete the TUPE Confidentiality Form

22 Expectations of Submissions What to Complete and Return: Conditions of Invitation – A1 Certificate of Undertaking and Absence of Collusion – A3 Commercial Information – E1 Selection Criteria – E2 Award Criteria – E3 Quality Questions to demonstration of capability/expertise Pricing Schedule – F Total Price x 2 scenarios Cost Distribution Table Price Variation Formula

23 Evaluation Process A5.3 What is evaluated? Commercial Information and Selection Criteria – not scored Written Submission –Price 30% –Quality 70% Presentation – 20% of quality score (or 14% of overall) – Nov 21/22/23 Policies and Procedures of Preferred Provider – not scored Who will evaluate? Commissioners Members of the public

24 Evaluation Process Price 30% of total marks Ceiling price Section F DCC & NHS fundsB2.4, B2.5 2 scenarios to markSection F See pricing exampleAppendix D



27 Quality Questions: Do… Read all the documents, including the service specification before starting to complete your submission Follow all instructions carefully Although there is no set word limit keep your answers concise and to-the-point...but... Provide sufficient information to answer the question

28 Quality Questions: Do… Treat each question independently and include all relevant information even if it has already been used in the answer to another question Include evidence (such as examples) to support your responses. Use the Q&A facility on the ProContract portal if you want to ask a question – please do not e- mail

29 Quality Questions: Do not… Submit your submission other than through the ProContract website Send general marketing material Add appendices or cross reference, keep each answer self- contained Make your answer too short – give enough information to allow full evaluation Forget your username and password to the ProContract website Make a late submission – it will be rejected. Do not leave uploading your submission to the last moment as the process may take some time

30 Questions & Answers

31 Questions via the portal please

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