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Wood Vinegar Kiln.

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1 Wood Vinegar Kiln

2 Iwasaki Kiln Japanese design
Efficient at making charcoal and wood vinegar

3 Step 1 Heat enters charcoal chamber, becomes trapped and circulates, converting wood into charcoal.

4 Step 2 At degrees Celsius, heated wood releases pryoligneous acid (wood vinegar)

5 Step 3 Smoke/steam enters the bamboo chimney and rapidly plummets in temperature, causing steamy pryoligneous acid to condense.

6 Step 4 Cooled pryoligneous acid steam condenses into a collectable liquid form within condenser




10 Charcoal Quality of charcoal is better when temperature reaches 800 degrees Celsius Higher quality charcoal produces less smoke

11 Wood Vinegar Collect vinegar between degrees Celsius

12 Wood Vinegar Benefits Insecticide

13 Wood Vinegar Benefits Fertilizer

14 Cost of Kiln 2500 baht Price can be brought down to 1000 baht if oil drums are provided

15 I need from each of you Your Name Your phone number
A warehouse to build the kiln (or other covered, open building) Volunteers A date to build the kilns To donate 2 old oil drums (if possible)

16 Thank You

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