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General Membership Meeting

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1 General Membership Meeting
March 18, 2015

2 Agenda Welcome & Chair’s Remarks Small Business Conference Update
Management of Change Update Threat Intelligence and Information Sharing Forum Update Young Professionals Council Update Small Business Alliance Update Collaboration & Transformation SIG Update Program – “The Road to Innovation: The Igniting Innovation Winners Tell About Their Journeys” Networking Reception – Salon 6-8

3 Welcome and Chair Remarks
Dan Chenok Rick Holgate Welcome to our first meeting since May!

4 2015 Partners Program Government
Ali Ali Federal Bureau of Investigation Janine Gray Ashbey General Services Administration Sam Clark General Services Administration Tom DeBiase Department of Homeland Security Isaac Hernandez Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Debbie Hren General Services Administration Yvette Jenkins Department of Homeland Security Terrance King Department of Homeland Security Jay Loggins Department of Agriculture Willie Mills General Services Administration Jim Piché General Services Administration Antoine Salloum Department of Homeland Security Maria Soler General Services Administration Kathy Spainhower Defense Acquisition University Kevin Wince General Services Administration Stephen Yuter Department of Health and Human Services

5 2015 Partners Program Industry
Diane Ashley Lockheed Martin Brian Brennan Pragmatics, Inc. Ella Fitzgerald Accenture Federal Services Brian Fourr Dev Technology Group Derry Goberdhansingh E3 Federal Solutions Tracy Hudak Kearney & Company Candice Ling CGI Federal Carolyn Marsh IBM Amy Pfaff Beacon Associates, Inc. Denise Pirnia Primescape Christy Sanders Knight Point Systems Donnie Scott HP Enterprise Services Matt See CACI Badri Sriraman Karsun Solutions, LLC Gail Tedesco Rigil Corporation Steve Zerkle Symantec

6 2015 Partners Program Leadership Team
Government: Chair: Vaughn Noga Environmental Protection Agency Vice Chair: Mike Donaldson General Services Administration Vice Chair Denise Wofford Library of Congress Industry: Chair: Sundar Vaidyanathan Karsun Solutions, LLC Vice Chair: Brian Kendrick Vice Chair: Liz Renninger CGI Federal

7 Welcome New Members Russell Reynolds Associates
Hard Light Consulting Group Infinera Nutanix Datawiz Corporation Extreme Networks BRTRC Pathway Partners LLC ACI Solutions, Inc. Crossmatch Infor Software InnoCentive, Inc.

8 Rabiah Sutton Industry Conference Chair
Welcome to our first meeting since May!

9 Small Business Conference
Theme: 21ST Century Roadmap Sessions on Exporting, SBIR and Transforming Technology Features this year: Opportunity Pipeline and the Emerging Technology Fair

10 Small Business Conference
SB Back to Basics Forum, April 15, 2015 at American Institute for Architects Advocacy Award Nominations closing March 18, 2015

11 Management of Change Update
Kavita Kalatur Industry Conference Chair Welcome to our first meeting since May!

12 Using Innovation as an engine to drive culture changE
MOC 2015: Theme Hacking Culture Through Innovation Using Innovation as an engine to drive culture changE

13 What’s in the works for MOC 2015?
Pre-MOC @ MOC 2015 Post-MOC MOC Sound-Off In Progress # Tag Challenge for ideas on what track to add COMPLETE Are you a Digital Ninja? Lookout for the survey Sponsored event pre-MOC See if we can tie-up with some of the recurring happy hour events already being organized (Cybersmoke, Monthly Mayhem) Plenaries Hackathons Leadership Toolkit MOC Interactive Think Tank Learning Lounge Un-fed Day – hear from the C-suite of companies in the commercial space Networking Opportunities SIG Engagement Forums to continue the dialog

14 The Plenaries Lisa Bodell is the founder and CEO of futurethink, an award-winning, internationally-recognized innovation research and training firm that helps businesses embrace change and become world-class innovators. She is also the author of the best-selling book Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution. As a globally recognized expert on innovation and driving change, Bodell’s mission is to open people’s minds about the future, provoke fresh thinking around what’s possible, help people better solve problems with easy-to-use tools, and inspire action. She has helped thousands of senior leaders ignite innovation at the New York Stock Exchange, Pfizer, Google, Lockheed Martin, and many others. Mike Walsh, is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing business for the 21st century. Their clients include many of the global Fortune 500. Walsh prepares business leaders for what’s next. A leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behavior and fast growth markets, he brings unique insights into the growing influence of new markets on breakthrough innovation and business transformation. Rather than focus on the distant future, he focuses on the next five years - scanning the near horizon for disruptive technologies and consumer innovations on the verge of hitting critical mass - then translating these into usable business strategies. He advises leaders on how to thrive in this era of disruptive technological change.  His best- selling book FUTURETAINMENT, published by Phaidon was the winner of the design award by the Art Director’s Club in New York. Aaron Levie is a Co-Founder of Box and serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Levie is a Co- Founder of Box, Inc. and has been its Chief Executive Officer since April He is the visionary behind Box's product and platform strategy, which is focused on incorporating the best of traditional content management with the most effective elements of social business software. He has spoken about content and collaboration tools at events such as Fortune Brainstorm Tech, Web 2.0, Dreamforce, Accenture Global Summit, South by Southwest, and Svase. He has been the Chairman of the Board at Box, Inc. since December 2013 and a Director since April 2005.

15 Hackathons, Think Tanks & More!
Hackathon Track Sessions The Elephant in the Room: Disrupting Status Quo Incubating a Culture of Innovation "But We've Always Done It This Way": How to Overcome Inertia to Create Catalysts for Change in Government? How to Engage a Transient, Fluctuating Workforce? Preparing for the Next Wave of Disruption: Internet of Things (IoT) The Known Unknowns: What do we need to know to implement IoT data, spending/funding, who pays)? IOT - Really? What business problems are we solving to support the Mission? IOT - Uh-oh. Are we ready to govern/secure/accredit this? Wisdom of the Crowds: Innovating from the Outside-In Solving challenges with the Crowd Bring the Outside in: How to Get Started? Putting it all together - "Wisdom of the Crowds" in Action Life in the Fast Lane: Continuous Delivery as a Strategy Building Credibility through Continuous Delivery Engaging Customers during Delivery Positioning for Change Additional Sessions Think Tank What Lies Beneath?: X-Raying Resistance to Change Extracting Value from the DATA Act Digital Customer and Usability Leadership Tool Kit What’s the Buzz? Fear Factor: Demystifying Innovation Innovating in an Agency

16 Upcoming Opportunities
The Learning Lounge Meet the CIO Upcoming Opportunities Hot Topics HUD - Confirmed Treasury - Invited TBD GSA – Alliant 2 Breaking Down Cloud Barriers FITARA Update

17 The ASK: We need you! Participate as a panelist / subject matter expert Support hands-on problem solving and idea generation around these topics Share your experience, success stories and lessons learned to make these discussions ‘real’ Network and learn from your cohorts

18 The Details When: May 17th to May 19th,2015
Where: Hyatt Chesapeake Bay 100 Heron Blvd , Cambridge, MD Whom to Contact: Government Chair: Sonny Hashmi, Industry Chair: Kavita Kalatur,

19 Threat Intelligence and Information Sharing Forum Update
Bob Post Industry Conference Chair Welcome to our first meeting since May!

20 Young Professionals Council Update
Michael Skorny Jared Rowan Chairs Welcome to our first meeting since May!

21 Members Industry Government Co-Chair – Jared Rowan, WDA
Jennifer Shreckhise, IBM Matthew Holtry, Noblis Matthew Fedorchak, E3 Federal Solutions, LLC Kate Jackson, McKinsey & Company Ryan Tran, Agile Defense Corbin Norman, DRT Strategies, Inc. Brian Bender, Deloitte Consulting Ashley Brush, CACI Government Co-Chair – Michael Skorny, GSA Spencer Burns, GSA Sara Afayee, HHS Rachel Glick, DOJ Drew Fagan, DOI, IBC Angelica Eng, DHS Charles Hunter Wagner, FDIC Kelly Ebert Duty, GSA Philip Harding, GSA Ryan Burnette, OMB

22 Mission Statement The ACT-IAC Young Professionals Council works to recruit, educate and engage young professionals and to assist in developing strategies to advance young professionals in the federal technology workplace.

23 YPC Three Pillars

24 Objectives and Goals Recruit Engage with DITAP (short term)
Identify skill gaps in federal IT workforce to better attract and retain appropriate talent (long term) Educate “Day in the Life” Features (short term) ACT-IAC Federal 101 Wiki Page (short and long term) Engage SIG Alignment Initiative (short term) “Seat at the Table” (long term) - Contributing to the broader ACT- IAC Discussion Mentor Program (long term)

25 Young Professional Forum and Potential Activities
Target date for Forum: Fall 2015 Content for Forum focused on topics generated by young professionals: Bring together with senior level professionals to focus on recruiting, retaining and training young professionals Chew and chat events with senior leaders Inter-agency job shadowing Partner with OMB’s Digital IT Acquisition Professional Program

26 Upcoming Events and Actions
Next Meeting: March 23rd at GSA Quarterly in Person Meetings with Monthly Virtual Meetings Organize YPC into teams based around the three pillars "Looking Ahead…Transition into Leadership”: April 16th at 5:30PM

27 Small Business Alliance
Kimberly Purlia Industry Chair

28 Leadership Team Alliance Chair Vice Chair, Small Business
Kimberly Purlia, BRTRC Federal Solutions Vice Chair, Small Business Jeff Shen, Red Team Consulting Vice Chair, Large Business Brian Green, Learning Tree Executive Committee Lead Lisa Martin, Leap Frog Solutions, Inc. ACT-IAC Professional Partner Casey Harris

29 Status of Team Projects & Plans
Strategic Engagement: Liaison leads for IMAP; SIGs; Conference Planning Committees Refining metrics models for membership and engagement Looking at ways to work w/Ambassadors to understand member represented companies Communities of Interest: Socio-Economic specific projects and events White Paper projects Coordinated events with Government partner leads Drill down from Conference Tracks and “take-aways” Events coordinated to the SIGs and Government requests

30 Events & Programs Team Straight Talk Series – 10 Sessions per year
Representatives and Leads from specific Agencies including OSDBU; Procurement; Program Managers; IT Leads; Agency Liaison Modeled after the original Smack Down from previous SBC’s Panel Series – 6 Sessions per year Topic Based; driven by government Coordinating across ACT-IAC offerings, SBA priorities, and Member interest Need government leads/sponsors/panelists Need more volunteers: LB SBLOs?

31 Events & Programs Team Matchmaking Series – 2-4 Events p/y
Contract Focused Pre and Post award teaming strategies Forums – 4 Events p/y Topic / Business Area Based Concentration on Business Growth, Engagement, & Membership Value Coordinating with Government business leads CEO / CXO Round Table Series – 4-6 Events p/y New Series; product of Member feedback and Programs Committee transition Working with Martha P to define future requirements/sessions

32 Transition Planning – Effective 1 July
Rotating Leadership Positions - Recommendations Alliance Chair: Jeff Shen Currently Vice Chair, SB – COI Team Alliance Vice Chairs: Brian Green: Vice Chair, LB – SE Team Vice Chair, SB – COI Team: Open Position Will be the Candidate for Chair in July 2016 Co-Chair Positions – All are open SB and LB for each Team Collect candidates and present for selection New Volunteers interested in Leadership positions Casey identifying candidates; working with Leadership team to present to EC in accordance with new Charter updates

33 Collaboration and Transformation SIG Update
Linda Garcia Industry Chair

34 Secure Sharing & Safeguarding Info
Planning, Management, & Delivery processes to improve the strategic value of IT Innovation & Digital Government Evolving the Workforce/Lines of Business/Mission Areas

35 Planning, Management, & Delivery processes to improve the strategic value of IT
VHA PROJECT Request from VA, specifically VHA to identify commercial best practices for healthcare companies and non-profits around organization design, business processes, data, governance, etc. Interviewing CXO’s across these industry  leaders We will summarize our findings in a report and in an event featuring collaborative sessions between industry and government.  We are well down the road with interviews, we can still use some help planning the event if you are interested in participating. 

Planning, Management, & Delivery processes to improve the strategic value of IT SHARED SERVICES COMMITTEE The new shared services committee is very excited to be embarking on a number of new projects including one to identify business and mission processes in the “front office” that are ripe to leverage shared services.  We are leveraging the flexible framework built by the financial management committee last year to identify back office functions that might benefit  from shared services.  We are a small group and there are plenty of opportunities to participate in many capacities, please consider volunteering for our committee.

37 Contact Linda Garcia, Chair,
See handout for more information

38 Program Panel “The Road to Innovation: The Igniting Innovation Winners Tell About Their Journeys” Moderator: Andy Robinson, ICF International Panelists: Cliff Anckaitis, Department of Veterans Affairs Karl Deiotte, NCI, Inc. Carolyn Mitchell, Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security Ron Sikes, Social Security Administration Cordell Schachter, New York Department of Transportation

39 Permit Management System New York City Department of Transportation
ACT-IAC March 18, 2015 Permit Management System IT & Telecom Division New York City Department of Transportation

40 Street Excavation Permit Volume is more than 450,000 a year citywide

41 Overall Permit Volume is increasing 20% each year

42 Permits Issued to Small Business increased by 200% since 2009

43 NYCStreets Business Processes
Street Excavation Permitting Capital Project Management(Outsourced) Summons Processing Capital Project Management Permit Inspections Street Assessment Pavement Lifecycle Planning Street Restoration 311 Complaints & Defects

44 NYCStreets Application Channels
Public Partners Internal Clients

45 Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

46 NYCStreets Permit Search

47 NYCStreets Permit Application

48 NYCStreets Permit Application Review

49 NYCStreets Holds Review

50 NYCStreets Permit Approval

51 NYCStreets Activity Status

52 NYCStreets Customer Management

53 NYCStreets Dashboard



56 Caring For America’s Veterans
Emergency Medicine Management Tool Department of Veterans Affairs SyntheSys LLC

57 The Mission: Emergency Care Services
Improve outcomes for heart attack patients Establish new Emergency Medicine service line Stand up 150 safe, effective Emergency Departments (EDs) and Urgent Care Clinics (UCCs) Use existing resources

58 Digital White Board: Captured during clinical workflow
Emergency Medicine Management Tool The Strategy: Digitize ED White Boards Goals Improve situational awareness in the ED Standardize triage methods and emergency care delivery process Capture time stamps to improve processes and better align physician resources White Board: ED communication hub This is the Digital White Board: Captured during clinical workflow

59 Performance Dashboards
Emergency Medicine Management Tool Emergency Medicine Management Tool EMMT Analysis Tool Performance Dashboards National (shown), Region, and site dashboards Standard historical performance compared to current Targets “operational risk”—adverse incident avoidance 20+ process metrics shown horizontally Comparisons among sites across user-defined time frames Color coding and drill-downs to focus improvement efforts Issues diagnosed and fixed by front-line Foundation for system-wide process improvement efforts

60 Emergency Medicine Management Tool
Risk & Novelty Efficiency & Effectiveness Collaboration & Engagement Transferability & Scalability Enterprise scalable approach for front-line process improvement Brings business process management from back office to emergency care delivery Near real-time monitoring of operational risk Foundation for identifying and sharing strong practices across the system Sharing of Emergency Medicine process and productivity metrics with all 100+ VA EDs Shared fact base for engaging in improvement discussions Reduced “door to doc” patient wait time from 42 to 37 minutes (12 % reduction in 1 year) 10% reduction in patients leaving without being seen Non-complex ER visit cycle time reduced to 2 hours 30 minutes EMMT is a pilot for improving overall inpatient operations management Expansion from Emergency Departments to Urgent Care Clinics already underway Evaluation underway in Primary and Specialty care clinics

61 Collaborators VA SyntheSys National Director for Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine Management Tool Emergency Medicine Management Tool Collaborators VA SyntheSys National Director for Emergency Medicine VHA Support Services Center Comprehensive Flow Management Program Optimizing Patient Flow & Technology Group VHA Office of Systems Redesign Helps customers envision, design, and deploy advanced performance improvement strategies Coordinated change across multiple dimensions   Customer performance improvement is our metric for success “The Road to Innovation: The Igniting Innovation Winners Tell About Their Journeys” “The Road to Innovation: The Igniting Innovation Winners Tell About Their Journeys” This is the

62 TSA Pre✓® Application Program
March 2015

63 TSA Pre✓® Application Program
The TSA Pre✓® application program is one of four DHS Trusted Traveler programs. TSA Pre✓™ allows low-risk travelers to experience expedited, more efficient security screening at participating U.S. airport checkpoints: Keep your shoes, belt, light jacket on Leave laptop & compliant liquids in bag An applicant must be a U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) and cannot have been convicted of certain crimes. Interested applicants must visit an TSA enrollment center to provide biographic information, fingerprints and valid identity and citizenship/immigration documentation. An applicant also has the option to pre-enroll online to provide basic information and make an appointment before visiting an application center. Fee is $85 for 5 year benefit. After completing enrollment, successful applicants will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN). Once approved as eligible for TSA Pre✓™, the traveler will use their KTN when booking travel reservations via a participating airlines.

64 TSA Pre✓® Application Program
TSA wanted to expand the public’s access to TSA Pre✓® by launching an enrollment and prescreening process that offers U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents the ability to apply for expedited screening benefits TSA utilized existing security threat assessment program technology and operations infrastructure Launched in 10 months – Dec 4, 2013 After just over a year of operations, TSA has enrolled nearly 1M travelers in the TSA Pre✓® application program Key to success is leveraging existing infrastructure Enrollment (technical and enrollment site operations) Vetting/Case Management Operations (adjudication, customer service)

65 Mitigating Challenges:
TSA Pre® Application Program Mitigating Challenges: Leveraged existing contracts, using near identical scope/functionality already established for other STA populations Fee-based program – received minimal “seed money” to develop the solution <$200K The program office relied on an established network of POCs across offices who were involved with existing security threat assessment (STA) programs Senior level backing Regular meetings to keep stakeholders apprised of status

66 TSA Pre® Application Program
Over 330 enrollment centers across the U.S. (35 on-airport sites) Approximately 1,000,000 travelers enrolled since Dec 2013 Continue expanding number of enrollment centers on and off airport TSA expanding TSA Pre✓® lanes at airports throughout the U.S. HI AK OH WA CA TX AR IL PA VA MI GA AL OR MT ID NV UT WY KS OK MN IA LA TN KY IN NC SC AZ NM CO NE SD ND WI MO NY MS WV ME NH VT MA RI CT NJ DE DC MD TPA ATL LAX BNA BOS CLE CLT CVG DCA IAD DTW DFW DEN GEG IND JFK LGA LAS FL MCO MSP MIA MEM SLC PHX PBI RST PIT SFO STL SNA On-airport Enrollment Sites

67 SAVE THE DATE: Next Membership Meeting April 29, 2015 Location: TBD

68 Networking Reception Salon 6-8

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