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CCNA 1 v3.1 Module 9 TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing.

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1 CCNA 1 v3.1 Module 9 TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing

2 Purpose of This PowerPoint This PowerPoint primarily consists of the Target Indicators (TIs) of this module in CCNA version 3.1. It was created to give instructors a PowerPoint to take and modify as their own. This PowerPoint is:  NOT a study guide for the module final assessment.  NOT a study guide for the CCNA certification exam. Please report any mistakes you find in this PowerPoint by using the Academy Connection Help link.

3 To Locate Instructional Resource Materials on Academy Connection: Go to the Community FTP Center to locate materials created by the instructor community Go to the Tools section Go to the Alpha Preview section Go to the Community link under Resources See the resources available on the Class home page for classes you are offering Search Contact your parent academy!

4 Objectives

5 The TCP/IP Model

6 TCP/IP Applications

7 Transport Layer Protocols



10 Internet Layer Protocols

11 Internet Path Determination

12 Network Access Protocols

13 Comparing TCP/IP with the OSI Model

14 Router Connects Two Networks

15 Routers Connect Local and Remote Networks

16 Users See TCP/IP Cloud

17 Physical Details Hidden from Users

18 Host Address

19 Dual-homed Computer

20 IP Addressing Format

21 Consecutive Decimal and Binary Values

22 Two Byte (Sixteen Bit Number)


24 One Byte (Eight Bit Number)

25 Decimal to Binary Conversion

26 Two Byte (Sixteen Bit Number)

27 Binary to Decimal Conversion

28 Network Layer Communication Path

29 Network and Host Addressing

30 Internet Addresses

31 IP Address Classes

32 Identifying Address Classes

33 Address Class Prefixes

34 Network and Host Division

35 Class A Address

36 Class B Address

37 Class C Address

38 Class D Address Architecture

39 Class E Address Architecture

40 IP Address Range

41 Network Address

42 Broadcast Address

43 Network Address

44 Unicast Transmission

45 Broadcast Address

46 Broadcast Transmission

47 Required Unique Address

48 Private IP Addresses

49 Using Private Addresses in the WAN

50 Addressing with Subnets

51 Subnet Addresses

52 Quick Reference Subnetting Chart

53 IPv4 Address Allocation

54 IPv4 and IPv6

55 IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

56 Internet Addresses

57 Assigning IP Addresses

58 TCPIP/IP Configuration for Windows 98

59 IP Address

60 ARP/RARP Message Structure

61 BOOTP Message Structure

62 DHCP Message Structure

63 ARP Table Entry

64 ARP Table Funtions

65 The ARP Process

66 ARP Request

67 Proxy ARP Request

68 Default Gateway

69 Summary

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