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Circulatory system.

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1 Circulatory system

2 General outline Heart Arteries Capillaries veins Blood vascular system
Lymphatic capillaries Lymphatic vessel Lymphatic ducts Lymphatic vascular system

3 Capillaries A single layer of endothelial cells basement membrane
A few connective tissue (pericytes) LM Continuous capillary Fenestrated capillary Sinusoid EM

4 Capillaries Continuous C. Fenestrated C. Sinusoid

5 Continuous capillary:
distributed in muscle tissue, brain, lung and connective tissue, etc. endothelial cell: large number of pinocytotic vesicles, no pores, exist cell junctions between the endothelia basement membrane: integrity


7 Continuous capillary

8 Fenestrated capillary:
distributed in the kidney glomerulus, mucosa of gastrointestine, some endocrine glands endothelial cells: present abundant pores, have or haven’t diaphragm on them basement membrane: continuous

9 Fenestrated capillary

10 Sinusoid: distributed in liver, spleen, and some endocrine glands
a greatly enlarged diameter endothelial cell: intercellular clefts are large between cells, many pores without diaphragm absence of a continuous basement membrane

11 Sinusoid

12 Artery transport blood from heart to capillaries
according to their size, structure and function Large artery Medium-sized artery Small artery arteriole are classified

13 Medium-sized artery: muscular artery Endothelium
Subendothelial layer: LCT Internal elastic lamina: clear Tunica intima Tunica media: contain 10~40 layers of circular smooth muscle External elastic lamina LCT: contain vasa vasorum Tunica adventitia


15 Medium-sized artery

16 Large artery: elastic artery
subendothelial layer is thicker with a few smooth muscles tunica media is thick, contains a lot of circular elastic membrane internal and external elastic lamina are not distinguished tunica adventitia are thiner

17 Large artery

18 Small artery: muscular artery and peripheral resistance vessel
internal elastic lamina is clear, while external elastic lamina is not distinguished the media contains 3~9 layers of smooth muscles

19 Vein large lumen, thin wall, irregular
internal and external elastic lamina are not clear tunica media is thin, with a few elastic fibers and smooth muscles tunica adventitia is thick some veins have valves

20 Heart a muscular organ that contracts rhythmically
pump blood through the circulatory system

21 The wall of heart Endothelium Subendothelial layer
Subendocardial layer endocardium myocardium: thickest layer, consists of cardiac muscle LCT: contain adipose tissue Methothelium epicardium

22 Impulse generating and conducting system of the heart:
Pacemaker cells: heartbeat generating Purkinje cells (bundle cell): distributed in subendocardial layer, larger than cardiac muscle cells Transitional cells: transmit impulse

23 Purkinje cell Cardiac cell

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