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Ivan, Krisztina, Béla, Kinga, Eszter, Tomi. „Freunde des Eisenstadter Schlossparks” Eisenstadt Eisenstadt.

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1 Ivan, Krisztina, Béla, Kinga, Eszter, Tomi

2 „Freunde des Eisenstadter Schlossparks” Eisenstadt Eisenstadt

3 Pre-history The area is an European Cultural Heritage Association was found in 1987 It started a cooperation with the town of Eisenstadt to renovate the park The castle and the park belongs to the Esterházy and Ottrubay family and they give it for rent Reconstruction of Orangerie (4,5 million Euro)

4 The Castle and the Park 50 ha park waterfall fountains chapel orangerie gloriette-panorama-tower four artificial lakes obelisk

5 About the project ‘Parknetzwerk Esterhazy Gärten’ (request for founding 2001/start of the project 2003) Aims: »common publication (Fertőd-Esterhazy Castle) »common marketing-work »exchange the experiences & ideas »contribution to the maintenance of the park »organization of different events & meeting

6 Economy Characteristics 40 % Maintenance of the park Renewal of the plants 60 % Construction of parks-network PR Total expenses of the project: 240.000 € 1/3: Interreg-grant 1/3: Burgenland regional government support 1/3: Town of Eisenstadt support Dividing of the expenses

7 Problems Hungarian interpreter, but Austrian smoke of cigarettes Bridging financing Private property of the Esterhazy-garden Free entry Income directly to the Esterhazy & Ottrubay family

8 Future expectations Join to the network-project ‘Historical gardens inside the geographical neighbourhood’ (similar to Loire-castle) Stop leaking of water from the lakes Cross-border cooperation Common marketing with the similar parks in Hungary Common publications Common events

9 Our little team enjoyed the Eszterházys’ hospitality late afternoon, it was very fine..

10 “Ungarische sprache in Schulen” (USIS) Bécsújhely „A country’s competitiveness starts not on the factory floor or in the engineering labs. It starts in the classroom.” (Lee Iacocca)

11 Pre-history Involved Region: Neunkirchen Wiener-Neustadt Baden Mödling First reaction of authority ‘nobody want to study in Hungarian’ BUT  Positive answer from the first 3 schools

12 Hungarian language at schools (USIS) Target groups: Companies collaborating with Hungary, secondary and specializing schools, municipality schools which already cooperate with Hungarian schools Objectives: - Students learn Hungarian at school and during common school projects -Schoolpartnerships with Hungarian schools -Summer trainerships in Hungay and ind. Quarter -New method of language learning, language book

13 About the project Term of the project: 2002 October – 2005 August Number of schools: 7+13=20 Partners: - Hungarian – Austrian Corvinus Organization (Zala Country) - Austrian – Hungarian Corvinus Organization - School Council - Regional Youth Council - 3 school-partners Total expenses of the project: 173.000 Euro 50 % 50 % Interreg Regional Development

14 Project discription  Hungarian language not a compulsory subject (expect 1 school)  15 teachers  14 Hungarian native speaker  1 Austrian native speaker  800 students  3 lessons/week

15 Cross-border cooperation  ‘Language offenzive’ in South- Austria / Czech, Slovak language/  Following project: ‘Hungarian & Slovakian in the Practise’  Development of school- partnerships  Supporting the teachers’ work at schools  Exchange between schools  Questionaire actions  Bilingual newspaper

16 Summary This project wouldn’t have been realized without the government support & the teachers’ motivation

17 Business and Innovation Centre Burgenland GmbH

18 Pre-history The mission of BIC & Technology Centre is :  to contribute to Burgenland development and prosperity  to provide space and services  consultation in EU funding  to cooperate with technology centers in MEE

19 Interreg project Motivation:  Cooperation with neighbours to make attractive the region for foreign direct investors Partners: - ECO Plus GmbH - ABA – Austrian Business Agency - WWFF – Wiener Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds - WIBAG – Wirtschaftservice Burgenland AG

20 Target of the project Information platform about cooperation Common marketing Crossborder terithory to support the process of entry to the EU To strengthen the competivity of the region in international dimension Common activities with partners

21 Economic characteristics of the project Total expenses of the project : 960.000 € 50 % 50 % EU funding Regional government Burgenland Term of the project: 2002 January – 2004 June Pro-longed: 2005 June Problem: some of partners tried to get EU funding unsuccessfully in their countries

22 Future expectation On the basis of DIANE the follow-up projects are in preparation:  IT  Marketing  Cooperation between companies  Tourism development  Cooperation of the technology centers

23 ‘Training Center & Civil Defense Storage’ Eisenstadt Eisenstadt

24 Pre-History A 1 % professional + 99% volunteer firemen HU 100 % professional firemen 200 km common border with Hungary Bilateral catastrophy-defense agreement Differences in : »Outfit »Emergency calls, processing »Action management »Tactical procedures »Training

25 „Training Center and Civil Defense Storage” Aims: 1. Avoid the difficulties of coordination 2. Harmonization of the different technical standards 3. Common training programs Total expenses of the project : 2.180.000 € (EU, Regional Government, Regional Management Burgenland)

26 Economy Characteristics  5000 firemen training/year  500 professional Hungarian firemen  8 % of the insuarance premium covers the expenses of the maintenance  Used for: - purchasing of equipment (special trucks) - financing of the training center - running expenses - maintenance of the fire-department equipment

27 Cross-border cooperation  Estinguishing the border fires with common forces is enabled by the customs  Common training of firemen of both sides  Common technical training program in August  Water pollution-common procedures

28 Fire Department Centre – The buildings and equipments co-financed by the Interreg Everybody still aware

29 Command centre of Burgenland All the calls of 122 runs into this centre

30 Don’t be surprised, it’s not deserted, only it’s the Eisenstadt Fire Department

31 A strange fireplug. We have fallen in love with it at the first sight so Ivan....

32 ...joined to the volunteers immediately...

33 ...and chose his clothes too.

34 ‘Without children the future can not be imagined’

35 Funny spotlights ‘Future expectation’ on the labour market

36 Finishing the first day in a lovely wine-cellar in Sopron. Not suprise, girls are on the handy again (as usual)

37 A hard-working team at midnight

38 Köszönjük a figyelmet! A kérdések,észrevételek feltevésére 18.00 óra után, a jakuzziban lesz lehetőség! Dakujeme Vám za pozornost! Na Vase otázky a námety odpovieme po 18.00 v perlickovom kupeli! Thank you for your cooperation! Your questions and suggestions can be answered in the jakuzzi after 6 p.m.

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