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Newham University Hospital NHS Trust Foundation Programme 2010-11.

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1 Newham University Hospital NHS Trust Foundation Programme 2010-11

2 Newham Gateway Surgical Centre

3 Olympic Site in Newham



6 Why come to Newham huge ethnic and cultural diversity wide range of pathology including lots of cases you won’t see elsewhere excellent teaching programme easy commute banded jobs (and compliant rotas) never a dull moment relatively small friendly hospital (30 fy1s)

7 Foundation year one 30 posts 3 x 4 month placements Including general surgery, urology, general and geriatric medicine Orthopaedics, paediatrics, Obs & Gynae. Single site EWTD compliant Linked F2 posts


9 HIV seroprevalence in Newham = 1:140 Interesting presentations of late stage disease Strongyloidees stercoralis Larvae migrating through lung

10 Cerebral toxoplasmosis

11 Cavitating Multi Drug Resistant TB

12 Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

13 Banding F1 Band 1a for surgery, half the time they are banded in orthopaedics while on call for surgery 1b for medicine Paeds and OandG no banding F2 Band 1a for AandE, paediatrics and OandG 1b for medicine and surgery and orthopaedics GP and public health, no banding

14 Supervision and support Clinical supervisor Educational supervisor Foundation programme directors – Simon Limb and Alan Naftalin Foundation programme Coordinator Foundation Programme Faculty Group F1 and F2 representative Regular reviews of programme with Trainees

15 Knowledge & Library Service Web enabled –NewhamCat portal to resources (Google it and see) –UpToDate –Ejournal focus (BMJ Group, Wiley/Blackwell, AMA) –Knowledge Alerts – simple, targeted updating –www.123doc.doc foundation journalwww.123doc.doc Flexible service –Support with literature searches –Varied study spaces (some 24 / 7) with 16 PCs –Regular tailored training sessions –Rapidly source any book or article –High level of book purchase in response to recommendations Top in NEL for access and resources in PMETB survey

16 FY1 Education and Training Weekly Tuesday bleep free hourly sessions - alternate sessions clinical one week, and personal and professional session the other week Weekly Friday lunchtime sessions and 10 monthly two hour sessions capturing the generic competencies in the curriculum Clinical supervision meetings Educational supervision meetings Assessments Clinical skills training Simulation skills training ILS training




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