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“How to” Process Guides Chris McAteer 11 June 2009.

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1 “How to” Process Guides Chris McAteer 11 June 2009

2 2 Agenda 1.Background 2.Key Features 3.Example 4.Feedback

3 3 Background Line 500 / Sage 1000 Help contains –Option Level Help (Form help) opens by selecting F1 –Reference Help (further information pages) available from the Option Level Help –Project Help (DAnnnn licensed projects) Nothing available from a ‘Business Process’ perspective

4 4 Wanted something that; –does not duplicate our existing ‘Help’ –provides high level information from a quick link –clear and simple –customisable –easily printable –not overwritten once customised Background

5 5 Key Features Overview –Benefit to a business –When it might be used –Why it might be used

6 6 Key Features Process Flow –Brief introduction to the ‘process’ –Summary of the process in ‘steps’ –Visual –Provides simple reference point

7 7 Key Features Steps –Each ‘step’ of Process Flow covered in more detail –Summary of what is involved to complete the step –Appropriate options to use –Segments of screen forms captured to support text –Key facts provided

8 8 Key Features Editable region –Add your own notes or warnings

9 9 Key Features Business Benefits –Why do I want to do this –What use is it to me

10 10 Key Features Technical Page –Separated Target audience –Hyperlinks to Help –Hyperlinks to Project information –Hyperlinks to System key information

11 11 Example Overview Process Step Editable Region Flow

12 12 Covered the original aim of these guides –Do not duplicate existing ‘Help’ – follows a business process –Provide high level information – key information –Available from a quick link – button on the Help toolbar –Clear and simple – steps, images, key information –Written using Microsoft Word Customisable Easily printable –Not overwritten – read only by default Feedback

13 13 Concept stage –Nelsons –Datel So far we have produced Process Guides for –Stocktaking –Period end General Ledger Sales Invoicing –Year end General Ledger –Import a General Ledger budget from a spreadsheet –Complete the despatch confirmation process –Load routes onto a works order Feedback

14 14 Questions Do you feel that these would be useful? Should we continue producing them? Any other questions?

15 Thank you

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