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Welcome to the Tutorial

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1 Welcome to the Tutorial
click to start The following is a brief tutorial that will show you Sitehawk’s most valuable features and provide you with an overview of how to use them to your company’s advantage.

2 SiteHawk® Training Guide
Menu Search Ledgers Material Details Support

3 Menu SiteHawk® Training Guide Help Home Logout Sitehawk is menu based. Each page will have the same menu across the top. This allows you to access the main functions from any Sitehawk page. Simply click on the name of the function you wish to progress to, or select from a drop down menu if one is available.

4 Note: The Search Tips link will give you instructions for searching
QuickSEARCH SiteHawk® Training Guide Your quick search function is located in the top right of every screen. Step 1. Search within your MSDS Notebook or the MSDS Catalog by clicking the appropriate button. Step 2. Select the search category from the drop-down list. Step 3. Type the keyword you are searching for in the text box. Place a % before the word for a Wild Card or contained search. Click to begin the search Your results will be shown in the main portion of the page in a list format. Note: The Search Tips link will give you instructions for searching

5 Advanced Search SiteHawk® Training Guide To access the Advanced Search click the Search menu option, then select the Advanced Search link from the Search home page. Enter Search terms in the Find Results section for one to all Search fields. Use drop-downs to specify search match criteria Specify the Status you’d like to search. Select the appropriate Scope (Your Notebook or the IDS Catalog) . Click Search.

6 Ledger Home SiteHawk® Training Guide Select a ledger from the drop down list above or the hyperlink on the Ledger home page. Note: For your convenience, your ledger home page lists the function of each ledger.

7 Ledger Navigation Click to view an image of the MSDS.
SiteHawk® Training Guide Click to view an image of the MSDS. Click the name of the material or component to view details. Click the name of the Manufacturer to view contact information.

8 Material Details SiteHawk® Training Guide After clicking on the name of a material from your ledger, you will be given a Material Details Summary page. The basic material information from the MSDS, including label information, is summarized here.

9 Ledger Navigation SiteHawk® Training Guide In your Vendor Ledger, click the view link to access a list of all materials associated with that manufacturer or distributor. In your Chemical Area Ledger, click on the name of a chemical area to view a list of all materials assigned to that area.

10 Online Help & Support SiteHawk® Training Guide Click the Help icon or the Support menu option at any time to access the online help files with step-by-step instructions for common Sitehawk features. Click the appropriate link for online help or a glossary of chemical terms.

11 Telephone Support Telephone support:
SiteHawk® Training Guide Telephone support: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Central Standard Time): After hours support:

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