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Technology Improvements vs. Behavior Modification.

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1 Technology Improvements vs. Behavior Modification

2 2009 Fairbanks designated as PM2.5 non-attainment area 2014 Attainment Plan due to EPA Decisions on what mitigation measures still undecided

3 Fairbanks Experiences Strong Low Level Inversions Trapping Pollutants

4 Potential mitigation measures Use of natural gas (currently used, not widely available or cost effective) Burning bans Voluntary programs (currently in progress, success TBD) Woodstove change out program (in progress for over 4 years, highly popular)

5 Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Change Out Program

6 Woodstove change out program is currently the “meat and potatoes” Operating since July 2010 Have removed, replaced or repaired nearly 1,600 solid fuel burning appliances Recycled nearly 500 tons of steel Invested over $6 million dollars Current incentive level of $4,000 plus $300 worth of locally manufactured pellets or energy logs

7 All Removed Stoves Are Destroyed And Recycled (mandatory part of program)


9 Example of Typical Stove Replacement For An EPA Certified Stove

10 Some More Interesting Than Others!

11 Some Are Outright Dangerous

12 So How Effective Are We?

13 Fairbanks Has A History Of Poor Air Quality During Winter Months Carbon Monoxide (CO) exceed allowable limits in the early 70’s Early attainment plans contained mitigation measures focused on behavior modifications 1985-2009 Mandatory I/M Program Not easily accepted by the community Technology proved to be the long term solution

14 Frequent Sight During Winter Months

15 Vehicular Emission System Evolution Varieties of emission systems introduced in the late 60’s and through the 70’s 1975 introduced catalytic converters 1980 first widespread use of computer controls for air/fuel ratio, better combustion Tightening of emission standards 1968-2004 1994 cold start emission standards 1996 Tier I emission standards, 2000 Tier II


17 Technology Works Takes years to develop properly Acceptance by end users is normally slow Understanding and training to service industry Better long term solution

18 Are We Moving Forward?

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