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版权所有: CMC 1 Sonda-Jherrukh Coal Mine& Power Plant Project.

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1 版权所有: CMC 1 Sonda-Jherrukh Coal Mine& Power Plant Project

2 版权所有: CMC 2 Contents

3 版权所有: CMC 3 1.1 Project Site

4 版权所有: CMC 4 The site of this project is in the north-east of Karachi, to which of the distance is about 190 Km. While the site is 38 km to the south of Hyderabad. There is Karachi-Hyderabad railway west of the project site, to which of the distance is just 10 Km.There is a Station in Metting to carry passengers.

5 版权所有: CMC 5 The Sonda-Jherruk Project is an extremely significant project for Pakistan, because it will be the first integrated coal mine and power plant project in Pakistan; Close-up view of the Project Site Project location

6 版权所有: CMC 6  Power Plant :3×135MW  Coal Mine: 1.80MT/Y This project is a Coal Mine& Power Plant integrated Project on the BOO/BOOT bases. Coal Mine production output: 1.80MT per year Power Plant generation designed capacity : 3×135MW 1.2 Production program

7 版权所有: CMC 7 According to the Feasibility study report, the cost of project will be: Total Investment$ 760 million Coal Mine$ 290 million Power Plant$ 470 million Equity Capital$ 190~228 million Financing Capital$ 532~570 million

8 版权所有: CMC a. The detail coal geological exploration has been conducted b. The detail hygeo-geological exploration has been executed, together with Water Resource Exploration for power plant & shafts test drilling. c. NOC of Environment evaluation report was signed by EPA of GoS.

9 版权所有: CMC  The Detail Coal Geological & Water Resource Exploration has already been executed by CMC. 30 boreholes 6928 meters During the Exploration, 30 boreholes with total length of 6928 meters were completed. The data and information gathered prove that the coal reserves in the mine are stable and suitable for power generation, and the water resource of power plant is sufficient. 2.2 Feasibility Study

10 版权所有: CMC 2.2 Feasibility Study  Coal Seam The coal seam with thickness 3.44m in average, is reliable and stable, depositing 178m from the mine ground, being mineable within the coalfield.  Coal reserves The major coal mining seam with the total coal reserves of 234.66 Mt and mineable reserves 133.38 Mt, being enough to develop a large-size mine.

11 版权所有: CMC 11  Physical Properties The coal quality is good for energy use. The coal mine with the capacity of 1.80 (Mt/a) is good for feeding a power plant with the installed capacity of 405MW( 3 X135MW) at the mine head to meet the regional power needs.

12 版权所有: CMC

13 Briefings on Second Geological Investigation and Hydro-geological Report 13 Main activities for Coal Mine in recent year

14 版权所有: CMC From 2009, we start second hydro-geologicat investigationa and work completed by the end of the year. The work designed with principles and regulations: The exploration team carried out 9 Single-hole pumping tests, 3 three-way down group drilling pumping tests. A total of 61 tests of coal samples, rock mechanical samples, and 10 groups of various types of water samples were conducted. Site construction work were strictly followed under related principles and followed by close supervison. All data collected is applicable for design criteria. hydro-geological Investigation Main activities for Coal Mine in recent year

15 版权所有: CMC Previous coal mine investigation was always focused on coal resources evaluation, while lack and limited quantity of hydro-geological investigation was carried out in coal exploration. There were only three hydro- investigation boreholes drilled in the coal mine area by the previous investigation. Detection and test methods as well as means concerning the hydro-geological condition investigation were all limited in the past, leading to a poor understanding of site hydro-geological conditions. Following aspects represented why: Main activities for Coal Mine in recent year Main activities for Coal Mine in recent year 15 Reasons for Further Investigation

16 版权所有: CMC 1.1 Geological formation in the area was not clear; major seam of first stage of mining area was not specified; 1.2 No pumping test in the area, Workload and method were limited, hydro-goelogical data need further confirmation; 1.3 Water supply underground in the area, runoff and drainage were all not clear; 1.4 Water inflow in the mine area need further confirmation. Reasons for Further Investigation

17 版权所有: CMC

18 18 Layout of Further Investigation Boreholes Jheruck Coal Mine

19 版权所有: CMC

20 Boreholes for Further Hydro-geological Testing

21 版权所有: CMC After the completion of site work for the second Further Hydro-Geological Exploration in September 2009, the engomeers immediately started the work to draft reports for the second Further Hydro-Geological Exploration. Based on the data collected from the site work, the engineers submitted two draft reports in early 2010: “The Report of Further Hydro- Geological Exploration Report of Sonda-Jherruk Coal Mine Project” and “The report of Hydro-Geological Exploration for shafts of Sonda-Jherruk Coal Field”. Reports

22 版权所有: CMC With comprehensive caculation we got the hydro- geological parameters of aquifer layers and the water inflow of each section of the shaft which shows as follows: upside of roof 100 m3/h, roof 350m3/h, floor 100 m3/h; normal water inflow of the mining area is: roof 600m3/h, floor 200 m3/h, total 800 m3/h. Normal water inflow of the coal mine is : roof 735 m3/h, floor 420 m3/h, total 1155 m3/h. Maximum water inflow is 1386 m3/h. Report

23 版权所有: CMC 23

24 版权所有: CMC Through the Second Further Hydro-Geological Exploration, we have a better understanding of the hydro-geological conditions and geological structure in the Sonda-Jherruk Coal Mine. The previous conclusions were reviewed and compared. We had some new findings from the Further Hydro- Geological Exploration, which bring in new information for the design and development of the Project. Reports 24

25 版权所有: CMC 1. To raise the equity of the Project by cooperative investment; 2. To define technical solutions for the Project with the Chinese experts; 3. To modify the basic design of the coal mine; 4. To select the construction contractor for the coal mine through competitive bidding; 5. To submit the tariff application and apply for the tariff process ; 6. To select the operation and maintenance contractor through competitive bidding; Proposed work in next steps 25

26 版权所有: CMC We are trying our best to develop projects on mutual benefit and long-term cooperation. Thank you for your kind attention! China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation 26

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