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HomingSpot Proof of Concept

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1 HomingSpot Proof of Concept
Group 1 CNT3014 Professor John Vail III Stephen Matyi, Ronnie McCabe, James Reilly, Jose Venero

2 Pre-order Assumptions
Customer purchased HomingSpot Beacon/Box from vendor (Amazon Marketplace). Beacon installation software will also include HomingSpot application which will display Beacon Signal strength and battery power remaining in beacon. The Customer Record will also include Customer address and mobile phone number for system notifications. The order history will include order specific information including, length and time of delivery, time-stamped photos of box open, closed and locked and any error messages related to the delivery. Order history will also track any automated system contact with the customer, including text messages and s.

3 Process Flow Chart

4 Process Flow Chart cont.

5 Step 1 - Order Ready to Ship
Updates customer database with new Order information and retrieves GPS way points and beacon coordinates Updates order status at website and Application to “Order in Transit” Uploads encrypted order information to Drone Terminal including beacon ID, order ID, navigational waypoints and beacon coordinates . Transmits encrypted data over internet to beacon including Drone ID, order ID, and a command to come out of standby. Beacon starts transmitting Beacon ID and listens for Drone ID

6 Step 2 – Drone Navigation
B C Drone operator uses drone terminal to upload order ID, Beacon ID, Navigational waypoint and beacon coordinates to drone Flight console takes control of unmanned flight and guides drone to beacon coordinates (Drone operator assumes control of maiden flight to verify route is safe and unobstructed). Drone arrives safely to Beacon coordinates.

7 Step 3 - Drone Arrival & Docking Authentication
Drone starts transmitting encrypted Drone ID. Drone starts listening for Beacon ID. Drone and Beacon establish connection using Drone ID, Beacon Id and Order ID as two form authentication. If authentication is successful proceed to Step 4, if Authentication is not successful proceed to Step 5.

8 Step 4 – Box Opening and LED Navigation
After order authentication beacon issues ‘Open Box’ command to delivery box. Box Opens (Box doesn’t open refer to Step 5) and LED light navigation is commenced. Drone takes 3 time-stamped pictures during box navigation: Empty open box, box with package inside, and box successfully closed (or unsuccessfully closed) Drone transmits the 3 pictures to Beacon which forwards pictures to HomingSpot cloud via Wi-Fi and the Internet. HomingSpot cloud updates order status at database, website and app to ‘Order Successful’ with accompanying pictures. HomingSpot also s and texts order status to customer. If box did not close successfully, order status is changed to ‘delivery completed, Box close error’. HomingSpot sends Order Status alert via text and . After delivery drone returns to drone facility coordinates.

9 Step 5 – Abort Order, Return to Base
In the event that authentication fails or box does not open drone will “Abort Order, and Return to Base”. Drone arrives at drone facility and communicates with HomingSpot Cloud via Drone Terminal. HominSpot cloud updates order status on database, website, app and through and text to ‘Order undeliverable’.

10 Proposed AWS Enterprise Architecture
AWS VPC Customer EC2 EC2 EC2 DBMS (MySQL) WEB SERVER UAS CORE Environment Amazon Open orders STORAGE EBS S3 Glacier (SES) Closed orders under 6mos Beacon Text (SNS) FLIGHT CONSOLE Drone Facility Closed Orders Over 6 months VPN Cloud Hub Google API’s Geocoding Geotracking GeoNav CloudHSM Proposed AWS Enterprise Architecture

Customer HOMINGSPOT VPC MANAGEMENT VPC Public Private Public Subnet Private Subnet WEB SERVER Public Private FLIGHT CONSOLE Internet MySQL Mobile NAT Public Private DATA VPN Public Private UAS CORE Beacon Vendor (Amazon Marketplace) Amazon SES ( ) AWS SERVICES Amazon SNS (Mobile) Drone Facility Google API’s CloudHSM GLACIER STORAGE S3 STORAGE

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