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Welcome to Social Subjects History Geography Religious, moral and philosophical studies (RMPS)

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1 Welcome to Social Subjects History Geography Religious, moral and philosophical studies (RMPS)

2 Social Subjects & RMPS in S3 Time allocation Staff S3, The ‘bridging year’ Aim to increase challenge in S3. Level 4 outcomes (perhaps level 3) Beyond S3: National 4&5 Assessment & Reporting. Skills and KU

3 Working Individually and with others cooperatively

4 Resources

5 Skills and Assessment Your child will draw on and extend the knowledge and skills they have learned during S1/2. This will be assessed by a variety of means including: extended writing in the form of essays co-operative group presentations content and skills based tests Self and peer assessment will be used to identify next steps in learning.

6 Skills and Assessment There will be an added value Research Project to address the key purposes and aims of the course. This will mirror the National 4 Added Value Unit that pupils will undertake in S4. This project will encompass some of the assessment principles of CfE which are breadth, challenge and application. The project will be sufficiently open and flexible to allow for personalisation and choice.

7 Skills for Learning Life and Work Literacy 1. Reading- engaging with a variety of different texts and language. 2. Writing- progression of extended writing into formal essay writing 3. Listening and talking- Discussion skills, learning and teaching others through group tasks, paired work. Thinking skills Thinking skills will be further developed in S3 by building on the higher order skills of analysing and evaluating. This will prepare pupils for S4 and beyond. Interpersonal Skills Pupils will have the opportunity to work together in groups developing skills such as discussion, active listening, co-operation, presenting findings and building confidence.

8 History Course Overview 1. The Great War 2. Understanding trench warfare- impact of new technology including tanks and poison gas 1.Causes of this global conflict- naval race, alliance system 3.Investigating the British Home front-changing role of women, rationing, conscientious objectors, boy soldiers. 4.The end of the war and the Treaty of Versailles

9 2. The USA T he issue of the Slave Trade The Triangular Trade and Britain's involvement Slave Auctions Treatment of slaves- plantation life, punishments and conditions

10 The American Civil War – The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s Causes, key battles and reconstruction Jim Crow Laws, treatment of black Americans, the KKK. Peaceful and violent protests

11 3. An ‘Assassinations’ added value unit on either JFK, Martin Luther King or Malcolm X

12 S3 CfE Geography Course overview

13 Coasts The power of waves to shape our coastlines and the processes involved in doing so. Features of erosion and deposition. Coastal land use, conflicts and solutions.

14 Kenya A case study of a fascinating country of contrasts Exploring the population, culture and the economy Understanding the climate and physical landscape Contrasting urban with rural and modern with traditional

15 Weather and climate Measuring and recording the weather and interpreting synoptic charts. Added Value Unit: Exploring desertification as a climatic issue and ways of managing it. Understanding Britain’s changeable weather patterns with high and low pressure systems.

16 Religious Moral Philosophical Studies

17 Human Rights An introduction to the UNDHR my rights and my responsibilities The big question: Are some people more human than others?

18 Child Soldiers Not the usual image of war Where is it happening and what can be done about it?

19 The Rwandan Genocide What happened? Why did it happen? Survivor stories Is forgiveness possible?

20 Ultimate Questions Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? What about suffering? We will examine these big questions from the perspective of two major world religions and humanism

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