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Vertical Ale Extractor

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1 Vertical Ale Extractor
Free Delivery on Orders over £100 Harry Mason Ltd 217 Thimble Mill Lane Birmingham B7 5HS Dispensing Equipment 2-5 Vertical Ale Extractor 6-8 Laydown Dispense 9-10 Venting Equipment 11-13 Gas Accessories 14-15 Cellar Equipment 16-22 Bar Equipment 23-24 Cask Handling 25-26 Cooling Equipment 27-28 Spares 29-30 Buy Online or Call us direct +44 (0)

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Cabinets 2 Harry Mason have been making cabinet beer engines for over 200 years. We can manufacture any Hand Pull cabinet to your personal specification. Cabinets can have solid plinths or can be through the bar units. Dispense Equipment 1 Pull £214.20 216mm Wide 2 Pull £428.40 369mm Wide 3 Pull £642.60 521mm Wide 4 Pull £856.80 673mm Wide 5 Pull £1,071.00 825mm Wide 6 Pull £1,285.20 978mm Wide 7 Pull £1,499.40 1130mm Wide Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Shakespeare 3 The Shakespeare is a cylinderless unit which is revolutionising traditional dispense. It replicates the traditional hand pull through the use of a damper and a special on/off valve. It looks, reacts and feels just like a traditional hand pull. The Shakespeare needs to be pump assisted and no check valve is required. The benefits are the massive savings on ullage/wastage during line cleaning and because there is no cylinder additional re-circ cooling is not necessary. Dispense Equipment 1 Pull £152.40 2 Pull £304.80 3 Pull £457.20 4 Pull £609.60 5 Pull £762.00 6 Pull £914.00 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Pullman 4 The Masons Pullman Clamp On Beer Engine is the traditional way of dispensing real ale. It is available in ¼ pint or ½ pint and standard or water cooled cylinders. The aluminium frame and solid brass parts make this unit extremely durable. Dispense Equipment 1 Pull £173.40 2 Pull £346.80 3 Pull £520.20 4 Pull £693.60 5 Pull £867.00 6 Pull £1,040.40 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Through The Bar 5 The full range of Harry Mason Hand Pulls are available as a through the bar unit. The Masons Through the Bar Unit can replace your old Hand Pull without needing the bar top altered as Masons provide a range of conversion kits which will cover most other manufacturers. Please call for details on which units it can replace. Dispense Equipment Type Price Pullman £173.40 Shakespeare £152.40 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

6 Flexible Ale Extractor
Flexible Ale Extractors 6 The Harry Mason Flexible Ale Extractor has been engineered with practicality in mind. The outlet contains a Non Return Valve and a hop filter which removes most sediment that could be drawn from the barrel. When using the flexible ale extractor the amount of ullage/waste will be minimised in comparison to other types of dispense. The Flexible Extractor is available in single and double outlet, ¾ BSP, L or Y threads and all barrel sizes. The Cleaning Kit comes complete with 3 different sizes of brush and a key for removal of the Non Return Valve. Vertical Ale Extraction Single Flexible Ale Extractor £35.00 Double £45.00 Spare Keystone Bodies £14.95 Cleaning Kit £4.95 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Rigid Ale Extractors 7 The Rigid Ale Extractor is the traditional way of vertical dispense. Its stainless steel tube reaches the bottom of your standing cask which saves on stillage and racking expense. Very popular in smaller cellars these extractors come with single or double outlets , ¾ BSP, L or Y threads and one size fits all barrels. Vertical Ale Extraction Single Ale Extractor £24.95 Double Ale Extractor £35.00 Spare Keystone Body £14.95 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Ale Extractors Spares 8 Spare Keystone Bodies are available for both the Flexible and Rigid Extractors. These are used to prepare the following barrel that will need tapping and resting before use. All other parts for both types of Extractors are available, please try our website or contact our office. Spares Keystone Body £14.95 Stainless Steel Keystone Body £26.80 Screw in Bottom Filter £2.70 Blanking Plug £2.50 Cleaning Brush £1.85 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Complete Cask Taps 9 Traditionally the barrel lies on a stillage and is tapped with a cask tap. Harry Mason will supply the complete tapping kit for fitting your beer line. The complete Cask Tap comes with a hop filter, nut and tail. Available in ¾ BSP, L or Y threads and all Standard Beer Line Tail Sizes Laydown Dispense Single Cask Tap £10.00 Double Cask Tap £15.00 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Cask Taps 10 We provide a variety of different cask taps. Stainless Steel Cask Taps are significantly more durable than the plastic taps. The Wood Cask Tap is a disposable tap ideal for beer festivals, it dispenses straight to the glass. Laydown Dispense Tap Thread Each 5+ Each Single Plastic Tap ¾ BSP, L or Y £8.20 £7.75 Double Plastic Tap £11.50 £10.00 Racking Tap ¾ BSP or Y £9.95 £9.00 Wooden Tap n/a £2.85 ------ Stainless Steel Racking £49.30 Stainless Steel Straight £55.25 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Cask Venting 11 The traditional way of venting a laydown cask is by using hard and soft pegs, however Harry Mason created the Autovent which contains a Non Return Valve to provide an air tight seal to the beer. The reusable Autovent only opens when the beer is being drawn from the barrel and therefore does not need changing between sessions. Venting Equipment AUTOVENT Each 5+ Each £6.00 £5.00 Bag of 50 Soft Pegs £7.50 Bag of 50 Hard Pegs £6.50 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Cask Venting 12 Co2 Barrel Spigot gives you the option to put Co2 on top of your beer which extends the life of the product. Venting Equipment The Stainless Steel Co2 Barrel Spigot performs the same job as the plastic one, however it is a lot more durable. Barrel Venting Punch is used to break through the shive to allow venting pegs or autovents access. Co2 Barrel Spigot £5.30 Stainless Steel Barrel Spigot £24.50 Barrel Venting Punch £2.25 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Venting Equipment 13 Harry Mason offer the traditional Shive Hammer for removal of the bung. Spare tips are available and are easily replaced. Venting Equipment The new Bung Extractor with Acetal handle is now available. This product is for use with a rubber mallet and also has spare tips available The Barrel Vent Peg should be inserted into the shive after tapping the barrel to release the condition of the beer. It comes complete with tubing to run overspill into a bucket. The Non Choke Vent Peg has a plunger to control the release of pressure from the barrel. Shive Hammer £25.30 Spare Shive Tip £8.20 Shive Removal Tool £12.50 Barrel Vent Peg £12.65 Non Choke Barrel Vent Peg £23.75 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Gas Accessories 14 Harry Mason offer a full range of Air Cocks for your cellar gas ring main. Option 1. Three 3/8 push in John Guest fittings for quick release. Option 2. Two 3/8 push in John Guest fittings and a serrated tail for hose and jubilee clip. Option 3. Three serrated tails for hose and jubilee clips fittings. Gas Accessories Aircock 3 Push In 3/8 Fittings £6.82 Aircock 2 Push In 3/8 Fittings and a Serrated Tail Aircock 3 Serrated Tails Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Gas Accessories 15 Extractor Keystone Bodies can have double outlets to allow blanket pressure on the beer which enhances the life of the beer. Available in stainless steel or acetal these bodies fit all standard extractors. Gas Accessories Cylinder Bottle brackets are for safe storage of gas cylinders and highly recommended for Health and Safety. Cellar Spanners have dual fittings. Gas and Beer Line thread. Available in ¾ BSP or Brewery Standard threads. Co2 Keystone Body Plastic £19.90 Co2 Keystone Body Stainless Steel £29.90 Cylinder Bottle Bracket £9.50 Co2 Spanner 3/4bsp or Std £2.49 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Cellar Equipment 16 A Rubber Mallet is needed in any cellar that serves cask, you need it to knock in venting equipment, cask taps or keystone bodies. Cellar Equipment The Harry Mason Cellar Tidy is a handy way to organise all your cellar equipment with different compartments to hold mallets, cask taps, hop filters, washers and venting equipment. Cellar Thermometers are crucial in assisting you maintain the preferred temperature of your cellar at a glance. Rubber Mallet £5.78 Cellar Tidy £32.90 Wooden Thermometer £3.25 Plastic Thermometer £2.10 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Starter Kits 17 Harry Mason offer complete starter kits that are ideal for the licensees who are new to cask ale. We provide the traditional laydown kit which has Cask Taps, Autovents and Barrel Wedges. Alternatively we have the Upright Dispense Kits which are ideal for small cellars. The Upright kit contains a Flexible or Rigid Ale Extractor along with all a cellar will require. Cellar Equipment Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Nuts, Tails & Washers 18 Thread Each 5+ Each ¾ BSP £0.65 £0.60 Y Thread L Thread Cellar Equipment Thread Each 5+ Each ¾ BSP £0.60 £0.50 Y or L Thread Thread 10’s ¾ BSP £1.00 Y or L Thread Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Hose Clips 19 Cellar Equipment With all types of beer dispense it is imperative that the beer line is air tight to work properly. Failure to do this will result in sucking air and fobbing of the beer. We offer a full range of hose clips to fit all beer line sizes. SIZE TO SUIT HOSE PRICE 12 Hose Clip 9.5mm - 12mm £0.30 20 Hose Clip 13mm - 20mm Back to Front Page +44 (0)

20 +44 (0) 121 328 5900
Hop Filters 20 Harry Mason has manufactured Hop Filters for over 100 years. The original brass mesh and leather has been replaced by stainless steel and supple plastic. It fits on top of the tail inside the nut and also helps seal the connection. The filter prevents sediment from being dispensed into the glass. Cellar Equipment Threads 10’s 100’s ¾ BSP £3.20 £30.00 L or Y Thread Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Turndown Spout 21 The Turndown Spout is designed for dispensing straight from a cask tap into a glass. These are available at a bend of 90 or 70 degrees We also provide a Turndown Spout with a threaded end so you can attach a sparkler if required. Cellar Equipment Threads Tube Size Each 5+ Each ¾ BSP ½”, 3/8” & 5/16” £3.80 £3.50 Y or L Thread Threads Tube Size Each ¾ BSP With Sparkler Ends ½” £7.20 Y or L Thread With Sparkler Ends Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Dipsticks 22 Cellar Equipment The Dipstick are printed so each side is specific to different types of Barrels such as Firkin and Kilderkin. Please check you purchase the correct dipstick for your method of dispense. Dipstick Price Upright £6.75 Laydown Plastic Laydown £13.50 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

23 +44 (0) 121 328 5900
Bar Equipment 23 Spirit Strainer stainless steel 12” x 6” Bar Equipment Plastic Bar Drip Trays available in Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Cream and Brown 18” x 9” We have a large range of Tap Sparklers, such as the Standard Adjustable Sparkler, Multibore Sparkler with different hole sizes, Creamflow and Guinness Nozzles. Spirit Strainer £14.10 Drip Trays (Any Colour) £3.63 Adjustable Sparkler £0.49 Mulitbore White 0.6mm Holes £0.99 Multibore Black 0.6mm Holes Multibore Black 1mm Holes Guinness Nozzle £1.50 Creamflow Nozzle Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Bar Equipment 24 Harry Mason offer two sizes of drip trays for clamp on beer engines and fonts. Bar Equipment 4” x 4” Drip Tray £1.60 6” x 6” Drip Tray £1.80 Masons have recently developed the beer pump door handle. Brass finish and durable acetal Handle. Beer Pump Door Handle £89.00 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Cask Handling 25 All Harry Mason Equipment conforms to the statutory requirements for lifting equipment. The hooks are stamped with the safe working load and a serial number for complete traceability. Please ensure that the product is suitable for the required application. Please complete a risk assessment prior to use. Cask Handling The Barrel Rope is made from 3 Strand Polypropylene 24mm thick. Keep away from bleaching agents and industrial solvents. Breaking Strain is 7600kg. Barrel Carbine Hook £7.95 Galvanised Open Hook £17.50 Barrel Rope £19.50 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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Cask Handling 26 Cask Handling Harry Mason have two size of Dray Pad (see below), the interior is made from multiple foam and rubber, the exterior is a tough plastic that is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. They conform to the BLRA/ HSE approved Code of Practice. The Cork Fill Drop Bag is tough and durable, the interior is filled with whole corks. The outer skin is a heavy duty woven recycled plastic fabric. Cork Filled Drop Bag £43.00 Dray Pad 600x600x300 £96.50 Cellar Pad 1000x1000x300 £200.00 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

27 Cooling Equipment 27 Cooling Equipment
The cooling probe is designed for laydown dispense. After removing the shive from the side of the cask lower the cooling probe through the shive hole. Reseal using the cooling probe body and dispense via the cask tap normally. The cooling probe is ideal for out of cellar situations and can control the temperature of the cask. Cooling Equipment Our basic competitive cooling probe is a plastic shive with a rigid plastic tube. John Guest 3/8 push in fittings are needed to connect to the cooling system. Pin Length Plastic Body £21.50 Firkin Length Plastic Body £22.50 Kilderkin Length Plastic Body £23.50 Plastic Cooling Probe £9.95 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

28 Stainless Steel Firkin Stainless Steel Kilderkin
Cooling Equipment 28 Cooling Equipment Harry Mason offer a complete stainless steel cooling probe, this is a lot more durable than our plastic alternatives. Installation of this cooling probe is different too, once you have removed the shive and lowered the cooling probe in, use the wings to tighten the seal to cask and then open the mini ball valve to vent the cask. Stainless Steel Pin £96.50 Stainless Steel Firkin £97.50 Stainless Steel Kilderkin £98.50 Back to Front Page +44 (0)

29 Cylinders Spares 29 +44 (0) 121 328 5900
Spare Cylinders are available for all Harry Mason beer engines. Clamp on or Cabinet, 1/4pt or 1/2pt and standard or water cooled. Dispense Amount Type of Unit With or WithOut Water Jacket Price ¼ Pint Single Without £79.95 ½ Pint With £94.95 Cabinet Back to Front Page +44 (0)

30 Handles Spares 30 +44 (0) 121 328 5900 Handle
Price Black Ceramic Handle £9.90 Cream Ceramic Handle Off White Ceramic Handle White Ceramic Handle Hunting Scene Ceramic Handle £13.25 Straight Black Handle £15.00 Straight Chrome Handle £24.95 Straight Black Handle Brass Rings £19.95 Straight Black Handle Chrome Rings £21.50 Wooden Truncheon Brass Ring £17.90 Wooden Truncheon Chrome Rings Back to Front Page +44 (0)

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