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Innovation in Energy Stephen Mooney P.Eng November 20, 2013.

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1 Innovation in Energy Stephen Mooney P.Eng November 20, 2013


3 Cold Climate Innovation To stimulate economic development through Cold Climate Innovation & Technology Our Focus Knowledge Economy - knowledge is the product Knowledge-based Economy - knowledge is the tool. Our Goal Increase Knowledge Retention Help ourselves, by helping others!

4 Waste to Energy What is waste? Plastic, Scrap Lumber, Wood chips, Sewage All of this waste can be turned into energy

5 Layout created by Up Here Business

6 Blest 240 with granulator installed ~$300K Input 10 Kg/Hour Output 10 liters/Hour 1Kg of plastic + 1 Kilowatt Electricity = 1 Liter Oil Weighs 1000 Kg Air Emissions from Machine – CO2 and water ~3 people breathing Ideal for a recycling center, since they have to sort the plastic anyways Plastics to Oil Machine – Blest 240

7 Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL)

8 Biomass to Bio-oil “Pressure Cooking” any biomass Inject biomass into a 400C reactor. Cooked under pressure for ~15 minutes then cooled down to 70C Process is environmentally friendly, no solvents are involved Process consumes 10-15% of feedstock energy, yielding an energy efficiency of 85-90%

9 Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL)

10 The Power of Algae Natural Water Filter Up to a 99.9% reduction in free oil and other organic chemicals Up to a 99.5% reduction in suspended solids. Up to a 98% reduction of bacteria levels. Bio-fuels Production Hydrogen Production Food for animals – Animal Energy Astaxanthin (Antioxidant)-People Energy Cold Water Algae is special

11 The Power of Algae In the future- Wood will be replaced by Algae!



14 Micro-capillary Hot Water Heating System Uses small flexible tubes (like arteries) 4.3 mm diameter that feed into connecting tubes of 20 mm Distribution Tubes. More surface area is created by the smaller tubes, transferring the heat more effectively. Benefits – Less water to heat, 28-34 C water temperature

15 Installation of Heating Mats

16 Radiant panels with Drywall Skin

17 Hydrokinetic Power

18 Archimedean Screw Turbines

19 Biomass Down Draft Gasification

20 Spanner Biomass Gasification Unit 45 Kw Electrical- 100Kw Thermal


22 Something Every Yukon Community Could Use


24 Cold Climate Innovation Our Role  Accumulate knowledge  Knowledge to build local capacity  Capacity to develop tools  Enhance Yukon’s economy Water Heater for Mineral Exploration Biomass Gasification unit in Carcross, Yukon

25 Project Goals Solving northern issues Involving Multiple partners (Leverage Funding) Students (At all levels) In the Yukon, by the Yukon, for the Yukon

26 Thank you Masi Cho ! Stephen Mooney Director, Cold Climate Innovation

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