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TETRA Congress Warsaw, 13.-14.6.2006 TETRA Data Services & Applications Hannu Vilppunen Warsaw June 2006 Presented by Risto Toikkanen.

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1 TETRA Congress Warsaw, 13.-14.6.2006 TETRA Data Services & Applications Hannu Vilppunen Warsaw June 2006 Presented by Risto Toikkanen

2 Contents Basic data services in TETRA The concern about data speed TETRA data applications, examples Wireless Application Protocol, WAP Towards higher data speeds Conclusions

3 Basic data services in TETRA Status messages –efficient, real time Short Data Service, SDS – text messaging + application platform IP packet data –advanced applications, opens the world of Intranet and Internet connectivity Circuit mode data –for specialized applications, rarely used 36 kbits/s gross bit rate 4 channels 1 2 34 Carrier

4 Status messages Data sent as 16 bit numeric values 32768 values free for use, the rest reserved for system use Converted into text in the receiving terminal or workstation Fast and efficient Easy to use Sent over control channel, do not load traffic channels

5 Short Data Service Four SDS-types specified by TETRA standard: SDS-1, SDS-2, SDS-3 and SDS- 4 TL SDS-1, -2 and -3 are fixed length (16, 32, 64 bits) SDS-4 TL is variable length (max 1278 bits). Protocol identifier defines how SDS-4 is used, most typical use is text messaging (140/160 chars) and AVL Data sent over control channel or traffic channel (simultaneous voice and data) Text entry using the keypad of the phone, single device for voice and data MM05 11:28 p12553: VIPs arriving in 5 minutes at gate 23, prepare security and transport. OK Hello, I will be back in the ioffice in 15 minutes. I will call you then. John OK

6 IP-packet data Similar to the GPRS service in GSM networks Enables advanced data applications Enables Intranet and Internet connectivity Excellent application platform Uses traffic channel, single slot or multiple time slots

7 TETRA data services enable a wide range of applications Database access Image communications Intranet/internet access Reporting e-mail, calendar Workforce management CC&C system integration File transmission Information push, alarm distribution Information pull Control and monitoring, telemetry

8 TETRA fullfils 95% of daily data needs TETRAGPRSEDGE3G Data speed< 28 kbps< 40kbps< 160kbps< 1Mbps Multimedia servicesText, images Text, images, video Internet/intranet accessYes Complementing non-critical services 5% Fundamental daily services 95% Complementary wireless data services can be used to complement non-critical data services, if necessary

9 The concern of data speed Single slot IP packet data provides approximately 3 … 4 kbps payload Multislot data increases performance but has side effects –Increased power consumption in handsets –Decreases voice capacity Robust basic data services more important than extreme speeds especially in public safety Majority of daily data services consist of low data volume database queries in the range of 0.5 … 10 kB per transaction Smart applications are more important than the raw data speed, bloated applications will eat available bandwidth, no matter how much bandwidth is available

10 The concern of data speed, example Original photo image taken with a digital camera. Original size is 1600x1200 and file size 1MByte Pixel size of a TETRA handheld terminal typically 100 x 130 pixels Compression and optimization for 100x130 pixel screen shrinks the 1MByte image into 7 kilobytes 100 x 130 x 16 (colour) = 26 kBytes With further optimisation and compression from 26 kB to 7 kB Optimized for handportable radio’s screen 7 kB

11 Example of an integrated, smart application Police field command application using AVL, on-board databases, status messaging, text messages and IP packet data Minimizes over-the-air data, yet very graphics intensive and informative

12 Touch-screen display for ease of use Touch screen buttons, which can be activated by the user … … or even to a on screen touch screen keyboard for easy messaging Underlaying AVL application

13 On screen AVL map with touch screen action buttons …

14 813 812 Off-duty Car chase Not in car At scene Transport On the way Free F9 MOB POKE/K1 F1 Show F7 Forms/En F6 Equipment F3 Status F4 Maps/AVL F2 Report/His F8 Setup F5 Messages 814 811 ZOOM -- ZOOM +

15 AVL-map changes into an aerial photo of the same area, when zoom-in button is pressed repeatedly …

16 C14 U12 F9 MOB F1 Show F7 Forms/En F6 Equipment F2 Report/His F8 Setup F5 Messages P15 A32 ZOOM -- ZOOM + Act.AVL Add Mark Show all Vector Hide F3 Status F4 Maps/AVL

17 F1 Show F7 Forms/En F6 Equipment F3 Status F4 Maps/AVL F2 Report/His F8 Setup F5 Messages F9 MOB ZOOM -- ZOOM + Act.AVL Add Mark Show all Vector Hide Parking 1 Security VIP High security area U12 A32 C14 P15

18 Onboard static graphics information combined with dynamic location of GPS-equipped field units


20 Send only the necessary information over the air Keep high volume, ‘static’ data (maps, images, floorplans of buildings) in onboard databases Update static data at the station using fixed LAN or WLAN Over the air information is typically low volume: –Location information –Status of field units –Text messaging –Compressed images

21 More examples of applications using TETRA data services

22 Automatic Vehicle/Person Location, AVL / APL Integrated GPS in new terminals Position of every unit in real time –Location shown on GIS at Command and control room TETRA SDS or TETRA IP can be used to deliver location information New ETSI LIP standard for compact SDS location information, 76 bits instead of about 200 bits

23 Image communication ”One picture paints thousand words” TETRA IP one slot packet data is sufficient for image transmission Image compression technologies reduce data volumes for fast transmission, e.g. JPEG2000 Retrieve images from a database (pull) Send images from command and control centre (push) Increases efficiency and officer safety

24 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Specified to create a global protocol to work across differing wireless network technologies WAP offers bearer independence Allows applications developed to work across TETRA and GSM and GPRS Optimised for the constraints of handheld devices Application Portal 2. Locate 3. Mail 4. Report 5. Search LinkMenu WAP Server

25 Benefits of WAP Single device for voice and data,no need for external devices to use data services Instant and easy access anywhere, short handshaking delay User-friendly interface for applications Applications reside in serves, easy to update, no modifications needed in the handsets

26 Example of WAP user interface, vehicle check POLICE WAP Login OK Login Police ID Password Login POLICE WAP Person Vehicle Fine Logout OK p89925 Vehicle Search Plate: Vehicle Class: Search JEE-398 Toyota 5d RAV4 STW 1.8- ZCA26L- AWMNKW/249 SILVER/METAL More Checked: 24.09.2004 In use since: 17.10.2000 Owner Holder Technical OK JEE398 1

27 What about the future ?

28 TETRA High Speed Data TETRA high speed data is part of TETRA 2 standardization TETRA HSD will complement the current TETRA services with higher data speeds User experience comparable to GPRS/EDGE Very spectrum-efficient Adapts its speed (modulation) when necessary

29 Development continues Evolution TETRA High Speed Data Time Integrated GPS Colours Next … Image communication Advanced location applications Java Situation awareness Multi-slot packet data

30 Summary TETRA provides a rich set of basic and advanced data services Data applications complement TETRA voice services IP over TETRA is a solid and robust platform for data applications Accessing data from the field opens totally new opportunities for public safety and other user segments Data speed in TETRA IP cover the majority of current needs

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