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1 Tesar

2 The Company Tesar, whose sales amount in 2004 has been 22,7 million € is one of the most important reality operating in UE in the field of designing and manufacturing of CAST-RESIN Transformers. The continuous developments, research, studies and tests, as well as the up-to-date of its own staff has allowed Tesar to reach a high degree of reliability and to satisfy any particular request of our Customers, and to develop new tailor made projects/products.

3 The History Tesar, acronym of Electrical Transformers Special Application in Resin, has been founded in 1980 as Company of Eni Group, introducing, first in Italy, the Cast-Resin technique for power transformers. In 1986 Tesar has been acquired by a private group and the production has been expanded also to measurement transformers. Today Tesar is a leader at international level. All the Tesar production, carried out in the 2 production plants in Chiassa Superiore and in Chiaveretto, is the results of a continuous research and development and it is based on the use of advanced technologies and of selected materials.

4 Products: Power Transformers
Distribution Transformers Production range: rated power from 100 up to 3150 kVA, rated voltage from 1 up to 36 kV. Special Transformers Rated power up to 18 MVA, rated voltage up to 36 kV, for rectifier, traction, induction oven application and for motors starting. Extreme installation as: offshore, windmill, crane and in extremely polluted ambients. Autotransformers

5 Products: Power Transformers
Standard Transformers Special transformers supplied at CERN Special transformers supplied acc. to Kahramaa spec.

6 Certification 1994 - ISO EN 9002 certificate
ENEL homologation for classes E1-C1-F1 c/o CESI ENEL homologation for classes E2-C2-F1 c/o CESI Iso EN 9001:2000 Certificate 2005 – Successful tests for E2-C2-F1 to IEC c/o CESI

7 Conformity to classes E2 C2 F1
Tesar transformers are designed and manufactured according to the following classes, required by CENELEC and today by IEC standards, since more than 10 years: E2 C2 F1 E2 Ambiental Transformer suitable to be installed in ambient with substantial condensation and pollution C2 Climatic External installation. Transformer suitable to be kept and used with ambient temperature up to -25°C F1 Fire behavior Transformer with characteristics of self-extinction and of non-emission of toxic substances and gases

8 Reliability More than 28.000 transformers actually working
The annual statistique shows a total of Tesar transformers working all around the world, underlining the remarkable reliability of our transformers. More than transformers actually working

9 Products: Measurement Transformers
Voltage transformers Type: Phase/Earth (included type with fuses holder) Phase/Phase Current transformers Rated current up to 2500 A. Insulation level up to 36 kV. Ring-type transformers cl. 0,72 kV.

10 Products: Measurement Transformers
Voltage transformer Current transformer Ring-type transformer Voltage transformer with fuse holder



The max. altitude of installation is 1000 m above see level. The ambient temperature in the room, when the transformer is working, must be within the following limits: Minimum temp. : -25°C Maximum temp. : +40°C SPECIAL INSTALLATION CONDITION When requested, transformers are designed for special climatic condition and we guarantee our transformers for an ambient temperature up to +55° C

14 Design Every design, planning and drawing phase is made using the most up-dated software and CAD instruments: AUTODESK Autocad© Wintrasf 3.0

15 Rules RULES IEC IEC 60076-1 Power transformer – part 1 : General
IEC Power transformer – part 2 : Temperature Rise IEC Power transformer – part 3 : Insulation levels, dielectric tests and external clearances in air IEC Power transformer – part 4 : Guide to the lightning impulse and switching impulse testing - Power transformers and reactors IEC Power transformer – part 4 : Ability to withstand short circuit IEC Power transformer- part 10 : determination of sound levels IEC Power transformer- part 11 : Dry-type transformers IEC TC 14 IEC Terminal and tapping markings for power transformers HD S1 Three-phase dry type distribution transformers 50Hz, from 100 kVA to 2500 kVA with highest voltage for equipment not exceeding 36 kV part 1 general requirements and requirements for transformers with highest voltage for equipment not exceeding 24 kV

16 Components MAGNETIC CORE The magnetic core realized with silicon cold-rolled grain-oriented steel sheet give low specific losses The interweaving system is step-lap type and it is realized thanks to the most modern cut and assembling technologies The proper geometry and strength of the frames, together with the appropriate bolt techniques, enable to obtain low noise level, constant during the time

The LV windings are made using aluminium or copper sheet, with pre-impregnated class F insulating material. The coils are subjected to a thermal treatment of polymerization to obtain the finished product The special constructive geometry allows, moreover an high resistance to the electrodynamic stresses

The HV windings are composed from more coils in aluminium or in copper (wire or tape) connected together The coils are casted into moulds under vacuum using class F epoxy-resin The casting under vacuum process, electronically monitored, allows to obtain windings with a total resin homogeneity, so free from partial discharges

19 Department Casting Winding Core Coils Storage Assembling

20 Tests Main Testing Room In line Testing Room
All Tesar products are scrupulously tested in its our modern testing rooms in Chiaveretto plant . Main Testing Room In line Testing Room

21 Tests In the Tesar testing rooms routine, type and special test are carried out using the most up-dated softwares : Trafotest © Heat run test SP 2K © Type and special test

22 Accessories ENCLOSURE standard enclosure
enclosure with HV- LV cable boxes

23 Accessories Tesar TSX 1s THERMOCONTROLLER with digital exit
RS232 – RS485 transmission protocol Modbus®

24 Accessories FAN Bar 600 FAN Bar 1800

25 Accessories COOLING Tesar TSX 2 control board for fan

26 Transport Tesar transformers are delivered assembled and ready to be connected to the high and to the low voltage network.

27 Installation AIR FLOW To guarantee the respect of the rated condition of service and to avoid that the temperature rises are passed, in the room where the transformers are installed an air-exchange is necessary to discharge the heat produced during their operation.

28 Installation SAFETY DISTANCES
The transformer supplied without enclosure (IP00) has to be installed in an adequate room respecting the insulation distances showed in the table insulation Distances “D” mm KV Sheet steel wall Louvered wall 7,2 150 300 12 17,5 220 24 240 36 320

Transformer without enclosure (IP00) The cable and the bus-bar to be connected to the transformer must be moored in an adequate way to avoid mechanical stresses on LV and HV transformer bushings.

Transformer with enclosure (IP20 – IP21 – IP23 – IP31) The cable and the bus-bar to be connected to the transformer must enter the enclosure only through the holes/flanges foreseen during the order stage.

31 Maintenance Ordinary maintenance
A deep check of the transformer during the work allow to avoid damages and to extend the expected life. In normal working condition it is enough to do the following operation one time per year: Clean of the HV/LV windings from the eventual dust, condensation or dirty, with dry air at low pression Clean of the cooling and fan channel between the coil to avoid over temperature during the working Verify the tightness of the bolts and nuts of the HV/LV connections, of the bar of the tap-changer and of the frames Check of the correct running of thermal protection (PT100 or PTC and relevant thermo-controller) and also the correct intervention of the protection for surcharge and for the short circuit and the intervention of the automatic switch

32 Instrument / Equipment
Maintenance Table for periodical check The main periodic checks to be performed on the transformer, the check intervals, the equipment to be used and the results to be obtained are reported in the following table Pos Check to be performed Check Interval Instrument / Equipment Results 1 Cleaning from dust, dirt, unlikely presence on the windings Yearly and/or after exceptional events Dry compressed air and cloths General cleaning 2 Tightening of the bolts of the main and secondary electrical connections Torque wrench Tightening torque see paragraph 5.1. 3 Tightening of the mechanical parts bolts and transformer clamping to the ground 4 Tightening of plate for adjusting the spacer blocks 5 Functioning check of thermo-controller and thermo-resistances Hot air gun for thermo-resistance simulated heating Intervention of the siren of alarm level, opening of switch and trip level 6 Functioning check of the overloading and short-circuit relay Power generator for simulation of damage Opening of the switch on reaching the pre-set threshold. 7 Condensate deposited on the windings After a long transformer stop Hot dry air and cloths Coil surface and internal ducts perfectly dry 8 Insulation check of the windings among them and towards ground Megger with voltage of at least 2500 V Minimum values showed at paragraph 5.2

33 Main reference in Italy
Falck ILVA Nuovo Pignone Piaggio ACEA AEM ENEL Pirelli Ministero della difesa Ministero delle finanze - Roma Metropolitana di Milano Metropolitana di Roma Barilla Buitoni Auchan Alfa Romeo FIAT FIAT Avio Piaggio Iveco Ferrari Pirelli Montedison Ansaldo IBM Zanussi Agip ERG ESSO SNAM Stadio Olimpico – Roma Stadio Meazza – Milano Stadio S.Paolo – Napoli Teatro La Pergola - Firenze Teatro alla Scala – Milano Fiera di Milano Fiera di Bologna Fiera del Levante – Bari Telecom Italia RAI Aeroporto di Fiumicino – Roma Corriere della Sera – Milano

34 Main reference All over the World
Hydro alluminium - Norway Sandvik Steel - Sweden Thyssen Krupp - Germany Magnitogorsk Integrated Iron & Steel - Russia Orly airport Paris - France CERN - Switzerland Wind Mills Power Plant - Danemark Copenhagen metro - Danemark Electrabel - Belgium Aquarium Lisboa – Portugal British Telecom –U.K. Heathrow Airport – U.K. DEWA – Dubai Electricity & Water Authority ADWEA – Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority MEW – Ministry Electricity & Water - Kuwait DCA Dubai Airport - Dubai Deira City Center - Dubai Conference Palace Hotel - Abu Dhabi Shangri-la Barr al Jissah Resort - Oman Mosul Dam Crude Oil Pipeline - Iraq Can and Afsin Power Plant - Turkey FIAT - Brasil Metrovias - Argentina Renault - Argentina Hong Kong Metro – Hong Kong Toshiba Plant - Singapore ST Microelectronics - Singapore

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