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Hero Health*Hire Talent Acquisition Leader Webinar Featuring: The Employer Support for the Guard & Reserve’s Hero2Hired (H2H) The Wounded Warrior Project’s.

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1 Hero Health*Hire Talent Acquisition Leader Webinar Featuring: The Employer Support for the Guard & Reserve’s Hero2Hired (H2H) The Wounded Warrior Project’s Warriors2Work Program (W2W) Wednesday, January 23, :30 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

2 Hero Health Hire Talent Acquisition Leaders’ Webinar Agenda
Wednesday, January 23, :30 pm – 3:00 pm EDT Introductions and Opening Remarks Featured Speaker – Ferdinand Alsina of the Wounded Warrior Project’s Warriors to Work (W2W) Manager Featured Speakers – Daniel Allen and Kevin Little of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)’s program – Heroes 2 Hired (H2H) Review of H3’s 2013 Strategic Priorities Final Closing Announcements Adjournment

3 The Wounded Warrior Project’s Program Warriors to Work (W2W) Presented by Mr. Ferdinand Alsina, Warriors to Work Manager, Eastern Region (W2W)

4 Wounded Warrior Project®

Our Mission To honor and empower wounded warriors Our Purpose To raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members; to help injured servicemen and women aid and assist each other; and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs. Our Vision To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.


Transition Care Packs (TCPs) are provided to warriors immediately after being injured on the battlefield Once they make it stateside to a military trauma center, they receive a WWP backpack Family members receive a Family Support Tote Each is filled with clothing, toiletries, playing cards, and other essential care and comfort items

WWP serves warriors in communities across the country at every stage of their recovery; from newly wounded and throughout their life.

Helps warriors transition to life after injury Provides detail on government benefits, Wounded Warrior Project programs, and community resources

REACHING OUT TO WARRIORS OVERSEAS International program improves hospital staff morale Provides Wounded Warriors with comfort items before they transfer back to the US

Proactively provides warriors and their families/caregivers with information on the best available programs and services to meet their needs


TREATING THE INVISIBLE WOUNDS OF WAR Eases readjustment for returning warriors through mental health resources and access to care, while addressing interpersonal relationship issues 1 in 5 warriors returning from Afghanistan and 1 in 3 returning from Iraq suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) and depression

An outdoor, rehabilitative retreat Helps warriors overcome combat stress through shared experiences with peers and connecting with nature

15 RESTOREWARRIORS.ORG ONLINE SUPPORT FOR COMBAT STRESS An anonymous website with resources and self-help strategies for warriors battling the invisible wounds of war

THE REALITY AFTER THE REUNION Gives family members an opportunity to get some much-needed rest and rejuvenation Held at numerous locations around the country Offers opportunities to build new friendships that continue long after the retreat

17 PEER SUPPORT HELPING EACH OTHER THROUGH THE RECOVERY Motivates Wounded Warriors by helping them develop one-on-one friendships with fellow warriors who are further along in the recovery process


OPTIMIZING WARRIORS’ PHYSICAL RECOVERY Provides recreation and sports programs, nutrition and physical health strategies to help Wounded Warriors adjust to life after injury

An adaptive cycling event that allows warriors to ride alongside fellow injured service members Helps warriors reclaim their confidence and strength in a supportive environment


22 CAMPUS SERVICES ACADEMIC SUPPORT FOR LONG-TERM PROSPERITY Gives warriors the tools, policies, and services needed to help them achieve educational success at their respective academic or vocational institutions

The first education center in the nation designed specifically for Wounded Warriors A one-year program based in Jacksonville, Florida and San Antonio, Texas TRACK is divided into academic and vocational phases

HELPING YOU SUCCEED A program that helps warriors explore the information-technology (IT) field as a career choice Learn valuable career skills with real-world applications Opportunity to earn industry certifications such as the CompTia A+, Network +, and the Security + certifications

Assists warriors with the transition back into the civilian workforce Provides career counseling services and job placement assistance Services are open to family members and caregivers

ADVOCATING FOR WOUNDED WARRIORS AND THEIR FAMILIES Works with Congress and the Federal government to create, advocate, and lobby for legislation, regulations, and programs that support warriors and their families

Find WWP online at: For more information on WWP programs and services visit:

28 The Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve (ESGR)’s Program – Hero2Hired (H2H) Presented by Mr. Daniel Allen, Director, H2H Mr. Kevin Little, Dep. Director, H2H

29 Employment Initiative Program

30 Background The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs) and the Reserve Component Chiefs are responsible for the readiness of their units and service members Civilian employment is critical to Guard and Reserve Service members Civilian employment is linked to well-being The high unemployment rate within the Guard and Reserve is a Readiness issue

31 What is H2H? A SOLUTION: Hero2Hired (H2H) is a top-tier career readiness program powered by an enhanced website and mobile application. offers a myriad of tools including a resume builder, a powerful search functionality, military skills translator, and boasts a direct line to jobs posted by military-friendly employers with a stated commitment to hiring Guard and Reserve Service members. Operating with the direct support of over 4,900 volunteers and 56 Employment Transition Coordinators, H2H is a leader in the field of career readiness and talent acquisition. And More…

32 EIP H2H Program Components
Mobile Job Store Web Site Mobile App Kiosks Slide owner: FEPP (Mr. Ted Fessel) FEPP: The Family & Employer Programs & Policy (FEPP) stood up in 2010 as directed by, then, Secretary McCarthy where he placed these three programs under one Director. Purpose to allow for an opportunity to have these three programs and mission areas to work closely together, collaborate and coordinate in order to find synergy and efficiencies as a result, ultimately enhancing all three programs productivity and mission success. This new Directorate is responsible for the “TRIAD of SUPPORT”: Family, Service and Civilian Employer. Bottom line, a lot of compatibility inherent in all three missions and programs. FEPP Current programmed budget funding ($000k) and FTEs: ESGR Funding: , , , , , ,798 FY FY FY FY FY FY-17 YRRP Funding: , , , , , ,076 ESGR FTEs: YRRP FTEs: **IFSP FTEs: ** Note: IFSP FTE is an RA (WHS) resource not ‘counted’ under DHRA. Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP): During FY11, the Services conducted a total of 2,151 YRRP events across the country, providing vital Information and resources to 309,753 Service members, their families or designated representatives. More than 83% of survey respondents expressed high satisfaction with the events and 77% said the Information presented increased their confidence to find and utilize vital resources. The Employment Initiative Program (EIP) launched Heroes to Hired (H2H.Jobs) to reduce unemployment among National Guard and Reserve Service members. ESGR KEY METRICS FOR FY11: Statements of Support= 45,140 Employers influenced/briefed= 153,062 Service members briefed= 473,891 Patriot Awards= 16,560 SECDEF Employer Support Freedom Award nominations= 4,049 USERRA-Related Inquiries= 29,727 USERRA Cases Assigned= 2,884 USERRA Cases Resolved/Percentage Resolved= 2,302/79.8% Average # of Days to Mediate (resolve)= 8.77 Calendar Days Volunteer Hours documented= 236,725 Facebook Virtual Career Fairs Media Plan Job Fairs 5

33 Simple is better! is designed to be a useful, fast loading, results oriented web application Our mission is to connect RC Service members with career opportunities and jobs through engagement with employers

34 Key Data Points (Growth and Users)
Average time on site ~ 9.36 minutes Visits to site ,749 Job search results pages 3,715,317 Total jobs posted million Full Job Seeker accounts 58,000 Employer accounts 8,000 Total usage over 6,844,513 mins.

35 H2H Job Seeker Totals by Branch of Service as of 13 Jan 13

36 High Touch Network 56 Employment Transition Coordinators (ETCs)
4,900 ESGR Volunteers 27 Yellow Ribbon Program Specialists 40 USAR Field Support Personnel Other support opportunities: NGB State support personnel Family Programs ACAP DOL - LVERs and DVOPs Non-profits

37 What are the benefits of for employers?
Search or Match Criteria Promote Your Company Unlimited Free Job Postings Recruiting made easy Automatic Notifications Certifications/Credentials OFCCP Compliant Talent Platform System Integrative Optional Applicant Tracking System Customer Relations Management Tool

38 Why Hire a Person with Military Experience? Because they….
Are Proven Leaders Maintain Professionalism Take Responsibility Understand Diversity Are Physically Fit and Drug-Free Have a “Can Do” Attitude Are Calm Under Pressure Exude a First Class Image Are On-Time, All the Time Have a Global Perspective

39 They have what you are looking for…
Marine Specialties Food Service Satellite Lawyers Welders Intelligence Construction Engineers Finance / Accounting HVAC Material Handling Contracting / Purchasing The Military has over 7,000 job positions across more than 100+ functional areas and 81% of these jobs have a direct civilian equivalent. Pilots Air Traffic Controllers Doctors Transportation Mechanics Machinists Nurses IT / Computer Human Resources / Training / Recruiting Telecommunications Police / Security Media / Graphic Arts Supply Chain / Logistics Medical Specialties Postal Operations ©2011 The Value of a Veteran (all rights reserved)

40 Grade versus Rank Grade structure is common across all Services
Junior Officer is an 0-1 to 0-3 and has between 1-9 years of experience at increasing levels of responsibility. Similar to a Department Head. Mid Grade Officer is an 0-4 to 0-5 has typically 9-21 years of experience, higher levels of leadership and education. Similar to Senior Manager or VP. Senior Officer is an 0-6 to 0-10 and has between years experience. Similar to a Senior VP, CEO. Rank equivalent to grades will differ for each Service Captain in the Navy is an 0-6 with 20 +/- years of service Captain in the Army is an 0-3 with 3-7 years of service

41 Understanding “Military Speak”
Each service has a different name and acronym for their occupational code. Military Occupational Code (MOC) is a term understood by all service members. MOS (Army Enlisted, Marine Corps Officer and Enlisted) AOC (Army Officers) AFSC (Air Force Enlisted and Officers) NEC (Navy Enlisted) NOBC (Navy Officer) The civilian equivalent or translation of these codes can be confusing, BUT, there are tools out there to help.

42 Questions You May Want to Ask
When are you available? Where is your geographical work location? Do you want to work within your military occupational position? Do you have any specialty skills? What is your clearance status? What is your rank/grade?


44 Employment Initiative Program
POC Department of Defense Mr. Dan Allen Director Employment Initiative Program

45 Back Up Slides

46 Enlisted Personnel Enlisted – Enlisted personnel make up about 83% of the Armed Forces. Carry out the fundamental operations of the military Highly trained and training continues throughout their career.

47 Total enlisted personnel in each occupation group
What they do….. Table 1. Active Duty Enlisted personnel by broad occupational group and branch of military, and Coast Guard, August 2011 Enlisted Army Air Force Coast Guard Marine Corps Navy Total enlisted personnel in each occupation group Occupational Group Administrative occupations 6,661 15,302 2,274 11,669 19,585 55,491 Combat Specialty occupations 129,684 639 616 32,706 7,854 192,499 Construction occupations 20,499 5,185 5,067 5,206 35,957 Electronic and Electrical Equipment Repair occupations 40,214 31,048 4,475 14,098 48,118 137,953 Engineering, Science, and Technical occupations 45,684 47,436 1,288 25,297 40,436 160,141 Health Care occupations 31,317 15,935 693 24,068 72,013 Human Resource Development occupations 18,974 12,532 8,407 4,108 44,021 Questions Source: U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Manpower Data Center

48 Development occupations
Machine Operator and Production occupations 5,398 6,234 1,946 2,532 9,599 25,709 Media and Public Affairs occupations 8,209 6,848 122 2,381 3,854 21,414 Protective Service occupations 27,380 34,738 2,837 9,534 11,959 86,448 Support Service occupations 13,109 1,483 1,218 2,119 8,032 25,961 Transportation and Material Handling occupations 63,566 31,279 10,900 23,154 38,148 167,047 Vehicle and Machinery Mechanic occupations 52,974 42,032 5,554 18,586 47,022 166,168 Non-occupation or unspecified coded personnel 3,441 13,117 1,663 1,926 606 20,753 Total enlisted personnel for each military branch and Coast Guard 467,110 263,808 33,586 178,476 268,595 1,211,575

49 Officers Officers make up the remaining 17% and are leaders of the military, supervising and managing activities in every occupational specialty in the military Requires a 4 year college degree for entry Advanced civilian education for promotion Military and civilian education continues throughout their career

50 Performance Based Referral Network
Employment Infographics Employment Assistance Workshops RC Recruiters Training Military Talent Corporate Webinars Military Talent CEO Retreats New Recruit Employment Presentation Current Member Employment Counseling Mobile Job Apps Job Stores Mobile Job Stores Virtual Job Fairs Jobs Market Data Center Performance Based Referral Network

51 H2H Awareness Campaign Marketing Kits Print Ads Social Media:
- Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Blogs Brand Management

52 Hero*Health*Hire Strategic Priorities for FY 2013 Issued to the H3 Advisory Board in Draft - January 18, 2013

53 Purpose of the 2013 Strategic Planning Process
“To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Purpose of the 2013 Strategic Planning Process Clearly, every organization needs to go through a methodical process of identifying and prioritizing the key activities vital for achieving desired success for the year. This year’s Hero Health Hire’s process of identifying Strategic Priorities, how success is to be measured, what resources will be needed and a practical timeline for accomplishing this work is well-underway. We have proceeded through acceptance of the following principles: Strategic planning gives H3 the desired overall direction. Strategic planning is to involve input and feedback from the organization as a whole. It shall involve a small yet crucial number of priorities that will yield the greatest impact to moving Hero Health Hire toward greater levels of effectiveness in achieving our mission. It shall include the ability to measure our success on various levels.

54 Summary of the 2013 Planning Process
This process began with the initiation of the H3 Advisory Board at the leadership group’s first meeting in June, 2012, in Washington, D.C. where draft 2013 Strategic Initiatives were reviewed, discussed and modified. The Advisory Board insights, ideas and modifications were incorporated into a second-generation draft for distribution to the H3 Partners. This draft are now being distributed to all Hero Health Hire Partners to solicit individual input and feedback to be provided within a set time period. Publication of the Hero Health Hire 2013 Strategic Priorities would complete the process in January. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

55 Summary of Hero *Health * Hire Today and Review of Year 1

56 Hero *Health* Hire 42 Partners
AGIS Network AHIMA Ameritox Apollo Health Street APS Healthcare  Florida Blue Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island Blue Shield of California Bon Secours Health System Bobby Dodd Institute Booz Allen Hamilton CareCore National  Centene Corporation  CIGNA  Comprehensive Health Services (CHS) CRC Health Group Defense Logistics Health (DLH) Express-Scripts HMS Health Care Cost Recovery Health Net Federal Services Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Humana Independence Blue Cross (IBC) LogistiCare Loyola Recovery Foundation Magellan Health Services Meridian Health System Performant PricewaterhouseCoopers Qualcomm Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield ResCare SRA International SynerMed TriWest Alliance Universal Health Services United Health Centers UPMC ValueOptions WellPoint

57 Total H3 Worksites now at 14,258
Hero*Health*Hire PARTNER WORKSITES BY STATE WA/379 ID/314 MT/25 NH/21 ME/ 12 MN/40 OR/128 ND/7 VT/149 WI/491 NY/152 MI/543 MA/65 WY/22 SD/15 CA/973 NV/48 RI/7 IA/316 PA/1,043 UT/57 NE/402 IL/182 OH/253 CT/43 IN/ 664 WV/ 272 CO/51 NJ/757 VA/382 MO/400 DE/107 KS/377 KY/144 MD/399 AZ/417 NC/633 DC/22 NM/18 OK/389 TN/266 AR/29 SC/514 MS/73 AL/188 GA/648 LA/136 AK/49 HI/75 TX/933 FL/ 597 Map Legend PR/23 Total H3 Worksites now at 14,258 Covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands 1-20 H3 worksites 41-65 H3 worksites VI/8 21-40 H3 Worksites 65+ H3 worksites January 14, 2013

58 Hero*Health*Hire Review of Year-One Accomplishments
Hero *Health* Hire Partner Organization Growth Have grown to 42 Partners as of December, 2012 H3 Partner worksites span the United States with more than 14,000 worksites (we have worksites in every State in the Union, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) Conducted/Sponsored more than 25 educational programs, new Partner orientation webinars, Summit, etc. Attended / Spoke at more than 10 WW and Veteran Conferences/Job Fairs/Workshops Organizational Development H3 Advisory Board was formed /held three quarterly meetings in 2012. H3 was separately incorporated in June, IRS application underway for 501c3 designation. The Advisory Board launched a funding campaign in October, 2012, to support H3’s operations. Hero Health Hire Website Improvements Broadened Channels to Wounded Warrior Candidates Governmental Leaders, Other Public and Stakeholder Awareness Building Communication Vehicles Established / Expanded with H3 Partners Hero Health Hire Website Improvements Introduced a new H3 Partner password-protected WW and Veteran candidate resume repository online and enhanced the WW Hiring Tool Kit of Best Practices, Calendar of Events, Candidate Routing to H3 Partner Online Career Sites, Government Programs and Funding Sources, notice of newly joining H3 Partners, video features of H3 and H3 Partner Veteran Hiring Events. Broadened Channels to Wounded Warrior Candidates Executive Director conducted numerous relationship development meetings with: each of the Military Branches’ Warrior Transition Commands and their WW Transition Units; VetSuccess, Dept. of Labor VETS, National Guard Bureau, ESGR, OPM, DAV, PVA, IAVA, US Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, and others. Governmental Leaders, Other Public and Stakeholder Awareness Building Media coverage achieved: USA Today, Military networks & magazines, much New H3 partner announcement coverage, etc. as well as speaking engagements, exhibits, workshops provided by H3 and H3 Partners at: NAVSEA’s Annual Wounded Warrior Employment Conference; the Annual US Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) Employment Conference;; Speech to the 76 Partner Companies of the 100,000 Jobs Mission (JP Morgan Chase). Chairman René Lerer, M.D. attended NGA, RGA, DGA and met with numerous Governors to gain commitments of support. Meetings with Congressmen, Senators and key governmental agencies were held by Michele Deverich to expand awareness of this important healthcare industry initiative. Communication Vehicles Established / Expanded with H3 Partners New Partner welcome binders/e-packets distributed to each H3 Partner H3 New Partner orientation sessions via webinar Educational programming via webinar for H3 Partners (8+ per year) Monthly Hero Health Hire e-newsletter to H3 Partners and stakeholders Establishment of a password-protected area on the H3 Website to serve as a WW candidates’ /spouses’ resume repository for H3 Partner talent acquisition sources. Monthly notices about upcoming military or governmentally-sponsored Veteran/Wounded Warrior employment conferences, workshops & job fairs Bi-annual H3 Partner surveys to target educational and resource needs from H3. Periodic compilation and distribution of hiring resource guides and WW / Veteran Hiring Advocate Directories by State. Introduced a quarterly WW / Veteran / WW Spouse employment tracking tool with CONFIDENTIAL quarterly reporting requirements. Preparing to introduce H3 Partner feedback collection and reporting – conduct bi-annual surveys to gain critical partner input – distribute summary of collective findings

59 Review of Year-One Challenges
Effectively Linking with Govt. Agencies and the Military Broadening Access to Wounded Warrior Candidates Gaining Assistance with Translating Military Backgrounds with Top H3 Jobs Getting Word out to Veteran Employment Advocates across the US Tracking of Hiring Results H3 Hiring Programs Being Developed/ Tracking Systems Upgraded Some Reticence to Share Results Engaging More Partners in WW Hiring Events More H3 Participation in Military-Sponsored WW Employment Events Carrying the H3 Banner where H3 Partners Attend Events Sharing Candidates with other H3 Partners when Not Able to Hire Them Gaining More Public Awareness May Wish to Consider Assembly of H3 Task Forces Fundraising to Ensure an Independent Hero Health Hire

60 Looking to the Future

61 Overview of 2013 Strategic Imperatives
Achieve Growth, Organizational Independence and Permanent Leadership Deliver Optimal Functionality and Value to our Partners and Stakeholders Drive Strong Networking among H3 Partners, WWs and WW Advocates Align with Strategic Partners who lend services, ideas, resources, support and practical reciprocity. Enhance, Measure and Report our Effectiveness in Fulfilling our Mission

62 GOAL: Achieve Growth and Organizational Independence
Objectives: Expand the Number of New H3 Partners Broaden the Industry Segment Representation Generate the Needed Funding for Hero Health Hire to Operate Independently – We have Created an Annual Budget Needed to Support Activities and a Permanent Leadership Team but have Fallen Short of Raising the Funds. Establish a Permanent Leadership Team to Operate H3 into the future. Objectives: Expand the Number of New H3 Partners and Broaden the Industry Segment Representation: Challenge Each H3 Partner to Recruit at least 2 new Partners in 2013. Gain Greater Awareness within the Industry through Networking Opportunities, e.g. conference attendance, media outreach, etc. News Coverage, Achieve Growth and Organizational Independence. Employ Creative Use if Social Networking Channels to Further the Awareness of H3 among Talent Acquisition Leaders, Human Resources Executives in Health Care, Civilian-Employed Military Executives in Health Care Organizations. Ensure all Current H3 Partners Display their Support of H3 on their Corporate Websites. Generate the Needed Funding for Hero Health Hire to Operate Independently Appoint H3 Officers to Help Drive more new Partner recruitment and Fundraising Broaden the H3 Partner Donations to Include Currently Non-Contributing Partners Conduct Selective Fundraising Activities from Outside Philanthropic Organizations Align with select non-profit organizations who screen, train and place candidates for greater efficiencies and effectiveness for H3 Partners with some remuneration considered for each placement to go to H3.

63 GOAL: Deliver Optimal Functionality & Value to Our H3 Partners and Stakeholders
Objectives: Strengthen the content & functionality of the H3 website to provide an enhanced resource for H3 Partners, WWs and Disabled Veteran Advocates. Deliver More Supportive Educational Programming and Leading Practice Tools. Forge a Cooperative Arrangement with Non-Profit Entities to help Screen, Recruit, and Train Veterans, Wounded Warriors and Veterans with Disabilities for Jobs with H3. Objectives: Strengthen the content & functionality of the H3 website to provide an enhanced resource for H3 Partners, WWs and Disabled Veteran Advocates by: Raising Partners’ awareness /usage of H3’s website candidate repository to access wounded warriors’ and spouses’ resumes, reporting of hires, etc. Enhancing the H3 website links connecting WW candidates and veteran employment advocates to H3 Partners’ online career sites by adding contact information on assigned Talent Acquisition staff at each H3 Partner organization. Establishing a resume posting area for WWs and spouses seeking employment. Deliver More Supportive Educational Programming and Leading Practice Tools: To further assist all H3 Partners become fully operational in Wounded Warrior hiring & retention by expanding the number of practices to include development of apprenticeships, on-the job training programs, cadre training approaches, etc. To expand leading practices that will inspire H3 Partners’ pursuit and usage of available government tax credits and training funding. To create the functionality through H3 arrangements or alignments to assist H3 Partners with screening and matching resumes to top 10 open positions. To publish an updated Hero *Health*Hire Resource Directory for H3 Partners containing information about military candidate job posting websites, local veteran employment advocate rosters, military installation contacts, etc. New Ideas and Topics for Future Educational Programming: Wounded Warrior Cadre Apprentice Hiring Program Development The Experience and Challenges of Transitioning Service Women How to Avail of the New Tax Credits and Other Funding Sources – H3 Company (ies’) Experiences / Other Speakers: The Returning Heroes Tax Credit Short-term Unemployed Funding Long-term Unemployed Funding The Wounded Warrior Tax Credit The Existing Work Opportunity Tax Credit New Credit of 40% of first $24,000 of wages (up to $9,600) for hiring Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities who have been Unemployed for >6 months The Tragedy of Veteran / WW Suicide Rates – Can We Help?

64 GOAL: Drive Strong Networking Among H3 Partners Candidates and Employment Advocates
Objectives: Begin New Regional and Local Networking Events among H3 Partners, Veteran/Wounded Warrior Employment Candidate Sources and other Non-Profit 501c3s that will help us train and place wounded warriors and veterans with disabilities into our organizations. These activities involving New Regional and Local Networking Events among H3 Partners, Veteran/Wounded Warrior Employment Candidate Sources and other Non-Profit 501c3s that will help us train and place wounded warriors and veterans with disabilities into our organizations will begin in February 2013. Begin New Regional and Local Networking Events among H3 Partners, Veteran/Wounded Warrior Employment Candidate Sources and other Non-Profit 501c3s that will help us train and place wounded warriors and veterans with disabilities into our organizations. The purposes of these events are: To encourage closer collaboration among H3 Partners at a local level who operate worksites on common ground to work together in our pursuit of hiring and retaining wounded warriors and veterans. To introduce at a local level, H3 Partners to Veteran and Wounded Warrior Employment Advocates at a local level such as DVOPS, LVERs, Transition Assistance Advisors, VR&E Employment Counselors, representatives from the ESGR, Wounded Warrior Project. To introduce at a local level, other organizations like Bobby Dodd Institute aligned with H3 that will assist in providing screening, training (to fill our most common entry level jobs), place and do their best to ensure wounded warriors who are placed as a result, stay in the job and thrive. These activities involving New Regional and Local Networking Events among H3 Partners, Veteran/Wounded Warrior Employment Candidate Sources and other Non-Profit 501c3s that will help us train and place wounded warriors and veterans with disabilities into our organizations will begin in February 2013. How we will proceed with these arrangements is as follows: Selection of the targeted areas of the country where we will first introduce these sessions will be done through analysis of a variety of factors, e.g. degree of veteran and WW population density/presence of key military installations; number of H3 worksites located there and related number of job openings routinely present. We will either hold these network meetings in person, where we can as we ask H3 Partners to share in sponsoring such events or via webinar or video conference when necessary. We are planning for at least 10 of these events to occur in various strategic locations around the country generally on a monthly basis for the remainder of 2013.

65 GOAL: Align with Strategic Partners to Foster Additional Sharing and Access Resources
Objectives: Align with Strategic Partners who lend services, ideas, resources, support and practical reciprocity. Establish alliances and partnerships that can assist us in furthering the awareness of H3 to key stakeholder communities in an effort to provide: Additional financial or programmatic support and resources; Improved assess to best practice hiring and retention tools and methods; Broader access to veteran, wounded warrior and spouse employment candidates; To provide assistance with screening, preparing / training and placing wounded warriors and disabled veterans for entry into our H3 open positions to reduce the strain on H3 Partners’ needs to provide extensive training and to affect the resulting greater levels of candidate retention. Examples may include such organizations as: WalMart, 100,000 Jobs Mission, Joining Forces, Ability One; Wounded Warrior Project; US Chamber of Commerce, Center for New American Security, Network of Champions, Business & Professional Women’s Association – Transitioning Service Women’s Mentoring Program, and others.

66 GOAL: Enhance, Measure and Report Effectiveness in Fulfilling the H3 Mission
Formalize and Implement Measurements to Establish the Level of Success H3 has Achieved in 2013 include: Growth of Number of New H3 Partners brought on. Expansion of the Segments of the Health Care Industry Represented in H3. New Leading Practices Developed, Shared and Implemented. Degree of H3 Participation in H3 Functions and other Hiring Events for Wounded Warriors. Improved Tracking and Reporting of Wounded Warriors, Veterans with Disabilities, WW Spouses and Veterans by H3 Partners to Enable Some Hiring Result Reporting. Initiation of a Mechanism in H3 Partner Companies for Tracking Retention Rates of these Hires. The mechanisms for measuring these results will include a combination of individual routine reporting, via H3-sponsored, periodic surveying of H3 Partners, Tracking reports on hires and retention results, etc. “If you don’t know where you are going, you may not get there.” - Yogi Berra

67 Thank You for Your Support and Contributions to the Process and to Hero *Health* Hire

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