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Graphical User Interfaces. Most used my Graphical User Interface (GUI) is …

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1 Graphical User Interfaces

2 Most used my Graphical User Interface (GUI) is …

3 I can use button RECYCLE BIN When you delete files they go here, so you can easily retrieve them if you make a mistake. To delete the files permantly, you can empty the Recycle Bin.

4 The internet Connection Wizard is a special program that helps you get on the Internet. You may also have an icon for the Microsoft Notwork- an Internet service you can subscribe to. I can use button MICROSOFT EXPLORER

5 This button is the main starting point for most of your actions. Click one and you’ll see a list of programs and your most recently used documents. I can use button START

6 FOLDER Sometimes they are adorned with other graphics, but they are usually pretty easy to spot. Double-clicking on a folder icon displays that folder’s contents in another window, which is what we’ve done here. I can use

7 MENU The taskbar shows you the programs that you are currently running and the windows you have open. To switch between different windows, click on their buttons on the Taskbar. I can use

8 MY COMPUTER This lets you browse the files stored on your PC. Move the mouse pointer over this icon and double-click the left mouse, button: a new window shows your hard disk, floppy disk and CD-ROM drive, as well as special Printer and Control Panel folders. I can use button

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10 PRACE WYKONALI:  Magdalena Sitek  Justyna Wronkowska  Arkadiusz Szwarc

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