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COLLEGE 101 SEMINARS CENTRALIA HIGH SCHOOL Seminars are funded by a Guidance and Counseling iGrant from OSPI.

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1 COLLEGE 101 SEMINARS CENTRALIA HIGH SCHOOL Seminars are funded by a Guidance and Counseling iGrant from OSPI

2 INTRODUCTION 5 events; 4 parents and students, 1 student only Choosing a College: Oct 16-7PM SAT & ACT Prep: Oct 30-7PM College Fair, Portland, OR: November 1  College Essays, Applications & Scholarships: Nov 13-7PM  FAFSA in Detail: Dec 11-6:00 PM-Classitorium Events are iGrant Funded by OSPI Goal: learn and enhance understanding of the college process from preparation to admission. Ask questions any time. Feedback at events will be important for improvement.

3 TONIGHT’S AGENDA: ESSAYS, APPS & SCHOLARSHIPS Hear from Julie Johnson, Centralia College Foundation Look at college application basics. Look at college essay prompts. Learn the basics of a well written college personal statement. Visit scholarship search engines & web pages. Look at CHS Dollars for Scholarships sample application.

4 COLLEGE APPLICATION BASICS Requirements: make sure you qualify for admission. See admissions>requirements for undergraduates. Core Classes, SAT Scores, GPA. Remember timelines & set reminders! Priority deadlines for Acceptance, Housing, Financial Aid, Scholarships Have personal, academic and family information ready and at your fingertips Tax information, letters of recommendation contact information, school (academic and personal=Transcripts and awards) information. Open up a folder on your computer and start adding information; save and back up. Use your resources: Counselors, Career Center, or Call Directly to Admissions Office Apply for three to four colleges: Solid, Reach, Dream

5 REQUIREMENTS- CHECK EACH INSTITUTION 4 YEAR UNIVERSITY(GENERAL) High School Graduation Requirements, plus: Extra year of math, science, English. Foreign lang- 2-3 years High SAT Score Good GPA Strong Senior Year 2 YEAR COLLEGE High School Graduation Requirements, plus Classes in your field of study. Early application. Trending upward... See our website for 2 year, 4 year & NCAA entrance comparisons:

6 TIMELINES AND REMINDERS Notebook Personal information, recommenders, iPhone App College Application Organizer- Ken Friedman See Peterson’s, College Net for Overall yearly timeline:; Gather information early and edit it. Work with needed people early: Recommenders Registrar for transcripts Counselor Admissions & financial aid staff at the college you are applying to

7 APPLY TO FOUR Apply for three to four colleges: Solid, Reach, Dream  Solid: pretty sure I am going here and I can get in.  Reach: I would like to go here, but I think it is a reach for me to do so.  Dream: I am a pretty convinced I cannot go here, but I will apply and dream a little!

8 COLLEGE ENTRANCE ESSAYS Personal Essay or Statement types: The “You” Question: Example: "The University of Vermont values a diverse student body. What contributions might you make to our campus community outside of academic achievement?" The “Why Us” [College] Question: Example: "How did you become interested in American University?" The Creative Question: Example: "Sharing intellectual interests is an important aspect of university life. Describe an experience or idea that you find intellectually exciting, and explain why."

9 COLLEGE ENTRANCE ESSAYS 2 See paper for pitfalls and ideas about the 3 types of essays: Get an essay reviewer: Parent or family member Trusted teacher, usually in the English department Counselor Admissions professional Allow time for feedback Don’t take feedback too personally Re-write if you think you need to.

10 SCHOLARSHIPS Our CHS Website: The Dollars for Scholars at Centralia High School: Let’s take a look at DFS application on paper. A few search Engines: Web page with Links College scholarships Go College Financial Aid There are many, many more. Beware of scams!

11 QUESTIONS? Jim Parker, Counselor   360-827-6309 Matt Whitmire, Counselor   360-827-6308 Deb Everley, Counselor   360-827-6273 Josh Lowe, Administration   360-330-7605

12 FEEDBACK Please fill out evaluation form to help us do better.  Leave on table or turn it in to one of us. Thank you for coming! See you on December 11 @ 6PM (note time change!!!!)  FAFSA in Detail  Presented by Centralia College

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