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ECOE for Beginners Cindy Jouper ESD 113 360-464-6708.

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1 eCOE for Beginners Cindy Jouper ESD

2  Intended for those who have never used eCOE  Step-by-step  Topics:  Workflow  Logging in  Creating groups  Adding students to groups  Assigning work to students  Giving students logins  Giving students access  Checking student work  Submitting student work Overview

3 District Security Manager creates staff accounts and assigns roles Building Admin or teacher – creates groups Building Admin or teacher – assigns students to groups Teacher – assigns tasks/prompts to students Teacher – turns on access for the class Students – complete work, submit to teacher Teacher approves work Principal approves work Work is submitted to state for scoring Workflow

4  All staff logins go through EDS at OSPI (  District Security Manager sets up accounts and permissions  Students log in directly to eCOE site ( Logging In

5  DAC – eCOEDistrictAdmin AND eCOEDistrictAssessmentCoordinator  Teachers – eCOESchoolAdvisorReading and/or eCOESchoolAdvisorReading  Principals - eCOESchoolPrincipal  Other school administrator - eCOESchoolAdmin EDS Roles

6  Reading and writing groups are separate  Full and augmentation are separate  Teacher must have logged in at least once before a group can be assigned  DEMO – Creating groups  DEMO – Assigning students to groups Creating Groups

7  DEMO – Assigning tasks/prompts  DEMO – Assigning on-demand items  DEMO – Creating tasks/prompts Assigning Tasks/Prompts

8 Student Logins

9  Access controlled at site level and group level  Site Access is turned on by default  Individual classroom access controlled by teacher  Administrator CAN turn off access to entire site  DEMO – Site Open/Closed  DEMO – Classroom level access Site Access/Group Access

10  Students log in directly to site  Students must answer all questions (no blanks)  Students can submit one work sample at a time to teacher for approval  DEMO: Student responses Student Work

11  Can be done a sample at a time or entire collection  Student selects samples to be included in collection  After teacher approves entire collection goes to principal  Principal approval sends collection to state Approving Student Work

12  No signatures required – login is considered signature  No SSID numbers  Student work is backed up on secure servers BUT…local backups are always an excellent idea! Miscellaneous Information

13   Call (8:30 – 4:30 daily)  COE Website –  Sandbox site  Training videos  Help files For more help…

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