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North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System Training Script.

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1 North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System Training Script

2 Training Process: Overall Regional Train the trainer (representatives from all districts) Districts – Train district administrators District administrators train teachers using one of two methods: train the trainer like we’re doing today (we will provide a simplified PowerPoint with just the areas that teachers need to know) or through teacher self-directed activities (using a combination of the 2- 3 minute “Captivate” videos we’ll be looking at today, and other user help guides that provide step-by-step instructions)

3 Training Process: Today Training URL: https://ncdpitrain.truenorthlogic.com Each principal, please work with your AP. HS principals/APs have assigned logins as noted on your tables. Principals: login using the “principal” username provided for your school using Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.. APs: on the SAME laptop – open up a DIFFERENT internet browser and login using one of the “teacher” usernames provided. For example, if principal logged in through Google Chrome, the AP needs to login using IE, Firefox or another browser. Each person will perform tasks of one role (evaluator or teacher). You will need to toggle between browsers. Use Alt+Tab keys as a shortcut.

4 Portal Overview

5 Evaluation Process There are Four Plans – Every teacher will be assigned two plans 1.PDP – For all teachers 2.Evaluation: One of the following: a)Probationary Evaluation b)Career Full Evaluation c)Career Abbreviated Evaluation

6 My Staff Overview Assigned Roles School Staff

7 Teacher Plan Type Assignment C

8 PDP Assignment

9 Administrative Rights Assigning Observers & Evaluators


11 Will default to school (likely no need to adjust) Prob, Career, Abbrev., PDP All or individual names Evaluator, Observer, View Only What displays after clicking Add

12 Administrative Rights Assigning Observers & Evaluators

13 Start,Finalize,Share,Complete,Send

14 Self Assessment (Teacher) C

15 PDP Process (Teacher)

16 PDP Details (Teacher) C

17 Evaluator Signature C

18 Mentor Signature

19 Teacher Signature C

20 PDP Mid-Year Review

21 PDP End of Year Review

22 PDP Record of Activities

23 Evaluations

24 Training & Orientation C

25 Observation #1: Overview

26 Pre-Observation Conference C

27 Pre-Observation Conference – Teacher Signature

28 Formal Observation: Start C

29 Formal Observation: Date/Time

30 Formal Observation: Ratings

31 Post Observation Conference

32 Post Observation Conference – Teacher Signature

33 Written Response

34 Written Response Acknowledgement

35 Summary Evaluation C


37 Record of Teacher Evaluation Activities: Observation Scoring Summary

38 Fall Educator Evaluation Training RegionDate Region 1Sept 24 Region 2Oct 17 Region 3Sept 23 Region 4TBD Region 5TBD Region 6Sept 24 Region 7Oct 15 Region 8Oct 9 There will be 8 in-person "Support Sessions" for Educator Evaluation for LEA staff One in each RESA Duration: 1 full day

39 School Level Training: Teachers Training Case One: Face-to-Face with System Demonstration: School administrators are encouraged to conduct training during a dedicated session during which the leader demonstrates completing the overall process (evaluator and teacher) using provided training accounts. Immediately following the training, Teachers should be instructed to start the PDP and Evaluation processes and complete their self assessment and orientation. (Listen, Watch, Do and Refresh) Training Case Two: Self-Directed: In some cases, face-to-face system training may not be possible and teachers will participate in web-based self-directed learning. In this scenario, teachers would participate in the web-based self-directed learning process: (Watch, Do, Refresh). In all scenarios, NCDPI recommends that administrators utilize “Just-In- Time” review sessions during faculty meetings to address upcoming process actions at key times throughout the year (see state webinar training schedule as a sample calendar)

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