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Frog Dissection Review

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1 Frog Dissection Review

2 Websites to view dissected frogs Click on the links listed below to view photos of dissected frogs, learn about frog reproduction, and review for the lab practical test. The remaining slides in this presentation show photos of frog dissections. (dissection images) (dissection images) (frog reproduction) (frog reproduction) (dissection guide with online test that includes images) Refer to pages 892-893 for Body Systems Overview Refer to pages 782-789 for Amphibians Overview

3 Nictitating Membrane

4 Tympanic Membrane

5 Forelimb

6 Thigh, Hind Limb, Web

7 Frog Mouth Structures

8 Mouth Structures

9 Mouth Structures

10 Heart and Liver

11 Gall Bladder

12 Stomach, Pancreas, Small Intestine

13 Spleen, Oviduct, Egg Mass


15 Pancreas and Fat Bodies

16 Liver, Small Intestine, Fat Bodies

17 Stomach and Pancreas

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