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Frog Anatomy Vocabulary

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1 Frog Anatomy Vocabulary

2 1. Peritoneum – Spider web like membrane that covers organs.
2. Stomach – 1st site of chemical digestion; breaks down food. 3. Liver – Makes bile (largest structure in the body cavity; brown colored) 4. Gall Bladder – Small green sac under the liver that stores bile 5. Esophagus – Tube that leads from the mouth to stomach

3 6. Pancreas – Makes insulin (aids in digestion)
7. Small Intestine - (duodenum and ileum) absorbs nutrients from food 8. Mesentary – Holds coils of small intestine together 9. Large Intestine – Collects wastes; absorbs water

4 10. Cloaca – Urine and feces held in this area (the sewer)
11. Spleen – Dark red spherical object that serves as a holding area for blood 12. Kidneys – Flattened bean shaped organs that filter wastes from blood 13. Vomarine and Maxillary Teeth – Used for holding prey

5 14. Internal Nares – (nostrils) used for breathing
15. Eustachian Tubes – equalize pressure in inner ear 16. Glottis – tube leading to the lungs 17. Tongue – aids in grabbing prey; front is attached

6 18. Tympanic Membrane – eardrum; located behind eyes
19. Nictitating Membrane – clear eyelid; protects the eye 20. Fat Bodies – Spaghetti shaped structures that are bright orange or yellow

7 21. Urogenital System – reproductive and excretory system combined into one system
22. Heart – located at the top of the liver and is triangular in shape 23. Lungs – located underneath and behind the heart and liver; they are spongy

8 24. Bladder – a sac that holds urine

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