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Human Resources Manpower Plans & Business Policy (M12)

2 Training Objectives Terminal Objective: Enabling Objectives:
Apply Navy Manpower Management processes and procedures to determine proper manning and manpower requirements. Enabling Objectives: Describe the BUMED M1 mission and organizational structure. Discuss Manpower Basics/Priority Manning. Explain the Various Components of an Activity Manpower Document (AMD).

3 Training Objectives Enabling Objectives:
Describe the features of the Fleet Training Management and Planning System (FLTMPS). Explain the procedures for submission of a Manpower Change Request (TFMMS Package).

4 M1 Mission Principal advisor to the SG on all matters pertaining to total force manpower and personnel policy. Assess Navy Medicine’s manpower/personnel programs/inventory & analyze the effectiveness of manpower utilization to the meet the mission of DoN. Develop/direct Navy Medicine manpower and personnel plans/policies in conjunction with appropriate organization.

5 M1 Mission (Cont.) Process manpower changes (MCRs) for BSO-18 billets.
Review and concur/non-concur with all manpower changes to medical department billets regardless of BSO.

6 M1 Organization M1 Chief of Staff Human Resources Mr. LaCamera, SES
Deputy Chief of Staff Mr. Magnusson M10 Reserve Policy & Integration SEL HMCS Jeff Wilcox M10 Reserve Policy &Integration Manpower Analyst HMC Tammy Allen M11 Director, Requirements REDE Team M12 Director, HR Manpower Plans & Business Policy HR Manpower Plans & Business Policy (M12) Enlisted Manpower Analyst HMC Jen Kleve VACANT M13 Personnel Policy, Plans, & Special Pay M14 Data Management Division M1 Total Force SEL HMCM Miley

7 Navy Manning Plan *Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy (DRRS-N)
*Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS)

8 Manpower Basics Manpower “Faces” - EDVR Manpower “Spaces” - AMD
Req’s driven by *ROC/POE* or *MFT’s. Numbers given to Congress 100% requested Billets Authorized (BA) Funded Billets - Congress pays For 90% Reduced to 80% Due to *TPPH Personnel End Strength Navy Manning Plan (NMP) COB: Component UICs 100% CONUS MTF’s 70% (last priority) *TPPH: Transient, Patient, Prisoner, Holdee *ROC: Required Operational Capability *POE: Projected Operational Environment *MFT: Mission, Function, Tasks

9 Manpower Basics – Priority Classification Ref: OPNAVINST 1000.16K
PRIORITY 1 (CNO DIRECTED): Ships/activities whose mission success is VITAL to national interests and need priority manning for INDEFINITE period of time. PRIORITY 2 (CNO DIRECTED): Ships/activities whose mission success is VITAL to national interests and need priority manning for SPECIFIED period of time. PRIORITY 3 (MCA ASSIGNED): Ships/activities with a specific need for increased manning above normal manning level for specific mission accomplishment. Renewed each FY. *NOTE: BSO 18 requests PRI-3 for NECs/Ratings < 95% manned at all BUMED Training Commands and OCONUS MTFs, remote location, specialty with only 1 body. FAIR SHARE: Everybody else a.k.a. Navy Manning Plan (NMP)

10 Activity Manning Document (AMD)
Definition: The qualitative and quantitative expression of manpower requirements (military, civilian & contractor) and authorizations to a naval activity to perform the assigned mission.

11 Activity Manning Document
Used by CHNAVPERS/applicable Enlisted personnel distribution offices to provide military personnel distribution and Naval Reserve recall. Used for current/future peacetime and mobilization, Navy military manpower planning in areas of personnel strength planning, recruiting, training, promotion, personnel distribution, and Naval Reserve recall. Single official statement of organizational manning and manpower authorizations.

12 Data Date

13 Date Printed

14 10 digit code unique to each command.
ACTIVITY CODE: 10 digit code unique to each command. Last two numbers of “00” indicate parent command. Subordinate commands have same first eight numbers, last two will be unique to that command

15 Often shortened to PLAD to fit Ex: NAVHOSP CPEN 1 MARDIV DET


17 BUDGET SUBMITTING OFFICE (Formerly called the Claimant)
BSO: BUDGET SUBMITTING OFFICE (Formerly called the Claimant) Note: All Navy Medicine commands are BSO 18 (BUMED).

Physical location of activity



21 Predominant Resource Sponsor & Activity
PREDOM AGSAG: Predominant Resource Sponsor & Activity Group/Sub-Activity: “MONEY BAGS”

22 Last date of activity on this AMD and the
PACKET NUMBER & DATE: Last date of activity on this AMD and the corresponding TFMMS packet number

23 BILLET IDENTIFICATION NUMBER 7-digit number that is unique and
BIN: BILLET IDENTIFICATION NUMBER 7-digit number that is unique and will remain with the billet throughout the lifetime of the Billet BSC: BILLET SEQUENCE CODE Sequential 5-digit number which indicates the location of a billet within an AMD; helps to keep similar billets grouped together on the AMD JOB CODE: 6-digit code assigned by “field” of duties (e.g. medical support, admin, supply, etc)

24 Description of billet. The primary portion
BILLET TITLE: Description of billet. The primary portion of the title should be standardized; the secondary portion of the title may include MOB TO or MOB FM assignment (if applicable) and will be listed immediately following the “ / ”. Examples: CORPSMAN PHARM TECH SURFACE IDC/MOB TO 00125/67448 SURFACE IDC/MOB FM 00125/40215

25 Date of beginning/end of billet
EFFECTIVE BGN/END: Date of beginning/end of billet Examples: 21210: October 2012 21110: October 2011 21207: July 2012 (If no date, billet funding is indefinite)

MRC: MANPOWER RESOURCE CODE Examples: AD = Active Duty RA = Reserve Augment RP = SELRES Officer on AD not to exceed 4-yrs RT = Full Time Support DH = Direct Hire (Civilian)

27 FAC: FUNCTIONAL AREA CODE Examples: A = Augment M = Mobilization T = Full Time Support I = Instructor

28 OFFICER SECTION Includes: Designator/Paygrade – e.g. “2900J” NOBC – e.g. 0002” Subspecialty – e.g. “3130P”

29 ENLISTED SECTION Includes: Rating/Paygrade – e.g. “HMC” Primary/Secondary NEC – e.g. “8425” Enlisted Management Code (EMC) – e.g. “L500” (used by ECM & Detailer shop)

30 CIVILIAN SECTION Includes: Pay Plan Occupational Series Paygrade Organization codes

31 DEPARTMENT HEADER: This block provides only the name of the Department and can be distinguished from the billet files by the letter “H”.

32 Is the Billet Funded? Look for Rate: Rate (e.g. “HM1”) listed once indicates Requirement only, *NO* funding Rate (e.g. “HMC”) listed twice indicates Authorization/funding Look for MRC: “RT” is the Manning Resource Code (MRC) listed for this particular billet and indicates Authorization/ funding

33 AMD – Billet Phasing Billet Phasing: Be alert to billets that are phasing out (EFF END DT), either due to deletion or civilian conversion. EXAMPLE of “21210” (YYYMM) EFF END DT: December 2011: Billet still fully funded, has BA. January 2012: Billet loses BA/NMP and will no longer drive a detailing requisition (9 month detailing window). October 2012: Billet loses active duty funding, becomes an unfunded requirement; “21210”, FY12.

34 FLTMPS Overview Description: Benefits:
Flexible, Web-based system that allows approved Internet users the ability to quickly access many of the training, manpower and personnel reports currently available in the NTMPS system. Benefits: Reports easily downloaded to Excel, CSV, or Word. User friendly reports on manpower and personnel information.

35 FLTMPS Access Web Browser
Login with CAC Card

36 FLTMPS My Reports = “Favorite Reports” Adhoc Reports
You can access individual personnel data or command personnel data by selecting here. You can access Manpower from here for Military Billets (TFMMS) and Manpower documents. My Reports = “Favorite Reports” Adhoc Reports Your Recent Reports List of Personnel Reports available List of Manpower Reports available

37 FLTMPS You can access individual personnel data, command personnel data or billet information

38 FLTMPS Date of last TFMMS data feed update into FLTMPS

39 FLTMPS Screenshot shows the funding by FY for all the billets at a particular command and can be viewed by clicking on the “Military Billets” (TFMMS) box.

40 FLTMPS Example of a Billet funding continuing across FY. Same BSC.
TFMMS Enlisted Billets by Selected Activity (00018 Bureau of Medicine and Surgery) Example of a Billet funding continuing across FY. Same BSC.

41 Manpower Change Request (MCR)
Add, change, delete headers, manpower requirements/authorizations. Workload, Mission UICs, NOBCs, NECs, Grades, BSCs, AQDs, Titles, Subspecs, Pay Plans, Occ Series MIL/CIV Conversions Headers (Standard Organization Codes) CUICs POMs, PRs, PBDs, MRR, Congressional decisions If your AMD does not look like your organization… you need a MCR.

42 Who Initiates a MCR? There are internal/external requests for change:
Command / CO, XO, CMC (Manpower Dept prepares MCR) Regions (NME, NMW, NNMCA, NMSC) M1 initiates Enterprise changes (major change that affects all or several Commands) NOTE: Stakeholders (ECM, OCM, Detailers, Specialty Leaders, BUPERS) must coordinate with the above to initiate.

43 Typical Process for a MCR?
Region reviews, then forwards endorsement to Navy Medicine Manpower Analysis Team (NM MAT) for quality review. Prepared by command and forwarded to Region for endorsement. START M-12 Data Mgt Branch QA’s packet before submitting to NAVMAC via TFMMS. After review by NM MAT, package is forwarded to BUMED M-12. M-12 coordinates with stakeholders (Hospital Corps Plans/Policy, ECM, Specialty Leader, ETL) prior to submission. Packet submitted to NAVMAC for final approval. Once approved, Regions are notified and change appears on AMD. FINISH

44 MCR Worksheet Example

45 MCR Letter of Justification Example
Action you are taking Workload based Rationale for request Who is involved

46 Available Resources Manual of Navy Total Force Manpower Policies and Procedures OPNAVINST K *TFMMS Coding Directory *TFMMS Matrix for Manpower Change Request *TMMCA Users Manual Officer Manpower & Personnel Classifications NAVPERS 15839 NEC Manual NAVPERS 18068 Handbook of Occupational Groups (OPM) AMD EDVR ODCR Regional Commands MPWR Requirements Determination (REDE) BUMEDINST BUMED (MED-01)

47 BUMED M1 Points of Contact
HMCM(SW/AW) Wade Miley M1 Total Force Enlisted Manning (703) HMCS(SW) Jeff Wilcox SEL Reserve Policy & Integration (M10) (703) HMC Tammy Allen M10 Reserve Policy & Integration (703) HMC(FMF/IDW) Jen Kleve M12 Enlisted Manpower Analyst (703)

48 Questions?

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