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1 HD via OSN NETWORK team Website: FINAL PRESENTATION Communication System Design, Summer 2009 Date: 19-10-2009 Meraldina Paula Muhammad Muhammad Yichi Zeeshan Website: Slide # 1

2 Project Outline  Project goals  Project background  Project Results  Network Deployment  NOC Solution  Summary  Future Work Slide #2

3 Project Goals There are two primary goals of our project: 1.Network Extension Extend the existing 10 gigabit open source research network between KTH Kista and Valhallavägen to Karolinska in Solna and Huddinge 2. Network Operation Centre Implement a Network Operation Center (NOC) to monitor the network performance, devices and make it secure Slide # 3

4 Project Background Extension of Previous CSD projects working on HD Video Conferencing including:  CUinHD, CSD Spring 2009  HDValley, CSD Fall 2008 High Definition Video Conferencing System needs a high performance and fault tolerant underlying network HDviaOSN Network Group has put its effort to build this network Slide # 4

5 Project Results Organization Slide # 5

6 Network Topology Slide # 6

7 Network Topology Slide # 7

8 Project Results Slide # 8

9 Network Services  DNS, DHCP, SysLog Server Slide # 9

10 Project Results Slide # 10

11 Bifrost Routing Performance MotherboardCPURouting Performance RxTxMpps ASRock A780GM-LE AMD Quadcore 2.6 GHz7.3 1.4-1.5 ASRock A780GM-LE AMD Quadcore 3.2 GHz7.37.41.4-1.5 ECS Black Series A785GM-M AMD Quadcore 3.2 GHz7.3 1.4-1.5 TYAN S7002 Intel Zeon 8 Core 2.4GHz8.68.31.7-1.8 Test Bed for Performance Testing  Bifrost Routing Performance Results Slide # 11

12 Project Results Slide #12

13 Fiber Optic link Problem Area Slide # 13

14 Fiber Optic Link Installation of new fiber needed here Several Connectors increasing dB Slide # 14

15 Project Results Slide # 15

16 Network Graphing MRTG  Tool to monitor the traffic load on network links  Generates HTML pages containing PNG images  Uses SNMP to read the traffic Counters of the devices and Create graphs Slide # 16

17 Network Graphing Cacti  complete network graphing solution  Provides an easy to use web Interface for configuration  Stores all of the necessary information to create graphs and populate them with data in a MySQL database We are monitoring CPU load, Memory usage and Bifrost Routers with the help of Cacti Slide # 17

18 Network Graphing Weathermap4RRD  To show a high-level graphical representation of our network  The overall map of the network  Data acquired from MRTG generated html files  Monitoring of all the three routers in our topology  Kista  Vallhalvägen  Karolinska Slide # 18

19 Project Results Slide # 19

20 Request Handling Generate Request using RT web interface Sara Adnan Slide # 20

21 Project Results Slide # 21

22 Alert System Notification: Host unreachable. Address: Severity: Critical Notification: Host unreachable Severity: Critical Slide # 22

23 Alert System implementation GAMMU Any other user-defined method through plugin system Web interface Email notification SMS notification Monitor hosts and services Alert when service or host has problem Slide #23

24 Project Result Slide #24

25 Network Security Firewall and Intrusion Detection System Slide # 25

26 Summary GoalFully AchievedPartially AchievedNot Achieved Bypassing SolnaYes Routing Performance EvaluationYes Network DeploymentYes (due to problems stated in fiber optics section) IPv6 Implementation Yes Network Services including IPv4, IPv6-DNS, DHCP, Syslog Server Yes Network GraphingYes Request TrackingYes Alert System (including SMS)Yes Intrusion Detection SystemYes Bifrost FirewallYes Total910 Slide #26

27 Future Work- Network Extension Option 1 Upgrading the Network to 10 gigabit once the new fiber cable is installed in Karolinska Huddinge 2.5 dB is good but not suitable for long term solution Slide # 27

28 Future Work- Network Extension Option 2 Install a bifrost router in Karolinska Solna which will be suitable for long term solution and video conferencing can be performed from Solna as well. Slide # 28

29 Future Work Bifrost Routing Performance It’s a continuous process to be carried on to boost the performance further with new equipments, Documentation on our website will be helpful NOC System Evaluate and implement a mechanism for monitoring the live HD video streams for HD video conferencing system Maputo Network Deploy similar network and NOC system in Mozambique NREN, as the MoRENet starts operating Slide # 29

30 Thanks Questions ? Slide # 30

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